A novel I loved without restrictions, the ninth and final chapter 9, written by Shorouk Al-Hawi

A novel I loved without restrictions, the ninth and final chapter 9, written by Shorouk Al-Hawi

Reem is shy as she rubs her hand: He asked me to make her a movie with hot clips with the young man you saw.

Tariq furious: You keep forgetting me, I’m the daughter of the ******

And he struck it, and struck it on the ground.

And a bone in her stomach

Tariq furious: Stay on my time, you *****, and my sister *

Belt with tears: I betrayed you, I did it to protect you and to tell you the truth

Tariq is more shocked by her, how she justifies her horrible and defamatory actions **

Tariq was shocked: You already have a religion, you are g *** you know what that means

Reem shouts: No, I did it all for you, because I love you

And she was healed of her hands and her legs, and she sat under his leg.

Reem cries as he holds a leg: Please forgive me, Tareq.

Tariq angrily pushed her away from him: Get away from me, old sheikh Shi *, get away from me

And he left her, and went out, and cried unto her, and called her in his name.

Tariq came out and came back to Hazem’s house, he went in and fell on the nearest chair and put his head in his hands.

Hazem came out and found Tariq, as if he was 10 years older than sad

Hazem fell on his face and sat down before him: Malik accompanies me in you

Tariq with tears in my eyes: I’m married to Sarah, I have memory loss

Hazem does not understand: I do not understand what you are saying

Tarek Badyaa: I do not understand, I have to see Sarah … I cut him off

_ It is not necessary to bring yourself

Tariq stands up in shock: You are right, how did I keep you in the hospital, but for a moment you are not she?

Who are you silent to, why and why are you like that?

_With tears I loved you

Tariq was shocked: You are Sarah, but how and what did you see her?

Sarah with tears: Yes, I am Sarah, I am the one who has held her captive all these years, thanks to him.

Tariq: You came from me, and who is it? I do not understand anything

Sarah with tears: I’ll tell you everything

Two years ago you had an accident, and when you saw the doctor, he said you had partial memory loss, and unfortunately you could not remember the period during which we were married, but I first remembered what we have each seen. other.

In front of the center you came to your friend and I went to the lesson and the book was signed and it was written on it Reem’s name and you then called the name Reem and I answered you because the book was with me and I met you again the day they agreed to come and you stopped me and talked to me under the pretext of asking on the way to the station and after a while we were friends and all that and I Reem for you

Until you confessed your love to me, and then I told you that my name is Sara

And we got married, we were together for 6 years, right, we were suffocating because I did not want to leave, but I was afraid I could not accept responsibility, and after the accident you forgot about me and you did not I do not think of anything other than the name, and unfortunately it was Reem’s name. Mahmoud helped me and Mahmoud, these worked with your father in the company. On the day your dad had students in the store and had a trip. He asked him for some paper, and I saw it at the window at the time. I tried to call him, and he actually heard me and waited for a while when your father came out and of course the guards knew how easy he was. come in and he could escape me

I went to our house, but I found you. I did not know where to go, and at that point I thought Hazem, and luckily I found you.

Tariq holds his head and suddenly cries from pain to the point of losing consciousness

Sarah Basraach: Tariq Habibi bo Tariq

Hazem, all of this, was shocked at the similarity between them, and it is true that he saw her more than once, how could he not distinguish between them, although the difference between them is clear that Reem is a egg is and Sarah has wheat skin

And then he surpassed her voice as she shouted in the name of Tariq

I go with a perfume and go above Tariq

Tariq Fak with a pain in his head: Oh my head

Sarah with tears: Tariq love me, you are good

Tariq I love: Well, my soul, Malik in you, I

Sarah and Hazem were shocked, and each opened a meter, their face was very funny

Tariq stands: Oh, what are you, and in what Sarah did you love Malik?

Sarah Barqat, shocked: Who is Sarah, who am I and consult for herself?

Tariq, did you remember me right?

Tariq was surprised: I thought you were crazy because I can forget you

Sarah ran without thinking and hugged him and cried with a loud voice, Hazem cried for her

Sara cries and cries: I was so much tormented behind you, oh, and promise me you will stay away from me again

Tariq wrapped an arm around her, amazed at her condition: Take it, my life, I promise you, it is impossible to stay away from you.

Hazem Bahhama: Ahem, Ahem, Tariq, you are the last thing I can think of

Tariq put his hand on his head and thought about the accident and included Sarah more, and he kept thinking about everything that happened, abortion, betrayal, every thing and Reem’s confession.

Tariq Dama: I’m sorry, I do not know how I did it, how do you forgive me, my life, forgive me

Sarah approached and Basteh with a brave motion, Tariq was shocked by her reaction, and Sarah buried her face in his chest out of shame. Tariq laughed at her with a voice for her

Tariq whispered to her side and condemned her: I worship you

Sarah Badalal and Shame: I want a baby

Tariq Qaf with Ida: Your Blessings, Sheikh Hazem

And do not be firm, do not you see outside?

Hazem is shocked: This is my house

Tariq Mahtesh and Sarah’s scarf, and he took it upstairs and lived the lives they missed together

Two years later

Tariq was able to get rid of the limitations that prevented him from leading a happy life with the love of Umrah, and they stayed with him twin girls like the moon, Celine and Mira

And Reem divorced and Mint * died * free

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