A quarter of the clients of cosmetic clinics … are men

– Ayat Hassouna: In recent times, the demand for cosmetic surgery has become comparable to that of men

– Hend Sahsah: Botox injections, eye repair and skin rejuvenation are their most important requests

– Wissam Hassan: Men’s demand for plastic surgery in Kuwait reduces travel abroad

– Mohamed Salah El-Din: Cosmetic surgery for both sexes is no longer a luxury, but a part of our reality

Noon El Niswa is no longer the only one who seeks beauty in the world of botox, fillers and lasers.

According to some estimates, men now make up about a quarter of those who attend these clinics, while using Botox, fillers and Texas fillers for the eye cavity and nose modification, in addition to using lasers for hair removal, and the use of fractional lasers for scars and pigmentation, hair transplantation, and hair and face plasma injections are the top priorities for men. ” .

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It seems that those in the beauty industry believe that “dealing with men is easier than women searching the internet and obtaining information that may be inaccurate about cosmetic procedures, unlike men who leave the whole matter to the attending physician.”

Consultant for plastic surgery, member of the Royal Society of Surgeons, and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, dr. Muhammad Salah El-Din confirmed that “men’s demand for plastic surgery in Kuwait has increased in recent years due to changing concepts and men’s rejection of previously accepted things, such as the accumulation of fat in the abdominal areas.” And the chest, and there is a demand for tight clothing to lift the muscles, because sports no longer meet all the desired results to lift the shape in the best way. “Sometimes there are accumulations of stubborn fat in some places, and here cosmetic surgery is used,” and at the same time points out that “women are still the most in demand for plastic surgery because they have their bodies as part of their femininity.”

He pointed out that “Kuwait is rich in leading-edge skills in plastic surgery, and travel for plastic surgery has become scarce,” noting that “the prices of these surgeries are in line with international prices, and the distribution of sleeve-hole-rectomy- operations are accompanied by the widespread need for plastic surgery. “

He believed that “there is no difference in the relationship between men or women, but the common denominator should talk to those who want to undergo plastic surgery,” and pointed out that “beautification is not, as some see it, a luxury not, but rather it has become part of our reality The importance of internal affairs.

Men’s requests

In turn, a member of the American Academy of Cosmetology, Dr. Hind Sahsah, said: “The percentage of men who accept plastic surgery is not small, with the different requests requested in each case,” and noted at the same time. time that “Botox injections, repairing the area under the eyes and freshness of the skin are all most of the things they ask for.

She pointed out that “many of them prefer to perform plastic surgery within Kuwait so that they can follow up, especially matters that require multiple sessions,” and pointed out that “the prices should be considered in terms of the prices of materials used. are in cosmetic procedures, and I think the prices of cosmetic surgery in Kuwait are not expensive, especially because licensed materials are used in Kuwait. ”

And she indicated that “a large segment of men leave the decision-making to the treating doctor, as this segment is not familiar with what needs to be done, which facilitates the doctor’s task. In the case of women, we find that some of them used to search for information through the internet and in many cases this information is inaccurate, as well as Some women overestimated results. ”

local beauty

In turn, dr. Wissam Hassan, a specialist in dermatology and cosmetics at the Montreal Center, said that “the percentage of men who attend cosmetic clinics is about 25 percent,” noting that “the most requested cosmetic procedures by men who visit clinics regularly are the use of Botox, fillers and Texas fillers for the eye cavity and modification of the eye sockets The nose, in addition to the use of lasers for hair removal, the use of fractional lasers for scars and pigmentation, hair transplantation, and face and hair plasma injections. ”

She pointed out that “men’s demand for plastic surgery in Kuwait has reduced travel abroad, but some still prefer to travel because they believe the cost is lower,” adding that “the cost of cosmetic services slightly may be higher than abroad due to the high prices of the materials used, but if we compare the cost of travel and accommodation, the result will definitely be in favor of Kuwait. ”

She pointed out “the importance of spreading the correct culture of the world of cosmetics, and there is indeed a high culture in Kuwait regarding cosmetic issues,” and stressed that “the purpose of cosmetics is improvement, not change. not, so some requests to be a copy of someone else are wrong because it requires a complete change of attributes. ”


In turn, skin specialist Ayat Hassouna said that “the demand for men has become comparable to that of women during the recent period,” pointing out that “cosmetic doctors in Kuwait have extensive experience which is increasing the demand for treatment in Kuwait. ” She attributed what some say about the high cost of cosmetic procedures in Kuwait to “the high prices of imported materials from abroad,” pointing out that “the frequency of cosmetic clinics is usually based on the previous experience of friends and close family. . “

While Hassouna stressed the “necessity of spreading the culture of cosmetics”, she believed that “cosmetics have become an integral part of our society, and therefore everyone who takes the cosmetic step should have sufficient knowledge not to be in the snare of some clinics aiming for financial gain without considering the patient’s health. She asked that “the need to consider the psychological aspect of the patient and be satisfied with any cosmetic procedure because the psychological factor is an integral part of the physiological measures taken. “

10 male requests

1 – Hair transplant

2 – breast reduction

3 – eyelid tighter

4- Hide the signs of aging

5- Liposuction

6 – body sculpture

7 – Bleach the face

8 – Reduction of the nose

9 – Lip beautification

10 – adjustment of the ear

Domestic … cheaper

Plastic surgeons have rejected what some say is the cost of cosmetic procedures abroad is less than Kuwait, stressing that “this case is not true, and if the cost of licensed and approved cosmetic materials is taken into account, in addition to the cost of travel and accommodation outside Kuwait, the comparison would be in favor of treatment in Kuwait ”.

Spread the beauty culture

A member of the American Academy of Cosmetology, Dr. Hind Sahsah, demanded that the “culture of beauty be spread as it is vital and essential so that people are sure that it is not necessary to look for everything that is new, and it is not necessary that the cosmetic procedure suits everyone , as it may suit some without the others, ”emphasizes the importance of“ Early attention to some issues such as acne, as it can be more difficult to neglect over time, and attention must be paid to cosmetic requirements after sleeve. surgeries and weight loss, in addition to paying attention to areas such as the neck and arms in the same amount treated with the face.

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