An international honor for Al-Najem and Al-Issa after the victory of their project

  • Monitoring and analyzing real public opinion and excluding automated and fake accounts using artificial intelligence and advanced software
  • The International Telecommunication Union: One of the most successful global experiences and its most prominent challenges is the failure of decision makers to understand the importance of social media analysis
  • Dr. Al-Najim: We have fared better, through our own efforts and personal funding, government organizations that are supported administratively and financially.
  • Al-Issa: We started in Kuwait and became an Arab model and a global success story, and to win requires us to continue and develop.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations in Geneva met dr. Salah Al-Najem and Ahmed Al-Issa on the occasion of the selection of their Social Watcher project from 5 projects that won the World Summit on the Information Community Award worldwide in the field of technology employment in the media.

Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of the ITU, told dr. Al-Najem and Al-Issa presented a certificate of technical excellence during their participation in the work of the World Summit on the Information Community Forum, which began yesterday at the United Nations Headquarters in the Swiss city. Geneva, amidst a high level of presence of workers and those interested in the field of communications and information technology from various countries The world, including ministers, heads of government agencies and CEOs of international companies specializing in information technology.

The “Social Watcher” project was selected by an international jury of the World Summit on the 2022 Information Community Award, as it was ranked among the top 5 projects selected in the media category after receiving the largest number of votes from a received more than 1.3 million participants last March It was distributed among 966 projects submitted to all categories of the unjust from different countries of the world and included ministries, government agencies, private companies, public charities and international universities.

Monitor, measure and analyze

The “Social Watcher” project specializes in monitoring, measuring and analyzing public opinion on social media and publishing it for the purpose of community awareness. Accuracy using advanced tools and software, in addition to using artificial intelligence, data analysis and language processors to deliver the results you provide to the community.

Social Watcher ( was founded in 2019 by researchers, professor of computer linguistics and computer processing of natural language at the Kuwait University dr. Salah Al-Najem and media consultant Ahmed Al-Issa, as a platform and website aimed at raising awareness of the community and public service by using information technology in the analysis of trends Public opinion through artificial intelligence, big data analysis, computer processing of natural language and other modern techniques to disseminate its results to the public and interested parties in a simplified manner. Kuwaiti and Arabic TV channels and news websites.

Estimated “ESCWA”

Last year, Social Watch won a global rating from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) as a “leading Arab model for the use of technology in community awareness,” according to the report of the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development, which was held during March 2021 in the Saudi capital, Riyadh).

The International Telecommunication Union has previously ranked Social Watcher 11th out of 150 international projects that have interacted with an initiative it launched in 2020 to confront the Corona pandemic, and considers it one from the experiences of success in the use of technology and facing the challenges posed by the pandemic worldwide through high-efficiency and continuous efforts. ” At local and international level. ”

In turn, the founding partner, dr. Salah Al-Najem, said: “Thanks to God and his success, we were able to obtain a Certificate of Excellence in the World Summit on the Information Community Award by choosing our Social Watcher project from among the top 5 projects in the world in the application of information technology in the media field, which is an international recognition. A unique distinction calls us to be proud as founders, because we received this honor with self-effort and personal funding, while our competitors for the award were countries and government organizations that received support and funding and had a large number of employees and researchers. but it did not stand in the way of our insistence on participating because of our belief in the success of the project and its important role in community awareness. ” .

Al-Najem added that “Social Watcher” provides effective tools for decision makers, media professionals, political analysts and the public and helps them understand the trends of public opinion on social networking sites towards political and economic issues. Including the hashtags, words and phrases with a historical archive covering the period from 2014 to now.

As for co-founder and media adviser Ahmed Al-Essa, he said that “Social Watcher” has been around for 3 years and has been appreciated and honored worldwide and on more than one occasion. Community awareness, followed by the appreciation of the International Telecommunication Union as one of the most successful global experiences in the use of technology in the field of community service.

Al-Issa concluded: “Social Watcher”, recognizing the weapons of the United Nations, ESCWA and the International Telecommunication Union, became an Arab model and a global success story, born in Kuwait and moved to the world. Therefore, this third international appreciation carries a double responsibility for us in 3 years, the first is that we have been placed in the category of pioneers and the global initiators of the use of technology in the field of community awareness, and the second is the need for us to continue to keep up with this excellence in research, innovation, hard work and high professionalism.

International Telecommunication Union

In turn, the International Telecommunication Union defined the Social Watcher platform in the World Telecommunication Summit report as a community service that combines the tools and expertise of the media, information and communication technology, artificial intelligence, language processing of texts and big data analysis use, and use it in the field of public opinion analysis on political and social issues in Kuwait The impact of those political and social issues on society.

The Federation said: “Although Social Watcher is a privately owned project, the cost of operating it and the efforts made in it are covered by the self – support of its founders, to provide its services free of charge to the public, the government agencies, the media, decision – makers and those interested in public opinion out of awareness and social responsibility. “

The report highlighted the challenges facing Social Watcher in Kuwait, including “the failure of decision makers to understand the importance of analyzing social media to get to know public opinion, in addition to exposing the content provided by the platform free of charge for transfer. and publication without indicating the source and intellectual property rights. ”

The International Telecommunication Union report reviewed the reasons for the leadership of Social Watcher worldwide as a “sustainable project thanks to the continuation of research and development processes by those in charge of them, using the latest techniques to analyze what is happening on social websites, using artificial intelligence, text analysis and the ability to analyze big data, in addition to creating content It is published in the media with the aim of raising awareness, which has made it a model for more as one user in more than one country. ”

World Summit Award

The World Summit on the Information Community Award is held annually under the umbrella of the International Telecommunication Union in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO”, the United Nations Development Program “UNDP” and the United Nations ‘s Conference on Trade and Development “UNCTAD”. The award aims to encourage and honor leading projects worldwide. Which has succeeded in taking advantage of information and communication technology as a tool to achieve sustainable development and to enable development in various areas including e-government, e-commerce, local e-content and e-learning.

The WSIS Prize of the Union is a worldwide recognition for projects that support and are in line with the Action Plan of the World Summit on the Information Community, known as the Geneva Plan of Action, which was approved by the United Nations in 2017.

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