Conference participants (Expanding the Horizon..Freedom of Religion and Belief) present a high-level civilized model

Manama, 31 May (USA) A number of participants in the conference (Expanding the Horizon … Freedom of Religion and Belief) stressed the importance of countries adopting policies that support freedom of religion and belief around the world, and stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain a model for coexistence, peace and respect for religions Manama has succeeded in establishing prestige and reputation Taybeh as a model for societies based on religious, civilizing and cultural diversity and pluralism.

The participants highlighted the uniqueness and uniqueness of the Kingdom’s experience in the field of the protection of religious freedoms and the respect for religious, intellectual and cultural diversity within the framework of the principles of the constitution and the rule of law. that the purpose they unite is to form common visions to promote coexistence and mutual respect in societies where religious and cultural backgrounds are diverse.

Ambassador dr. Bahia Al-Jishi stressed the importance of holding a conference (Expanding the Horizon … Freedom of Religion and Belief), and explained that such conferences come to show and highlight what delegations and embassies are to the world. try to explain at the level of several global assemblies, and the Kingdom of Bahrain is an example of a country known for coexistence.

Dr. explain. Al-Jishi, the Importance of the Approach and Vision of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the Great Land, may God protect him, in peace and tolerance. Which indicates real steps in this direction.

Al-Jishi concluded by emphasizing the importance of seizing the opportunity to visit foreign delegations to get a closer look at Bahrain’s achievements and to know the truth about the people of Bahrain. We live in a country that is making successive successes on all levels. Peace and tolerance.

As for Mrs Hala Ramzy, a member of the Shura Council, she indicated that holding this conference is very important, as there is a problem at external level related to the existence of a misunderstanding. on Arab and Islamic countries, and this conference is an opportunity to explain the opposite and prove it with evidence. The Kingdom of Bahrain is a land of coexistence and tolerance, and Manama is considered an ideal incubator for religious pluralism, with mosques, funerals, synagogues and churches all in close proximity to each other. other.

Ramzy explained that there are 19 licensed churches in Bahrain, although Christians make up only 10% of the population. However, the embrace of houses of worship with this number indicates what the state guarantees of the rights of religions. At a time when different countries around the world are witnessing ethnic and religious conflicts, the Kingdom of Bahrain is offering its beautiful model of coexistence, freedoms and the practice of religions and beliefs, all of which are forms of human rights that are law is guaranteed, especially since Bahrain is a pioneer in this field.

For his part, dr. Muhammad Al-Khuza’i, a member of the Shura Council, said that Bahrain had been and still is open to the world since ancient times, and it was a link between civilizations, as the people of Bahrain were known for their tolerance, and this tolerance was evident on several levels, including the level of the people themselves and their relationship with each other, and some of them were related to the level of dealing with the other, whoever this other was of a resident or is a visitor.

Dr. emphasizes. Al-Khuzai stressed the importance of His Majesty the King’s leadership approach and vision, which emphasized religious tolerance, because religious rights are guaranteed in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and human rights are protected in the Kingdom.

Father Saba Rami Haidousian, patron of the Greek Orthodox Church, in turn spoke of his pride in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s pioneering experience in respecting religions, and indicated that as a Christian living in Bahrain for 13 years, he feel the Kingdom. of Bahrain’s high degree of religious tolerance.

As for the conference, Father Haidousian reaffirmed his pride in the high-level civilized model he offers in the area of ​​respect for religions and sects. Everyone shares in this life in a country that everyone testifies to is a country of coexistence and love. His Majesty the King and his great interest in the file of religious freedom.

Mr. Zakaria Al-Kadhim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for Sickle Voice Enhancement and Secretary-General of the Bahrain Association for the Care of Diarrhea Patients, said their participation in the conference came from the point of view. To explain the health care provided to the sickle cell patient, from the local level, which includes 9,000 people, to the head of an organization that includes 27 Million patients around the world, the organization looks with great interest at the experience of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Bahrain based on his success in the skeleton file, and under the protection of His Majesty the Great King, may God protect him, for this category, by carrying an important message to the world in which it shows what Bahrain is, with the experiences of its people and the interest in transmitting and exchanging them with We explain specific efforts and initiatives to prolong the lives of diabetic patients.

Meanwhile, Ann Welch, CEO and founder of Painless International Organization, First Vice President of the International Organization for Sickle Voice Reinforcement, confirmed her positive participation in the conference and its excellent attendance, explaining the importance of research and exchange of experiences in the field of coexistence and tolerance, especially as there are people around the world who live in the light of ethnic differences.Whether it is a color or a religion, hence the importance of always talking about peace and freedom of religion to talk.

Welch praised the initiatives of the Kingdom of Bahrain that drew the world there. It is important to unite in humanity and approach in religions, to respect differences and to reduce the space for disagreement and disagreement. Bahrain is a beautiful country characterized by its positive experience, adding that what he has seen wants to convey to other countries in the world and increase the level of coordination with Bahrain to serve humanity.

She concluded her speech by emphasizing that the message of this conference was summed up to emerge from the circle of religious and ethnic differences, and to reach an area of ​​agreement and harmony. She said that although she is a Christian and differs from Muslims and Jews, she did not find herself different in this place, but rather humanitarian goals and visions combined with Everyone present, it is important to bring closer, not to divorce , at a time when the world is witnessing wars and the pandemic (Covid 19)) with all its consequences, we must pay attention to the importance of respect for people, love for others and living in peace and tolerance.

Ms Khawla Al Busmait, a life skills trainer, spoke at the conference’s message aimed at strengthening respect and appreciation for cultural and religious diversity in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as all work according to the principle of tolerance, and the role of societies and civilians emphasized. community institutions to translate these principles and promote the country and citizens.

Al-Busmait stressed the interest in religious freedom and the increase in cultural awareness worldwide, which will limit the presence of unrest around the world, especially as the Kingdom of Bahrain is distinguished by respect for sects, religions and differences, which makes us Proud of the positive image that visitors from other nations talk about, which is the reality of the face civilization of the kingdom.

Samah Allam


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