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Many warn against the community’s indulgence with insignificant content, a waste of time and offensive to modesty, and they see the need for the follower to be highly selective, instead of blaming the content creator, who is also responsible for what he does. produces and presents, and is also responsible for improving the content he provides to the public.

In line with this view, Prince Khalid bin Abdullah bin Fahd Al Saud tweeted, “It has become a duty and even inevitable for everyone before ever to confront the #celebrity_fils, once you just” follow “them, they will” zero “becomes in the north.” They have no value or value … It’s very easy and simple, so what are we waiting for? !! Representation and lies While many mothers agree on the need to inform children about the importance of privacy in their family life, and that the departure of social media celebrities over this privacy is a departure from public taste and respect for the follower, and they see the matter as mere representation and advertisements aimed at increasing only the number of followers, even if the content is insignificant and offensive.Najla Al-Barthin, a psychologist, explains that “Social media is a double-edged sword, and there are those who have made it. it a request for fame to the point of obsession to the point where it prompted him to give up all privacy for the sake of this fame, and the competition between celebrities became in gaining the highest views and raising followers without looking at the content of what It is published from content that all followers of this or that celebrity watch, and even those who did not follow them by raising them with trivial issues and spreading their privacy until they get what they want Everything in these rooms is in front of everyone, and they have become an open book for everyone without respect for privacy. ”

She continues, “Unfortunately, these people have used social media on the negative side because their purpose is only fame, and in any way, even if it’s at the expense of family and husband or wife, and these people have the disorder of the so-called “fame mania” syndrome. It does not matter what they present in public, but the most important thing is that they are satisfied with their desires to appear and reap fame. “

She adds, “If we think logically, what is the benefit of photographing the bedroom or the privacy of the celebrity and displaying it on social media, we will find that there is absolutely no use for the recipient, and all it is is a waste of time … In my opinion, these people are looking for the shortest way to achieve fame, And there is no advantage behind them. ”

Asked if it is necessary to give these celebrities educational courses that explain to them the difference between private and public life, Al-Barthin said: “They do not need courses because they know it, but the obsession with fame leaves them the shortest path … They need reprogramming, and even education. ” She added, “Those who need the courses are the society that gave them the opportunity to become famous, while it should have ignored them and ignored their pettiness, and then they will stop on their own because they will no one gets what they follow. ” Community Protection Attorney Dr. Khaled bin Dhafer Al-Omari explains that “the protection of children begins first with the cultivation of religious and moral values, as it is a basic pillar when the family is raised on it.

Dr. Al-Omari explains that “there are many regulations, and all come to protect society and preserve its values ​​and morals, because every wrong behavior has an article that criminalizes the regulations, and there are many and varied cases in the courts. regarding these matters, and these issues are within the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor in its submission to the criminal court, and we see in the media multiple cases. They are arrested and referred to jurisdiction. “

Regarding public taste regulation, he said: “It is a recent institution, and society is still not familiar with it, but it is effective and applied, and all official authorities work with it in a way that respects public morals and values. preserve and morals. “

And he indicated that “celebrities who film their private lives are not considered to be an infringement of the concept and customs of society, provided they are within legal control, and do not infringe on the customs and traditions of society. . “

Not far from Dr. Al-Omari’s opinion, many believe that the issue of privacy is related to the choices of the people themselves, and the boundaries that society draws or sets for this privacy, and therefore they see that what is true in places far from the Kingdom and in several other societies, is not true in the Kingdom and its society which is known for its acumen about His traditions and customs is compatible with the Islamic approach. Article 13 Not to display media content that violates public morals, or that shows nudity and immoral dress, or that instills instincts, or that uses vulgar language. The controls for celebrities to photograph their private lives are not considered to be infringing on two conditions: 1 Photography must comply with legal regulations 2 It may not infringe on the customs and traditions of society through the controls of the audiovisual system.

Money for the challenge

Ahmed Sheikh marvels at what he sees as the rise of young men and women in the tuk-tuk to follow the celebrity challenge, which makes the followers pay money and follow the celebrity or the celebrity with the aim of getting one over the other to win, which unfortunately leaves their money going to the tuk-tuk and the celebrity, as if this money is being thrown without any account for celebrities.

He says, “What we see today is very sad, as we are not content to follow trifles, but rather we pay for it, and that is what these celebrities multiply with trivial content, out of taste and literature … In my opinion “society is what encouraged these celebrities to display what they offer in terms of public taste and literature, and there must be community awareness as well as accountability.” Who’s Responsible Many interested people agree that the follower contributes greatly to the distribution of trivial content, to a greater extent than the content maker’s contribution, and interest determines the nature of popular content. of the virtual world, it derives its topics and content from reality, And the audience determines the content it promotes.

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