Gareth Bale and Real Madrid … make a legendary player who chose golf over history

Perhaps Real Madrid fans will not forget the goal of Gareth Bale in the Copa del Rey final, which snatched the championship trophy in 2014 from the traditional rivals; Barcelona, ​​in addition to his decisive goals in the Champions League and his contribution to Meringue winning the title on previous occasions.

All are moments that Los Blancos fans will certainly not forget, despite the bad times the Welsh international has lived within the walls of the Santiago Bernabeu, due to the decline in his performance over the past three years.

Where the Welshman Gareth Bale laid the last word on his journey with Real Madrid, with an influential message he published through his personal accounts, confirming the departure of the white team and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, after 9 consecutive years spent in it.

It is noteworthy that Gareth Bale arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2013, from Tottenham Hotspur, in a deal that cost the white club’s coffers 100 million euros at the time.

Farewell message after 9 years at the Santiago Bernabeu

And the Welsh jet said in his farewell message: “I came here 9 years ago as a young player who wants to achieve his ambition and dream of playing in the Real Madrid shirt, in addition to winning the title for which this club is known is.; Champions League “.

Bale continued: “I lived with Real Madrid, an exceptional experience and moments that I will remember forever. I want to thank Florentino Perez for giving me the opportunity to play here with Real Madrid.”

His achievements and contributions with Real Madrid

Gareth Bale has competed in 258 matches in various competitions at Real Madrid’s shirt, his solution has managed to score 106 goals and make 67 other goals, to succeed in breaking the limit of 100 goals and the history of To enter Real Madrid.

During the 9 years he has spent at Real Madrid, Gareth Bale has embraced 16 different championships, most notably the Champions League, which added its fifth title a few days ago after beating Liverpool with a clean sheet last Saturday.

But Real Madrid fans will not forget that Gareth Bale was the owner of decisive goals in many tournaments, especially the Champions League title in 2014, as well as his deadly goals against Liverpool in the Champions League final in 2018, which made him the thirteenth title of Real Madrid.

In addition, he has won the Club World Cup on 4 previous occasions with Real Madrid, as well as winning the European Super Cup 3 times.

In terms of local titles, he has won the Spanish League title with Meringue 3 times, the last of which was the current season 2021/2022, and once won the Spanish Cup, which he snatched himself from Barcelona with a deadly goal .

On top of that, he was crowned with Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, most recently last January, when Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao in the final and won the title.

The other side and his battle of Real Madrid fans and the Spanish newspapers

After the 2019 season, Gareth Bale’s performance began to decline significantly with Real Madrid, and he was no longer one of the mainstays of the first team squad, as he remained on the bench for a good period of time.

During that period, specifically in the state of Zinedine Zidane, he had several strange behaviors towards the French coach. The Spanish newspapers at the time explained that the Welsh player had deliberately ridiculed and belittled his coach.

Gareth Bale did not respond to any of these allegations, but he deliberately appeared on more than one occasion on golf courses, which further provoked Real Madrid fans.

During the periods in which Zidane relied, he rarely completed the match due to injury, but on one occasion, despite his injury to Real Madrid, he joined Wales’ national team camp preparing for the World Cup qualifiers. .

The surprise is that Gareth Bale naturally took part with his country, which caused a new crisis between him and the Real Madrid fans, after he faced with Real Madrid accusations of intentional injury to join the Wales- national team to play.

Last January, after Spanish newspapers accused him of making money from Real Madrid without providing anything, he went out in a fiery message to stress that the large number of newspaper criticisms could cause footballers to commit suicide, and asked them to stop talking about him.

The banner that sparked the dispute between Bale and Real Madrid fans

One of the exciting moments in Gareth Bale’s career at Real Madrid, which took place in November 2019, specifically during his celebration with Wales’ national team players after securing their qualification for the Euro Championship.

Where the Wales players, accompanied by Gareth Bale, hoisted a banner with the flag of their country and wrote on it three words: “Wales .. Golf .. Madrid,” a banner that ripped the Spanish newspapers and the relationship between Bale re-ignited. and the Real Madrid fans.

After the Spanish newspapers indicated at the time, Real Madrid was no longer a priority for Gareth Bale, who preferred to play golf instead of playing football matches with his team.

When later asked about that banner, he confirmed that his country’s players had agreed to carry that banner on the field when they qualified for the Euro Championship, emphasizing that he did not carry it with them, but because of his luck in qualifying for the tournament, he looked laughing.

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