Metaverse .. The future of creative industries in the UAE

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“Al-Bayan” has organized a new episode of the discussion session “Your Space through Al-Bayan” on the account of “Al-Bayan” via the “Twitter” platform, under the title “Metaverse: The Future of Creative Industries “. In parallel with the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, in early May, the launch of the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority for the headquarters of “The Sandbox”, the first government regulatory authority in the world that has entered the worlds of “Metaverse.” A study conducted by Gartner for research and studies confirmed that 30% of organizations participate in their products and services through its applications, and that the percentage of users of this digital technology will reach approximately 25% by 2026, given the presence of a virtual economy available in digital currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, took part in the discussion, which called for keeping pace with technical developments in the field of “Metavirus” and taking advantage of the features of “Metavirus” in creating reliable future projects and initiatives.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama praised the pioneering role of Al Bayan and his staff, keeping pace with global developments and their inspiring reflections on paper and digital in the UAE, as well as enriching the cultural and knowledge scene with exceptional content in terms of presentation and content, through its initiative that contributes to creating a generation that is aware of everything that revolves around it.From local and international events.

The session also witnessed the participation of Dr. Ali Al Shethani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology in the Sultanate of Oman. The dialogue was attended by Dr Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, Executive Director of the Publishing Sector, Arts and Literature at Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture”, member of the Global Cryptocurrency Future Council, Dr Marwan Al Zarooni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center , and Abdul Rahman Al Khaja, member of the advisory office of The Emirates Esports Federation and founder of the exhibition “Metacon”, and Hala Khayat, the regional director of the exhibition “Art Dubai”, and Sultan bin Kharsham, CEO of Tawasul smart.

At the beginning of the session, Mona Bousmara, the Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Bayan”, indicated that many personalities specializing in information technology and digital content were invited to speak through “Your Space through Al-Bayan”. ”, To discuss the nature of development and change brought about by the Metaverse technology in various fields. And its future impact on the culture and arts sector within the creative economy system, and some of the nominated names were afraid to speak on the grounds. that there has not been much available information or confirmed experiences on this topic since Facebook announced in October 2021 to change its name to “Meta”. During the virtual reality and augmented reality conference, Facebook Connect, whose hubs focused on “Metaverse”, had to combine virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in a new online world. Mona Bousemra stressed the importance of the topic of the session, which discusses an issue that plays an important role in shaping the future.

At the beginning of the discussion, the moderator of the session, Emirati journalist Mohammed Al-Mannai of Dubai Media Incorporated, appreciated the role of “Al-Bayan” in presenting qualitative initiatives that keep pace with the developments of new media and its modern technologies under the management of Mona Bousmara, the editor-in-chief of “Al-Bayan”, who directed the allocation of “your space by Al-Bayan”, on the “Al-Bayan” account, via the Twitter platform , to discuss important files, whether local, regional or international.

His Excellency Omar Sultan called on scholars to keep abreast of technical developments in the field of “Metaverse” during his participation in the discussion session, together with officials, experts and content makers of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. to take advantage of its characteristics in creating reliable future projects and initiatives that serve the sectors of culture and arts, within the creative economy system In the Emirate of Dubai and the Emirates.

On the nature of the development and change brought about by “Metaverse” technology in the field of arts, Hala Khayat spoke at the beginning and emphasized that the levels of interaction of the contemporary arts sector with virtual technologies are highly satisfactory during the conditions that cause is caused by the “Covid 19” virus, which has made it easier for smartphone users. And smart glasses, especially AR glasses, to feel like they are within the interactive virtual world of museums and art galleries and experience a rich experience through it, as it is surrounded by digital elements from everywhere.

Pride and Pride

Hala Khayat added: “In my role as art specialist and regional director of Art Dubai, I have to express my pride that I belong to Dubai’s creative community. The emirate is ahead of its time in supporting the arts and culture sector by all means and means, which motivated us to introduce the “Art Dubai Digital” section this year through the exhibition’s activities, which is a bridge of communication between digital encryption and the world of art, creative collective art exhibitions, and an ambitious program of multi-theme conversations, including conditions in which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and video and virtual reality (VR) art have grown since the advent of digital art in the 1980s, in addition to the two forerunners in the fast-growing arena of digital art in collaboration with an eclectic group of 15 global galleries and platforms. ”

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Regarding the investment of this pioneering technology in improving the directions and strategies of the work of the creative economy in the UAE, and how the UAE can achieve this, specifically in light of its technical leadership and cultural successes, dr. Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash emphasizes that realizing the full meaning of the world of “metaverse” requires a lot of effort and investment from us. Energies and experiences in this field that will play a major role in the contemporary arts and culture industries. He said: We at the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority have begun to see these worlds and keep abreast of their developments since the beginning of this year, in collaboration with “Moro Collective”, the leading initiative in the United Arab Emirates for digital art coordinate exhibitions representing non-replaceable symbols (NFTs), through exhibition 50 50 in Al-Safa Library.

Internet ownership
With regard to the future of the creative economy in the UAE, in the light of this modern technology, dr. Marwan Al Zarooni said: “Metaverse is a natural evolution of our connected world, and so advanced technologies such as Blockchain are central to the success of these worlds for all, and the difference between them and other virtual worlds is that we move through them. the stage of informatics, finance, buying and selling with its marketing platforms and the financial stock exchange, until today we have reached the stage of the use of digital currencies, which will play a catalytic role for a number of axes, including fast access to capital, and artificial intelligence techniques in the light of Metaverse technology.

Regarding the need for an umbrella of incentive legislation specialized in the field that provides a stimulating and rich environment for this technology to truly contribute to the creative industries, dr. Marwan Al-Zarouni explains that modern technology legislation is supposed to be supportive of the creative sector, away from complexity and in line with the nature of creative industries and their commitments Intellectual property rights and patents, which are largely enables the public to access them and create unique projects that contribute to the market movement, provide a way to provide and provide knowledge qualification for creators, support investors, as well as the future of legislation entrusted with modern technologies is, to provide, and to lay foundations and dynamic standards in the light of economic development seen in the Emirates.

Sultan bin Kharsham explained that we need to look at the economic element and size of the market to realize the importance of the accelerated pace of virtual technologies, of which “Metaverse” technology is the most important, as investing in “Metaverse” will be. somewhat similar to the early days of the internet, which led to the founding of giant technology companies that changed the course of history. The world’s dependence on it has become inevitable in many aspects of life. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence report, the Metaverse market will reach $ 800 billion by 2024.

“Metacon” Dubai
On the idea and importance of the “Metacon” exhibition and its connection to the technologies of the virtual worlds “Metaverse”, Abdul Rahman Al Khaja said: The exhibition is important for the Emirate of Dubai and the culture and arts sector, such as it is the first city in the world to shed light on the worlds of “Metaverse” and transform it into a real reality, and also celebrate modern technology. Specializing in technology areas such as metaverse, blockchain games, e-sports, and non-fungible tokens, the exhibit also sought to highlight esports as the occasion.

Abdul Rahman Al Khaja added: The UAE and Dubai have a significant global reputation and fame in attracting all initiatives and projects related to culture and the arts, especially with the presence of a large and promising market that includes all fields .

In the comment space of the followers of the discussion session, dr. Ali Al-Shaidani spoke that the world of “Metaverse” is not a modern virtual world, but it has not in the past found the opportunity to distribute and be able to use tools, and “Facebook” has his ideas on the present time intelligently again presented, which is free from much of the Dr. Ali added: The Sultanate has its own experience in the field of virtual worlds, through the Communication and Information Technology exhibition “COMEX 2021” under the slogan “Digital transformation and accelerated acceptance of the future of artificial intelligence.” Atallah Al-Harbi, a digital technology teacher in the schools of the gifted in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, his experience in introducing students to the importance of the “metavirus” worlds, which he described as completely new, and by many stages, the most important of which are meetings with students to eradicate “metavirus” illiteracy, and to explain its concept, applications and importance in the near future. .

A parallel world
While Eljaboom, founder of Ajoobz and consultant in the field of information technology, emphasized: “There is no doubt that the technology of” Metaverse “will contribute to the emergence of innovative projects and industries in line with market dynamics and the expansion of the cryptocurrency field. “


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