Moez Masoud’s first remark about the crisis of his wife, Hala Shiha, with Tamer Hosni

11:00 pm

Thursday 15 July 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

Moez Masoud, producer and Islamic preacher, sent a message to his wife, artist Hala Shiha, against the backdrop of her crisis with artist Tamer Hosni, due to the latter’s publication of a video clip for the song “I Love You”, which included scenes from their movie “Mish Ana,” which was recently released in theaters.

Moez posted the movie’s poster on his personal account on the Instagram website, saying: “To my dear wife Hala, I can understand your annoyance due to the long time that has passed since the filming of this movie. movie because of Corona, and that your life has changed as you said in the post with respect. ”

He continued, “I can also understand your annoyance at focusing on these scenes and collecting them despite the verbal promise to avoid them from the producers of the work (there was no question of canceling the track but the focus was not on certain scenes as I am now), especially with the track coming out at a time that has great holiness for us, even though we knew that a promise was not enough to solve this problem We have gone through other solutions .. What is between you and our Lord regarding your reward for your previous work, you do not have to tell anyone .. and do not worry about any words that are said without knowledge .. People do not consider many details, the simplest of which The long time and the great events that happen in the lives of those who talk about it with the greatest ease and confidence, and rush to make judgments.

Moez continued his message, “I am able to understand what you mean when you talk about (a certain type of) scenes, what a certain type of art means and (not a generalization of all art) I want to think of you, my love, that our journey is a journey in search of truth, goodness and beauty … a journey of pride in culture and identity, a strong model for rejecting extremism on both sides .. the side blinded by its identity and the imitation of the West without wisdom, knowledge or pride (which I mentioned (cultural suicide) in my speech at the National Dialogue in 2011, and the other side imprisoned in deadly forms of thought and art .. every aspect Some of them think they have the absolute truth with them, and they will continue to suffocate until Judgment Day .. To the extent that people show courage and pride in our culture and identity .. They carry our children and future generations. At that time, our art will be our zeal. direct to express. “

He continued, “No matter how many stations..whatever the pain, confusion and confusion..what attack, betrayal and surrender..what wish is paid..the brave are like you, but they are those who review themselves and admit their mistakes and correct’s not the fact that the famous one whose journey is under scrutiny. Like you, they live spontaneously and in harmony with themselves. “

Moez Masoud concluded his message to his wife, “We can meet art, culture and identity. I started doing this in my artwork, and my film (Clash) opened at the (Cannes) festival, and my next film is going to be the (Venice) festival soon .. and we can take bigger and better steps on the great road This is what future generations will know about its value.And again, I tell you, my love, our journey is one.

Hala posted a long message through her official account on the Instagram website, in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with the release of the track “I Love You” at this time, as well as objected to the presence of scenes of which she did not do not like. composed in the image that appeared in the cut.

She said, “I was very surprised by the release of a track that combines separate scenes from the movie, and in the days of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days, especially after the last post I posted, in which I explained what I am. “

And she continued, “I was more surprised, especially after Tamer Hosni promised me and confirmed that he would respect my desire and some of the requests I asked him with all due respect and love of late summer, and he would respect me. assured that he will respect my desire. “

And Hala added: “We may have succeeded according to the standards of the world, but believe me according to the standards of our Lord, we have not and will not succeed, I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unhappy the accumulation of fame and success does not allow us to see and measure things correctly. ”

And she continued, “I speak from my heart, this track is pleasing to our Lord, and I cried because I saw myself in these scenes, it was a slip due to circumstances I went through, and we had everyone made mistakes and we have to make mistakes, because we are human, but the disaster is that we overlook and forget. ”

And she continued, “I will not be disappointed by anyone. I have decided from these scenes, and they are not right, and I am wrong and correct, and the most important thing is that our Lord is pleased with me, because in the other, which will benefit us is not fame or success, no, it is not success at all, because real success is another need sincerely, most of us forget it Except for a few, if art makes us move away from the curriculum of our Lord and remain an example for our children, it will remain empty and no art. ”

Hala also sent a message to artist Tamer Hosni saying: “We all have an exam in this world and I would like to think of you in this video, Tamer, in which I said I do not want to die while I am a singer.

واختتمت قائلة: “كلنا بنغلط بس المهم في الآخر نتدارك الغلط و نصلح، {إِلَّا مَن تَابَ وَءَامَنَ وَعَمِلَ عَمَلا صَالِحا فَأُو۟لَـٰۤىِٕكَ یُبَدِّلُ ٱللَّهُ سَیِّـَٔاتِهِمۡ حَسَنَـٰت وَكَانَ ٱللَّهُ غَفُورا رَّحِیما}.. الله على كلام الله وجماله يا سلام لو أصواتنا ومواهبنا كلها نستعملها في الخير عشان It remains a serious art. ”

The movie “Mesh Anna” starring Tamer Hosni, Hala Shiha, Majed Al-Kadwany, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Sawsan Badr, Iyad Nassar, Sherine, written by Tamer Hosni and directed by Sarah Wafik, is Hossam’s first production experience Hosni, Tamer’s brother, in partnership with “Synergy” company.

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