Sharjah Innovation Park attracts large international companies specializing in 3D printing

To create the largest and most advanced 3D printing technology platform in the region

Sharjah: The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park is working to put together and develop an integrated work system for companies and industries in Sharjah to promote innovation in a number of sectors and industries that have brought about global change. Industrial transformations and modern production methods are among the most important technological transformations in the modern world.

As part of Sharjah’s complex efforts to become one of the largest and most advanced 3D printing technology platforms in the region, the complex, in collaboration with major international companies specializing in the establishment of a specialized unit, in additional manufacturing, large multidisciplinary laboratories in which contain the best technology. and the most advanced industrial machines in the field of 3D printing.The complex has recently attracted a number of world-leading companies in this field. General Electric (GE) operates within the additive manufacturing unit in the complex through a number of advanced devices in this field It is a large multinational American industrial and technology company.

3DTIV Tech is the latest division of the Modest Company Group, which has been providing a range of products and services to companies in the MENA region for decades, including clients in the oil, gas and construction industries. Modest specializes in the construction of high specification prefabricated units and portable cabins for camping, large accommodation and operating facilities as well as the provision of key solutions for military forces.

This company strategically targets various industries with Farsoon’s SLS & SLM technology, which provides solutions to many of the challenges facing traditional manufacturing operations.

The company is working in partnership with the complex to hold 3DTIV Tech workshops and training programs on additional manufacturing in Sharjah for students and specialists to gain a unique hands-on experience on the latest 3D printing technology.

Weekly sessions will also be held to provide an in-depth awareness of 3D printing processes in various categories (Design, Use Farsoon technologies, 3D printing with polymer materials based on selective laser ink powder (SLS), Demonstration of 3D printing using of SLS). A wide range of nylon (PA12) polymeric materials and compositions such as carbon fibers, alumid and glass fibers, as well as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Laser can also be used with stainless steel or Inconel powder

Three-dimensional printing was developed in the eighties of the last century, and it is one of the manufacturing techniques, where the pieces are manufactured by dividing the three-dimensional designs for it into very small layers using computer programs, and then manufacturing them. use three-dimensional printers by printing one layer over the other until the final shape is formed. This system differs from casting and sculpting systems, which waste more than 90% of the materials used in manufacturing, and 3D printers are usually faster, more economical, and easier to use than other manufacturing technologies. 3D printers give developers the ability to print complex overlapping parts, and parts can be made from different materials with different mechanical and physical specifications and then fitted together. Advanced 3D printing technologies produce models that are very similar to the look, feel and function of a prototype product, including plastics, metals and biological materials.

3D printing is also used to make parts of medical equipment, personal protective equipment and fans. In the power and utility sector, 3D printers are used to manufacture parts for power generation, transmission and distribution. It is also used in the aerospace and aviation industries, in addition to being used in the creation of important parts and components. It has also become a reality in the printing of cars and houses.

His Excellency Hussain Al Mahmoudi, Executive Director of the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Complex, pointed out that “3D printing contributes greatly to the global manufacturing process, and companies need to innovate to adapt to this technology as we work to the complex is a global reference for 3D printing technology or what is called (manufacturing) .Our goal is to accelerate the employment of this future technology to support all government, economic, health and scientific sectors in the country and the world , as we seek to activate this platform to unite all entities operating in this important sector.

Al Mahmoudi said, “Sharjah is an incubator for the largest number of industries in the United Arab Emirates, and it was necessary to work on developing a technical system to support and prepare this essential sector in the country. for smart transformations and readiness to take advantage of them in the best way, so that Sharjah, through the Sharjah research complex, is an effective testing center for experiencing and applying technology, and a crucial center for a global network of developers and researchers to support the industrial sector and move it towards a future industry based on the latest innovative technologies.

The Sharjah Open Innovation Lab (SOILAB) in the Sharjah Innovation Park is the first applied incubator for start-ups and innovative companies in Sharjah to manufacture prototypes in addition to the Middle East Center for Additive Manufacturing, launched around the UAE ‘s goal of becoming a global hub for 3D printing.

Al Mahmoudi remarked: “Companies must – if they want to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – now benefit from 3D printing or additional manufacturing.” 3D printing is one of the most advanced technologies of our time, and the solution to many business challenges. Its transformative approach to industrial production enables the creation of parts and systems that are cheaper, customized, lighter and stronger. ”

Al Mahmoudi has also called on many companies in the region and outside the United Arab Emirates to establish their businesses in the Sharjah Innovation Park and experience the great transformation in the global by-product manufacturing market, where investors in this sector in the complex also enjoys great support. to take advantage of the tripartite collaboration on which the complex’s work is based, which is Collaboration between private companies, the government and academia.

The future of 3D printing

According to industry experts, the global 3D printing market will reach US $ 52 billion by 2027. One of the sectors that will make significant profits from this technology is the healthcare industry. This is a result of the growing application of 3D printing technology as it has become popular in the medical field such as orthopedics, the printing of patient-specific body parts and organs using data from CT scans and MRI scans as well as the replication of patients s anatomical structures. It is now possible to print a number of body parts, including teeth, jawbones, thighs, auditory organs, and more. Some scientists have also developed the use of 3D printing to produce models of cancerous parts of the body so that doctors can target malignant tumors with better accuracy.

There is also an incredible growth in the demand for 3D printing in the automotive industry as it continues to innovate in creating components and cartridges for metal castings, parts and other vehicle components.

3D printing house design and construction in Sharjah

During the year 2019, the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Complex attracted international companies specializing in the construction of buildings using 3D printing techniques, as the first house with heritage architecture built on the complex’s land by this technology to use, which is one of the latest. technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution related to construction in collaboration with the most prominent companies owning these. This project is due to collaboration between the government, private and academic sectors on the complex’s land, as the house was built in a period not exceeding two weeks, during which a group of research students from the College of Engineering at the US University of Sharjah trained in this field.On this technique to implement the project as an effective practical training. The American University, represented by the College of Engineering, is working to develop this technology and train students in it through applied scientific research by students, faculty members, and a number of researchers from specialized companies through testing and experimentation through projects. which will be implemented. at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Complex to develop and apply this technology in the region.


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