The digital secure school tackles cyberbullying

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Educators report that the application of the digital secure school system “is one of the initiatives of the Khalifa Empowerment Program”, which was developed with the aim of supporting schools and encouraging them to provide digital security to students, contributed to the reduction of the number of cases of bullying and electronic extortion, to which students on the school campus are exposed, which increased significantly During the transition to the distance education system.

They emphasized that the process of integrative counseling has played a role in reducing the level of cyberbullying behavior among students, and stressed the need to provide more awareness, guidance and direction to students and inject regarding the basics of coping. of modern communication technology and to provide updated information. on the relationship between bullying and electronic extortion with other factors such as the user’s ignorance of the challenges, and the circumstances of Social and Family Education and work to provide support and assistance in this context.

They explained that the Safe Digital School initiative also worked to activate students’ participation in educational and awareness programs that provide them with the opportunity for constructive social communication, in addition to the role of involving parents and educating them to contribute to confront and surround the phenomenon. .


In turn, the schools took the initiative and took the initiative to implement it according to the mechanisms they identified and began to implement a package of awareness programs and educational workshops that target all parties of the educational community and reach parents, with the realize that the rapid technological development has increased. the challenges and created problems that have drifted on the surface of the educational field, including but not limited to the problem of (bullying and extortion) electronically), where schools work resolutely to protect their students, with the help of all parties in society, the consideration of the phenomenon is global and a social responsibility, and it calls for joint and integrated efforts. The digital secure school accreditation is the first of its kind in the UAE, designed to support schools in the development of many aspects of digital security.

Dr. Obaid Saleh Al-Makhten, a researcher in information technology and cybercrime, spoke about the secure school initiative as a project worked on under the prescriptions of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, in collaboration between the Aqdar Foundation and the Ministry of Education, points to the need for the availability of axes Several, the most important of which are special systems and policies to prepare the work for the success of the digital school for distance education, tests and evaluations to keep pace with global experiences, emphasizing the need to develop policies, systems and procedures to achieve a digitally secure school and complete foundations to protect it from external and internal tampering.

He explained that the second is the student and the need to ensure that he has the minimum ability to use techniques and solve some problems, while the curriculum in the digital school represents the third axis, where the need arises Has to develop an interactive curriculum to ensure that information is received in a correct way and channels.

Saleh pointed to the fourth component in the digital school, which is the teacher, which emphasized the importance of his mastery and full knowledge of the handling of technological means, referring to the problems encountered with the application of the distance education system and the lack of accompanied by mastery. of teachers of a previous generation in the ability to handle technologies, and therefore in our digital schools belong Teachers are more competent and technically efficient, especially with regard to electronic security and other important points, while the guardian as a very important component was considered. in the educational process and the issue of supervision of his son, look at his performance and evaluation thereof, which requires him to possess some technical and technical skills in the form of the school supervisor the sixth component The digital school and what it must possess in terms of knowledge of wrong experiences such as bullying, extortion and electronic harassment and the ability to act and report to avoid this behavior and protect students, adding that the last component is the school leader, who ability to evaluate and monitor all parties after the educational process and the ability to communicate with the authorities External, follow-up assessment of low-level students, and the last component is the use of virus and virus protection systems Actions and protection of data and records and place them under control and protection systems.

In turn, teacher Fatima Al Dhaheri pointed out the role of teachers in protecting the student from electronic extortion through seminars and lectures that we have implemented to raise awareness about the safe use of modern technology, and not to share electronic information with others. not. The initiative: Digital Safety Ambassador was also employed whereby the student talks in front of his fellow students about the mechanisms to achieve digital safety in cyberspace.The lectures implemented to educate students in the educational field included the topic: the dangers of online exploitation (electronic extortion), and how to communicate with the relevant authorities of supporting institutions to learn how to secure email against penetration, and how to deal with legal awareness in the event of any leakage of personal data or information.


The digital secure school team, according to Fawzia Al-Sheikh of Umm Al-Fadl Bint Al-Harith School for a second episode, seeks to educate students about the dangers they face through electronic extortion through training workshops and brochures published in the school’s channels are published. , in addition to preparing a team of safe schoolchildren whose role is to strengthen students’ self-confidence and encourage them to take a firm stand by reporting to the competent authorities or to the school’s cyber security officer, parents on educate about the need to deal with the situation, and give their children security to face the situations to which they may be exposed.

She stated that the digital secure school initiative is one of the initiatives of the Khalifa empowerment program – Aqdar, which aims to measure the level of digital security provided in schools.

Work has been done within the framework of the programme’s cooperation with strategic partners of the European Union, in order to identify the best global practices in the field of digital security, and to benefit from the experiences gained by the countries that first is to develop the uses of modern technical resources.

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Teacher Bodour Shaheen also confirmed that the technological development and transformation of education in smart learning and the connection of children with tablets has made it necessary to direct them to the negative and positive aspects of technology through awareness and educational campaigns for digital security and digital security that included lectures, and the use of classroom lessons to serve the topic of digital security, such as introducing students to the necessary steps. To follow this when they are exposed to bullying and electronic extortion, in addition to involving the students in the project implementation process by presenting lectures to their colleagues, which had a positive impact on the students themselves, and to note that they were able to obtain a digitally secure school certificate during the current academic year.


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