The luxurious island of Dubai opens with each room on a private beach

(CNN) – If you are disembarking from a speedboat on the soft white sands of lush tropical green, you may mistakenly think this resort is Bali or the Maldives.

The resort was the first of its kind in the world, with an archipelago of 300 islands that, as the name suggests, formed the world. Think of the Hamptons of Dubai in the Persian Gulf.

The World Islands Resort Anandara Dubai is the second Anandara Resort after its opening on Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island project developed by developers Nakheel, which is as luxurious as any of the major cities in the world. Luxury hotels.

Unlike Palm Jumeirah, the resort on Coronation Island in “South America” ​​is completely secluded, accessible by James Bond-style speedboat.

No one can enter the island without registering their passport, which guarantees maximum privacy and security for visitors, including royalties. A helipad will open on the island soon.

The resort, which mixes the chain’s Thai roots with the essence of Emirati heritage, is now a very new private playground for the rich and famous, stylish and modern. Natural knots are intertwined with the elements of nature and the savings are not saved at all costs.

Eight hundred and fifty coconut trees are brought from Oman, along with 500 palm trees and 4,000 or more tropical and desert native plants. The greenhouse also grows a variety of tropical fruit trees, while a large birdhouse is now home to about 200 tropical birds to breed on the private island colony.

Hottest new address in Dubai

A giant chandelier made of hundreds of oyster tiles hangs majestically within the arbor structure, welcoming new guests, sparkling in the air and commemorating the history of pearl diving in the United Arab Emirates.

The resort has 70 keys, of which 40 are pool villas. Although there is plenty to do here from tennis to spa treatments, a modern gym, cinema under the stars and water sports, our guide Dev Panjala says most people come to eat. Rest and relaxation. This, he says, is an urban retreat for those who can.

“People come here and enjoy the room, the pool and the beach,” he says. “It’s all about relaxation.”

The global plan has been in the works for almost two decades. Construction, first announced by Knuckle in 2003, was completed in 2008 amid a series of hiccups, including a global recession and practical challenges for the islands, such as water and electricity.

The mega-multibillion-dollar project Dubai businessman Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman and CEO of DP World, has a home on the island, but not only the rich and famous enjoy the new address of Dubai. .

Marine Terrace showrooms start at $ 440, and the new Anandra resort is on par with many other luxury properties in the city, with each room located just steps from the sand.

For a more luxurious taste, guests can purchase one of the 424-square-foot four-bedroom beach villas for up to $ 9,800 per night. Isolated coastal areas make you feel like guests are on a private island rather than a resort.

peace and simplicity

Outdoor dining with sunset.

Courtesy of Ananthara

The evening we visit, the stars shine above the resort, which, unlike other island destinations in the city, offers tranquility and simplicity that still adds richness to the surroundings. Instead, villas with bamboo and palm leaf bread lie along the beach and wind sandy promenade through the resort.

With Dubai’s dramatic skyline disappearing into the distance, the sky fills with the sounds of birds rather than car horns at these natural wonders of the underworld, the lights of which can be seen from Dubai’s beaches.

“For Dubai, that’s what makes this place unique,” says resort manager Giacomo Bondel, who says life on the island is “sophisticated.” “Here only the sound of the sea and birds can be heard. Can’t find it anywhere else in Dubai. ”

Providing an island to escape the hustle and bustle of city life will attract guests who can get a taste of the tropics on their doorstep.

“There are no cars, the air is fresh and calm, that’s why people come here. It’s not like leaving home in the Maldives. We want to think of the same experience, the same feeling, the same relaxation. I’ll come to the Maldives. “

He says the limited capacity of mega hotels in the UAE is a welcome change; Here each guest is greeted by name and presented with a unique room host.

Celebrities and VIPs

Made from sand extracted from the bay, each island, backed by several million tons of rock, ranges from 250,000 to 900,000 square feet and its full extent is about 5.4 miles.

The rich and famous around the world have taken over the properties around the development and even the entire islands, and now that it has officially opened, it will undoubtedly be the latest destination for a long line of celebrities and GDPs in Dubai.

Black Eye Piece recently came to the resort to eat after a show at Dubai Expo 2020.

Since the resort just opened, there is still a lot to come, including climbing experiences, sea-floating glass balls and “eating bubbles” at new eateries.

Currently, the main dining areas are Qamar, an Arab-Indian restaurant, a place for fine dining and shisha, while Helios is a typical Mediterranean beachfront restaurant with views of the bright city horizon, including the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

The lobby also features a South American bar and lounge, Luna and Café, Grand House, with unobstructed views of the main pool and deck.

The islands are now one of the world’s largest coral reefs, as marine experts develop a new marine ecosystem in an effort to compensate for construction damage in the area.

At the resort, efforts are being made to control plastics, set up a recycling program and set up solar-powered pool cooling systems to be more sustainable.

“We do what we can to make sure everything stays as consistent as possible,” Bundel says.

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