Video | “Our God is greater than anything.” Immigration Minister cries at Egypt conference

The closing session was witnessed by the Egypt Industry Can Cry Conference, Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, during her closing speech at the conference, following her closing speech at the conference, where the Minister was touched by the greetings of those present.

The Egypt Can Industry Conference tonight, Wednesday, concluded its activities, which were organized for two days by the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, in collaboration with the Ministries of Trade, Industry, Military Production, the Public business sector, and a number of institutions and stakeholders.

At the end of the conference, the general recommendations of the 12 sessions of the conference were announced, and their recommendations were as follows:

Encouraging effective partnerships between industrial and educational institutions by establishing strategic alliances aimed at bridging the gap between education and industry, as well as supporting research centers and benefiting from international scientific expertise in research covering the digital technology industry and renewable energy components serve.

– Interest in expanding the manufacture of electric vehicle components such as batteries and charging systems, as it is considered a promising market for Masir, with the expansion of the processing of charging stations in preparation for the future global trend to switch to use of electric vehicles and the establishment of a regional center for innovation in the technology of the automotive industry in Egypt in partnership between governmental, industrial and educational agencies and research.

Define a strategy for sustainable development and green transformation, the establishment of environmentally friendly and green industries, the promotion of the use of green hydrogen, as well as the use of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things to monitor emissions and on a geographical scale spread to determine the rates of emissions and their relationship to the human mass.

Strengthening executive mechanisms to support exports with a highly competitive advantage; Facilitating all modes of access to international markets, and encouraging the shift to value-added exports and a high-tech component while increasing their diversity and thus their ability to withstand fluctuations in foreign markets, in parallel with activation of the role of commercial representation offices in diplomatic missions to encourage more opportunities for Egyptian partnership with industrial bodies. The international market, the development of Egyptian exports abroad, and the strengthening of its competitive position in global markets.

– The localization of the information technology industry and electronic solutions, as well as the expansion of cooperation with leading companies in the Arab and international region to redesign technology and translate practical and operational requirements to provide technological solutions offered to public and private sector institutions can be, with interest in electronic security techniques and cyber security for computer networks and the activation of their mechanisms in All military and service applications
Work on improving Egypt’s map in software technology and move towards implementing promising technology programs to African and Arab countries in partnership with Egypt, as well as creating platforms to promote the tourism sector in Egypt based on artificial intelligence techniques . To know the requirements of tourists with the use of digital technology applications and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in airports and ports, such as identity detection systems, insurance systems and remote tracking, with an interest in data science and data security. Emphasis on the existence of a clear strategy for mechanisms and laws for handling data.

Expand the use of digital technology to create a smart health care system for every citizen to facilitate the process of tracking patients’ health status and then plan more effectively for health initiatives adopted by the state in the future. As well as the localization, development and development of the electronic medical supplies and equipment industry in Egypt by supporting the research and development sector and undertaking a national project with the aim of increasing the capacity of local manufacturing according to international quality standards to self- adequate and leadership in the field of exports in the Middle East and Africa.

– Work to adapt food products with regional and global market standards, work to remove the obstacles facing the Egyptian food industries in the African market, support research and studies in the field of food industries and communicate directly with the industry through grants from various international support bodies and the expansion of the production of semi-finished raw materials) and its direct link with agricultural products as well as the primary raw materials available in Egypt and the use of market studies to increase competitiveness, as well as studying the benefits of food production in Egypt and the exploitation of the available strengths as well as the overcoming of weaknesses.

– The need to open effective communication channels between Egyptians abroad and the relevant government institutions in Egypt to ensure access to all information and developments in the business field, as well as to accurately identify investment opportunities in various fields, especially those aimed at companies . and emerging projects.

Facilitating administrative procedures for the start of industrial activities and overcoming relevant obstacles while expanding the provision of industrial areas and complexes for small and medium-sized projects with payment facilities through real estate financing or usufruct systems.

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