Giovinco’s agent reveals details: Money does not matter to us, but our case with Al Hilal is human rights

Andrei Katuli revealed; Italian agent Sebastian Giovinco; The former Saudi Al Hilal midfielder, about the details of the player’s crisis with the leader, and why he had to turn to the International Federation “FIFA”, despite the good relationship between the two parties?

FIFA has issued an official decision obliging the Saudi club to pay $ 4.5 million to the Italians, after it stopped paying its financial fees after the termination of its contract at the beginning of the current season.

Giovinco left Azraq in the summer of 2021, after completing the number of foreigners in the team, after contracting with Brazilian Mateos Pereira.

Despite the farewell messages between the two parties, after a while problems arose, which led to the FIFA penalty.

In the following lines, we learn more about the details of this case through the player’s agent, who appeared with Ahmed Al-Sheikhy in a space on Twitter; The legal expert in resolving sports disputes.

How did the problem between Al Hilal and Giovinco start?

I assure you Giovinco loves Saudi Arabia and loves Al-Hilal and the city of Riyadh, so what happened to him now is sad. He wanted to stay in the leader, but Al-Hilal had to sign Mateus Pereira, so it was necessary to relinquish one of the foreigners in his ranks to complete the number, Giovinco wanted to stay firm, but the number of foreigners did not allow him to do so.

What exactly happened in the case?

As I mentioned the player wanted to stay but was surprised by the treatment of officers who forced him to leave, amid the sad things that happened that they did not allow him to practice with his colleagues, they did the rehearsal door closed in Giovinco’s face.

Was training closed only in the face of Giovinco?

Yes, everyone practiced normally, but Giovinco just changed his training schedule, and we did not like it. We have not talked about this problem before, we tried to solve it kindly out of respect for Al Hilal and his fans, but we were unsuccessful.

what happened next?

They canceled Giovinco’s stay during his stay in Riyadh. We were surprised by this move by an email from Al Hilal, which we considered as an attempt to pressure the management on the player before his departure.

Was the stay cancellation during or after the validity period of the contract?

No, after the contract ended, but Giovinco, whether you agree or disagree, he spared no effort with the team, and we tried to resolve things kindly without reaching FIFA, but we did not get into it. passed. We did not put any pressure on Al Hilal because the player loved Al Hilal and Riyadh, and he did not want to be treated like that.

What is the problem with the cancellation of the residence permit after the end of the contract?

We did not want to leave Riyadh in a bad way and urgently as it happened, we loved the city and the people, and the club was in a hurry to cancel the residence, if the club did not take this step, we sat in Saudi Arabia and moved between cities, otherwise they canceled the player’s bank account, so after the residence is canceled, the account is canceled Banking.

How much was Giovinco’s salary at Al Hilal?

The issue was not money, but principles, human rights and respect for contracts. Human rights are very important, more important than salaries and financial matters. I do not want to talk about what happened, out of respect for Al Hilal and the Saudis. We are keen on our relationship with officials. Giovinco attended the match between Al Hilal and Chelsea, and that’s proof of the good relationship, so we do not want to divulge secrets.

As a player and his agent we certainly did nothing wrong, they closed the facilities in our face, and we received threats to terminate the contract when Giovinco tried to participate in group practice, we tried to be friendly to solve if the player made a mistake, I would have confessed, the club had to commit him to pay, but we found no solution Only flight to FIFA.

They said Giovinco put Al Hilal under pressure to get 27 million Saudi Riyals, how did that happen?

Mr. Marcus Motta; Al-Hilal’s lawyer, respects him a lot. He defends the interests of his client, whatever those interests are. He has to write everything that defends his club, but Giovinco obviously can not put pressure on Al-Hilal.

Al Hilal’s lawyer said he stopped paying because Giovinco changed his bank account, what’s the truth?

I confirm that we love Al Hilal, but the point of the bank is funny to me, as a scene in the cinema the club could have contacted Giovinco to check the bank account, and the money was paid, but it did does not happen.

Did the case end in a FIFA penalty?

We wish a bright future for Al Hilal, Giovinco’s period was unsuccessful, and we hope it will not happen again in the future.

The end is not happy, we wanted it all not to happen, but what happened is sad, except that we want to maintain friendship between us and the officials. The issue is not money, we are more than that, but it’s a matter of rights.

The case ended in January, but then appealed to the Sports Court “Cas”, and an agreement was signed under which Al Hilal undertook to pay 27 million riyal to the player and the case was closed.

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