Practical and artistic decorations for summer dining rooms

In the summer there are plenty of meetings and gatherings, which require attention to the design of the dining room, so that the latter is characterized by a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. According to the interior designer and founder of Nozol Interior Design Bureau, Kholoud Galadari, “the dining room is an integral part of the design of any residential interior; especially with the majority of people following fashion that is elegant and practical at the same time. ” She adds that “the choice of popular colors and materials, and the coordination of furniture in the appropriate way, are all factors that can achieve the purpose of the dining room.”

Predominant colors in the dining room

Neutral shades are popular in the summer of 2022

The neutral colors that alternate between gray and beige, and inlaid with warm colors, are popular in summer 2022 decorations, as the color contrast between the two mentioned color categories is desirable. In addition, the designer advises to stay away from light furniture options for the dining room, to let the latter retain its luster as dark colors hide imperfections and stains.

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Table and chair designs

The dining room design is far from stereotypical, as the latter increasingly express the identities of the homeowners, their culture, the way they live and their uses of the interiors in a more creative way. In this context, the dining room table shines, in terms of the natural materials from which it is made, such as marble, stone, glass and wood, and the way the materials are shaped in a more unique way, making the design look distinctive. , especially at the base.
The seats in turn have many shapes, i.e. slanted, curved or curved in their frames, and their textures are engraved with cut-outs or striped in smooth lines. It is noted that the world’s largest furniture manufacturers tend to be simple, economical and inexpensive. The engineer elaborates on the popular chair shapes and says that “curved and smooth lines are one of the most popular shapes of furniture this year. These designs transform furniture pieces into art, as the designers are skilled at making and sculpting them to create a deep idea. to convey. and another story. ” And she adds that “the distribution of those seats around the dining room table takes a more creative approach, as it is not required to choose the dining room table seats to be completely identical to the table, but it is possible to shape different seats spread, color and size on one table. ” She points out that “in some designs the seats are uniform in terms of shape, but they differ in the material they cover or the color for example.” In addition, it is possible to see a seat in front of a dining table and can accommodate two or more people, which adds an interesting and less formal feel to the dining room. ”

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Extras …

The dining room can also be equipped with a “buffet” side table or a bedside table or a wall cupboard for storing dishes and cutlery. The lines, materials used and the coverages of this piece (buffet) differ, as is the case with other components of the dining room. The buffet table can take a cylindrical or cubic shape of several heights, and the accessories are spread on the surface. , with the aim of beautifying the room. Add aesthetics to the dining room with hanging shelves, for example, and hidden lighting on one of the side walls.

Dining rooms in the open space

The seats in turn have many shapes, i.e. slanted, curved or curved in their frames

Designer Kholoud explains that “in recent years, the dining room has become a more open and flowing space, especially with the merging of the lounge and the hall into one space. The open dining room therefore seems to be an integral part of the living area. Room , in terms of space and interior design A connection must be established between the two spaces, via:

  • Repeat using some colors, shapes, patterns or lines in both spaces.
  • Use the same floor covering in both areas.
  • Spread two identical rugs in both areas.
  • The choice of the same lighting units (chandelier or ceiling lamp) for the living room and dining room, but when the units are different, there must be a common element between them.
  • Take care of the design of the walls, their colors and interior finishes, provided they are the same in the two spaces.
  • Choose distinctive items and pieces in both the dining room and the second room to which you open.


Designing a comfortable, elegant and modern summer dining room, according to designer Kholoud, requires a study of the dimensions of the space and the range of motion around each element and piece of furniture in place, while color, formal and volumetric harmony between all the elements, which are positively reflected on the eyes of the seated, and make them satisfied, and consolidate Relationships of individuals with their interiors.

Designed by Kholoud Galadari

* Photos are from Nozol Interior Design’s office.

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