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Jeddah – Iman Badawi

Specialists have confirmed that the social networking sites that spread with the technological boom are a cause for the destruction of homes and the demolition of the Pink Nest, in the event that a person strays with it, and at the same time pointed out that there ‘ a few couples are. of both sexes affected by the passing of facts on Snapchat celebrities and other communication sites, and they have been dragged along by the current. Such scenarios led to the separation of the spouses, who demanded that married partners strengthen their lives against social media. . They noted the importance of focusing on the role of family counseling and reform institutions and doubling their efforts to educate those families and those marriages that were affected, empowered, applied, and interacted with those irresponsible models.

Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ghubaisha Al-Ghamdi, Vice-Chair of the Reform Committee in Jeddah, said: We all know that things have recently appeared to us that were not in our ancestors, such as portable and smart devices that combined many applications, and served as a window for social media celebrities, some of whom may be. ” A builder of houses, while others destroy it, and unfortunately we sometimes see them interfering in family affairs in which they do not have a camel or a camel.

subversive messages
Al-Ghamdi added: I urge all men and women not to react or be influenced by celebrities, and I mean here the owners of destructive messages that have destroyed many homes, and it is a pity that their followers one million followers exceed, and they have no morals and ethics, we have experienced many issues affected by well-known Social Media.
That is why we ask God to protect our country, our women and our men from these bad models. And my message to every man is to fear God in his wife, for the Prophet said to him the best prayers and the best greetings: (The best of you is the best of you for his family, and I am the best of you to my family) as he said, peace and blessings be upon him while he was in distress, some of the commandments, one of which was: (Recommend women well, for they are your helpers) What is meant by this is honesty with you, so that marital relations are spared to be lost, the husband must not obey anything in his wife, and the wife may not enter her husband in such labyrinths which – unfortunately – have demolished houses.

primary engine
While dr. Jamaan Misfir Al-Ghamdi, head of the Reform Charitable Endowment in Jeddah, stressed that everyone agrees on the importance and ability of social media to have a positive or negative social impact, pointing out that it is the main driver of the street , which led to the impact of the family with all its components, with the destructive ideas and principles broadcast by these celebrities.And ridiculously, they see that they are asking for idealism and they are far from it.
He added: This case has cost a great deal in the disintegration of many families and the spread of divorce cases and deliberate neglect; For their impact on these cuts and their certainty that they represent society in a real and realistic way. Regarding the role of the competent authorities, Al-Ghamdi said: We need to determine what the relevant authorities are. It is the media with all its classifications in the first place, and the class of writers, thinkers, psychologists and even members of society itself, and I see the creation of a body to monitor the absurdity practiced by famous bankers and companies promoting their absurdities, not to mention the role of family counseling centers and institutions of reconciliation and doubling their efforts in educating these families And those marriages influenced by those irresponsible models.

wrecker imitation
On the other hand, dr. Faisal Al-Subaie, professor of Islamic and Comparative Education at Taif University, spoke about the compass of influence that social media celebrities move in all aspects of individuals’ lives. Religion, social, economic, political, recreation, relaxation and everything that occupies and goes on with their lives, from an early age, whether it adopts ideas, or imitation, or the abandonment and abandonment of traditions, and morals, can a rebellion against society and its constants, and can affect national constants, and can aggravate and influence the constant creed.
He continued: Here’s the talk about the impact of negative celebrity content on the marital relationship, especially the newly built and shaped; Which can destabilize the life of peace and tranquility, and disrupt the solid rope of affection and mercy that make up the stability control. Excessive monitoring of celebrities and the content offered that targets the psychological and social stability of the relationship, and taking it into account by one of the parties without regard to the circumstances, abilities, customs, traditions and culture of society can be interpreted as a lack in the bond of affection and mercy; And it begins to underestimate the measure, as comparisons, measurements and claims begin, and a fictitious coexistence of a hypothetical life, in a moment of absence of responsibility, and loose balance of rationality, ends with the simulation of life of celebrities who rebel against. the culture of his society, and the result is the collapse and destruction of the marital relationship.

He added: The way to protect the marriage bond is to feel the size of the relationship and the strength of the bond, and its ultimate goal is to build and have a family that lives in dignity, aided by patience. , sacrifice, cooperation, dedication and responsibility; I love Wood.
Faith education protects that relationship by applying the legal system between spouses, and performing it without negligence in the light of dignity and love between them.
Social education also promotes the values ​​of responsibility, preservation, preservation and respect for the traditions and principles of society. And rebellion is a threat and a danger to the survival of the marital relationship.
The focus on developing the values ​​of love between spouses represents in attention, appreciation, respect and psychological satisfaction of the needs of both parties, and the fulfillment of their desires and needs, each in its own right, forms an important and protective aspect to the relationship of the negative influence of social media celebrities. The development of awareness of the spouses is an important aspect in protecting the relationship. Filling the void and eliminating introversion and isolation also contributes to the protection against the negative influence of social media celebrities.

psychological effect
While dr. Ali Zairi, a consultant psychiatrist and family, said: Some social media celebrities are broadcasting videos that have a huge psychological impact on the recipient because it changes the ceiling of individuals’ expectations, which means that families to some extent living a middle class, while the well-known social media is in a rich and luxurious class, which exaggerates by showing what he enjoys about luxury cars, or women may exaggerate to highlight high-class jewelry, in addition to the luxury resorts and restaurants that they visit, and sometimes all of these things may be just propaganda, but reflect the impression on the families they follow that they are their private property, which It makes a person who is happy with his life feel frustrated and makes many comparisons. The man begins to compare his partner with the well-known social media sites in terms of form or material and vice versa. Which leads them to many marital problems like alienation or escape from the relationship or even divorce, all in response to these social sites and we measure the rest of the family members of the children who can burden their parents with new requirements in terms of carrying the most expensive international brands, which can create family pressure starting from not. Satisfaction leads to dissatisfaction and grumbling, or the individual may become more miserable or deviant to reach a certain social level in which he imitates these celebrities.

media education
Social worker Kawthar Al-Shadawi says: The virtual world has become an important part of our daily lives, with its positive or negative content. So, couples should not be carried away by these celebrities, especially those who provide frivolous or offensive messages; So that their homes are not affected, and the family plays the biggest role in directing its children to use social networks, called media education, and to protect them psychologically and intellectually by guiding them to the content of social make optimal use of networks, and the diversity of age groups and cultural environments in which they carry morality, as well as the difference in values ​​between people; For if the children are brought up in a proper way, and are not tempted by all that is broadcast by known versions, then it will be a guarantee, as God wills; To protect their ideas and principles, they are the future fathers and mothers.
She added: Celebrities should also be careful in shaping media content from the use of vocabulary and images in which they appear, attracting the spotlight to them, and disseminating wide public opinion by arousing public opinion to material gains to achieve, and the pursuit of wealth; They must respect public taste and respect our Islamic and Arab culture.
And she continued: The Saudi authorities have issued a new law against cybercrime, which includes a set of crimes punishable by law; Where the system of combating cybercrime aims at many things that revolve around the information issue and also aims to (protect the public interest, morals and public morals). Freedom of expression is guaranteed, and is available to all through social media, but without exceeding the limits of literature and morals; In accordance with the legal and regulatory controls aimed at controlling relationships with others, and that anyone who violates this system is liable for criminal liability.

life details
In turn, the family counselor, Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, indicated that the proliferation and plurality of social media, and the ease of its impact on the family, had become a reason to suffer the resulting dependencies.He said: If we ask. Why this clear and tangible effect, we will find that there are two sides; The first is the strength of his presence in the details of married life through the day and constantly, and in various situations that touch our reality.
As for the other side, it conveys strong messages to the recipient that make him harmonize with it, creating such an intellectual fabric that overshadows the rationality of the man or woman and programs their feelings. Eventually we will find a symmetry for this. influences and an attempt to keep up with the lives of some celebrities and simulate their behavior, and their daily routine and the ideal of leading an extravagant life, for example. Or excessive luxury, as these external influences clash with the real reality, and begin a journey of trouble, of inconvenience and different opinions; Al-Harbi came out after recurring problems that threatened the stability of the family, and encouraged the spouses to have understanding and prudence to get out of these frequent fluctuating waves.
To build a basic foundation on which the family is based to make it appear stronger and more cohesive and to tighten the bonds that increase the family’s cohesion, such as separating reality from fiction and knowing that each family has a higher ceiling of freedom and have a specific framework. of exchange, and an independent model that includes the limits of its budget.

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