A Girl with a Hundred Man Novel, Chapter 3, written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

A novel by a girl with a hundred men

Chapter III

Written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

Adham opened the door: it’s you, oh, you’re the owner, oh prince

Amir Bayat: Where are you?

Adham: It changes what you say

Amir Bayat: My mother died while undergoing surgery

Ismat of Warham: Fear, O Prince of this nation, speak these words

Amir Ayat: From an hour?

Ismat: She did not have the operation

Amir: Yes, but today I am very tired, and they re-entered her. Operations. My mother is dead. I stayed alone. I have no one.

Ismat as he embraced him: and I went to where he is, I am your big brother. From today you stay with us. We are scared to sleep and we are going to bury

Actually Amir came in and I slept. with adham

Adham: You’re not afraid to know the truth

Ismat: No, Emir Ghalban is worried

Adham: I say we’re taking our ban

Ismat: Oh, dear officer, you are not even present at the Military College, you will work on it with intelligence.

Adham: No, never, but you know I’m scared, not anymore

Ismat: I will not take my ban, but you understand that I do not like someone who is afraid of my room and intolerant when someone enters it.

Adham: What you see, I’m sleeping

Ismat: It’s true, keep it. Think about getting a bed for Amir. We’ll be with you in your room, and you’re fine, sir. I hope you treat her like your brother, we agree.

Adham: I swear to God, Esmat, I love Amir very much, and I feel like he’s a brother.

Ismat: And you are one of the good people

The next morning, Ismat actually went to the hospital and the procedures were done. I was buried, and Amir’s mother was buried when they returned. Ismat brought a bed so Amir could sleep on it.

Ismat: Amir, go, bring your needs from home. From today you will live with me and Adham, we agree.

Amir: But, my friend, I do not want to tell you

Ismat: go ahead, get your jacket, let’s go, I hope I do not make your bed, I lock the apartment and the house well, and at night I will finish it

Amir: You really are a very good man. May God bless you and your hands, my friend

Ismat: I’m done, I would rather walk and do what I said


in my covenant house

Adnan: Grandpa, it’s a lot

My vow: No, Adnan, I alone have wronged you over your mother and my son wronged. I must also atone for my sins, my son.

Adnan: But you believe the decision is a moonrise, a man who relies so heavily on him

Ahedi: A full eye saw her and her mother looked a lot, but I wanted to see Adham

Adnan: I’m worried, I’m here and I’m taking the pictures, it’s true, I knew I was Adham, a presenter at Military College

My promise,:, Adnan, you know what you will do. I would not recommend you to your brother, Adnan, my son. Do not let the love of money blind you, and do not let injustice suffer without evidence. .

Adnan: I’m worried. If I had not discovered the truth myself, I would not have believed anything, and then I’m no longer my brotherhood’s an officer.

My covenant with trapped tears: I know, from the day I heard the truth, I wanted to be unmarried, my son, I suspended my eldest son. The one who wore everything and everything because I’m an unjust man

Adnan: Do not worry about it, but at that time I could not see anything except that I beat Nahed Khayna

My promise ,: Yes, for she was the one who was Arafa, all Coman, may God not enter into your son

But this is Ismat Mejtash, why is it like you said?

Adnan: The guards say she was burying her son’s mother

Ahedy: You know she’s exactly like her mother, very well. Adnan, I do not want anyone to know that we knew where your uncle’s son was until I was the one who revealed the truth, but until now I do not know what she’s so afraid of me.

Adnan: Grandpa, take it easy, may God bless you

Ahedi: Yes, I’m ready

Adnan shakes his head Baywa

My promise: You have no benefit from me.I do not know what they are

Adnan narrow: I mean, I do what I do.I go all over Egypt, what should I do?

My vow: I mean, where will I go?

Lily: Take it easy uncle, this is wrong for you, and then Adnan needs nothing

Ahed: And you, Nobility, do not know how to meet a need

Nobility :, With God, Daddy, I’m in a role.

My covenant with sorrow: finished, I mean, Camel died, and I took my son with her, oh, oh, Lord

Lily of Joy: I’m upset, Uncle Adnan. We have children at home

Ahedi: I’m going, I’m Adnan, come get me out, my son


A month later, their son passed the Military College exam

Adham with joy: I’m a success, Ismat Habaqa, an officer

Ismat: Congratulations, officer

Adham: What do you say, O Asti, I did not take leave to work in the workshop.

Ismat: No, you’re an officer, not a mechanic

Adham with tears: Well, what do you think, would you specialize in a mechanic like you, Dad? I can not borrow from a parent.

Ismat, which is the hug of Adham: I hear the words, but until I remain an officer, I am the one who will work.

And Rajab fears them in a joking way: Oh, I’m ashamed of Adham and Asmat with some people, what say?

Ismat: In what country do I fight against brotherhood?

Rahab: Oh wonderful, people like this misunderstanding

Ismat: You are a fool What do you want?

Rahab: In a group of needs, the first thing I have to congratulate Adham on is college

The second thing is that it will not work to talk here, we talk to you above, I have

Ismat: In what way?

Rajab: Come with me

Saab Ismat Al-Morshi and went with Rajab Al-Bayt

Rahab: There are people waiting for you

Ismat: You are waiting for me, I am watching over you, and then you say I am waiting for you

Rahab: Ismat, we will not lie to each other

Ismat: Ragab

Rajab: What do you say, girl, you are the one who taught you, yes, we are relatives from afar, but I helped you and you came one day while you were under my protection. I was the one who taught you how to stay a man, and I told everyone you’re my friend and you are from the day you came and you do not want to say what It happened, and I want to do not tell my uncle Mahmoud where you are. Why do I know and respect you? It is possible for me to know why all this while you are hidden from who you and your brother are.

Ismat: Rajab, you were like a brotherhood when you were young. I saw you come with my mother’s brother to our house, and my mother came to your mother to visit her, but what happened, I do not know who to go to whom I thought of you

Rajab: What happened makes me afraid of this, and who are the people who appeared like that and came and are waiting for you?

Ismat: It’s my grandfather who killed Adami’s parents

Rahab: What is it?

Ismat: I did not see it, but Dad said and I saw my grandfather’s back while he was riding the Arabs and Baba left the house. Adham and I came out and I did not know how to get out of the stairs. He fell in the middle of the fire.

Rahab: I do not understand anything

Ismat: I’ll tell you

I was 10 years old and I was a year and a half old when I woke up. Ali Baba spoke on the phone

&&&flash back &&

Camel: Hello, Dad


Camel: No, not sure. Of course, she was not the only one who knew where the papers were. I also knew


Camel: Why would I do that, and my wife would do it?


Camel: I mean, what are you driving me out of, Dad?

…………… ??

Camel: Get ready, Dad. From today on, my wife and I will not be afraid of the group again.


Camel: Why did you run away? Lala? You’re sure you’re lying to my wife, she’s not a traitor, Daddy


And then we were left alone, Dad, many roles, and we did not get to know her, and we were completely separated from my grandfather and his life

Baba was a mechanical engineer, he opened a car assembly workshop, and indeed, Baba, why is his name? And thank God, I was 15 years old at this time. One day I was playing in the garden of the house, and I was sleeping. I got an Arab woman. As long as these people are here, or you can go to Adham, and none of you come down but I do not have him cried.I really went out to sit with Adham. He was healthy. About half an hour later I found Baba screaming loudly until I heard no one answer for Ali Baba. No seconds, and I found a door inside us with Adham’s scarf. He pulled me over and pulled me down while he fell. I paralyzed Adham and ran. I was the idea of ​​a dad coming down and a banner. The fire was terrible. I sounded. I saw the stairs fall, and Baby says: Take your brother and run. The weather in the house was cold and I hugged Adham. I left the house and I did not know where to go. You came up to me. I have not seen a butcher yet, he opened. I thought you were a butcher. I was the brother of your Mama, your uncle. My brother, I endured years as a man, and I forgot that I was a girl because of my uncle Rahab’s brotherhood when it happened to me. I have to let Adham go on holiday and he did not get rid of me and said I was lonely

Rahab: Ismat, you are a girl with a hundred men, with God, if I did not like definite calm, I would have married you

Ismat: I’m sorry, Rahab, I’m not behazor

Rahab: Oh my Savior, I’m asthmatic

Ismat: Adha and Qudoud, Rajab, your whole life is a man, but I’m very reluctant to end this conversation

Ragab: O

Ismat: But Adham is afraid of college and I’m the one who’s going to finish everything and take parental leave

Rahab: Ismat your mother

Ismat: I do not know the biography of this woman

She ran away and our Sabbath ended, and Buqa returned and asked about us

Chapter 4 is here

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