A Girl with a Hundred Men novel, the last chapter, written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

A novel by a girl with a hundred men

last chapter

Written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

Ismat closed. Talk to the men in the workshop, and she and Adnan went to Nahid and insisted that she choose with her for the duration of the treatment instinct, and I promised every day to talk to them that they would go to the villa come to put in. this, and Ismat refused, under the pretext that I could not help for a long time, but still educated of

Nour and Ismat that they misunderstood masculinity. He talked to Ismat Fon every day, her mother, and Adnan reassured them. Count two months, Ismat every week at the doctor. She does full investigations and Adnan will not even leave her in the workshop, dedicated to people who let her do nothing but simple needs a week before the joy

I have a phone for Asmat

Ismat: Hello, who’s with you?

: ………

Ismat: I’m his, but I do not go out without weighing my husband. You can come to the workshop if the matter is so important.

:: ……

Ismat: I’ll wait for you in an hour

Ismat locked up with the one she was talking to and called Adnan

Adnan: My love, what did you do?

Esmat: Yes. Adnan, we agreed that we would not hide from each other, right

Adnan: Did you make any of your banners? Sure, I worked

Ismat: No, no unit called me and said she wants me on a topic that concerns you

Adnan was amazed: Who is this for me?

Ismat: She did not say, but she wanted me to go out and kiss her, but I said I do not go out without my weight, and I said, “Come to the workshop.”

Adnan with joy: Oh boy, you are perfect, and what’s the problem?

Ismat: You’re not hiding anything from me, Adnan

Adnan: Never, if you love me, come kiss her with you

Ismat: I wish you were not Arafa. I’m worried, Adnan, about these six

Adnan: I’m done, I’m Ji Matqalqish

And actually, after six hours

: Good evening, Ismat Al-Khatib

Ismat: Yes, I prefer

Salma: I’m Salma times Adnan

Ismat: Adnan Min

Salma: Adnan Al-Khatib did not certify this coupon

Salma and a custom paper for Asmat

Ismat: Who is Adnan Khatib?

Salma: Adnan al-Khatib, your husband, and this is a picture of my son and daughter

Ismat: I do not understand the need for Adnan, who and who was born?

Salma Bekdeb: 3 years ago I worked in Al-Khatib Company for Sarmek, the secretary of Adnan. He saw me. He said he loved me. I rejected him because he could not help me. I’m his secretary and he’s the owner of the company. I did not know I was pregnant, I was angry with him and he said he should go down, I rejected him, and I ran away from him and him with left fear and I saw him.It’s very much his turn.I will not deny, but I was afraid of him.I will not come to see you and my husband will not come back.Their father, if I do not in ‘ was not a dangerous situation, I would not have come, and I would not have known to you that Adnan has a son

Ismat Sikta does not respond, and I do not trust peaceful speech

Salma and the voice of Adnan

Salma Barbak: I’m Adnan

Adnan: What are you, who brought you here, and what do you say, you are a liar?

Ismat: Adnan, Madame Salma’s words are true

Adnan: Right, not right

Salma: No, I’m a woman

Adnan: No, not my wife. I was trying to save you from a situation, and we agreed, and you knew that this paper was not correct, and I did it for the sake of my friend, no. no more.

Salma: I just love you

Adnan: You are definitely crazy. I do not love you. I love my wife

Salma: I’m your wife

Ismat: I only understand the first story

Adnan: It’s Salma several times. One of my companions, my friend, has died, but we are not sure about this talk, because no one has received my request so far. This issue is two years old, and he’s originally from my level, and Moataz’s family was willing to marry her to someone from the family, because the boy was born and she came, and I was happy about this matter, and I said I married her. And we’ve made a fake custom paper, and she’s a good friend, but she’s not my wife

Ismat: Mohab and Sari

Adnan: No, I do not have a counterfeit paper, I mean, I did not have it next door, and then they have sixty-five, not as small as they say. It’s Moataz’s sons, my friend, and all the words I said were wrong. That’s why I cut the paper I have, this paper you have, please

Salma: I love you, Adnan

Adnan: And your husband, you’re crazy

Selma: Josie is dead

Adnan: Indeed, you are a treacherous person, and the truth of Moataz’s father. Your children are clear that I was wrong You are a greedy and shy person

Ismat, you believe me right?

Ismat: Yes, because we agreed to be honest, and you told me everything, so why did she call, I told you all the time

Adnan: I think your husband will live and within days he will be here and in our midst, but promise me that I will know everything you have done

Salma: Moataz Ayesh

Adnan: Yes, for the past two years I have been following up on his companions at work, and they know his position, but his life is in danger, and within days he will return and you are really greedy.

and a leisurely walk

Ismat: I was worried about her. I did not call that’s why I called you and said

Adnan, you play with him and do not laugh at him, I can die in it, I have never loved anyone but you, oh

Adnan: I will never be a well-placed Sakina, but in the heart of your enemy Yes, I did a lot of hard work and made a lot of mistakes, but I was looking for a unit worthy of me, worthy of mention Adnan Al-Khatib, and I have not seen you.

Ismat Baksouf: Adnan is God’s fault

Adnan: Do you know something that I think you grew up with a lot, do you know why, because of the confidence that is in you?

Ismat: But you will lose this confidence one day

Adnan: Well, okay, I do not want to go to the workshop after today. It’s been 3 days of joy, and you did not bring the dress, come on, Hanim, so we can buy the dress and many things.

Ismat: Mom, are you going with me?

Adnan: No, I’m the one coming, not Mama, let’s go

In fact, he went and answered the dress of joy, and he was very beautiful.Adnan called Moataz’s family, accompanied him and told everyone who greeted him once, and Abu Moataz apologized and said that he would deal with her, and in fact, the forces knew that many people would return.The terrorists held them, and Moataz was with them and returned safely.The company of Moataz, I apologize to Adnan and let Salma be there, but because the children are no more.

On the day of joy

Everyone was very busy today, Farah Adnan Al-Khatib, and everyone wanted to see the bride, who no one saw, not even in a photo of why on any social networking site.

Ismat wore white to a group of photos in two different white dresses. Adham’s hand was held at the beginning of the stairs, and Adnan stood under me. Ismat came down, and she was wearing this dress.

Nazlat Ismat Ali song Fairuz (length in white)

Esmat came down while holding Adham’s hand, and in the middle of the stairs Adham handed it to her grandfather who came down with it and gave it to Adnan.

Adnan: You will build yourself in some way, I am the one who will break you and dance with you

Ismat: do not be afraid to show yourself

Really, she performed a dance like she’s done all her life. You know how to dance

Adnan: Who taught you to dance?

Ismat: Mom and Adham

Adnan: You were in Adham’s arms, your night was black

Ismat: Brother

Adnan: Neither your brother nor your father, may God have mercy on this hug

Ismat: Of course, my love

Adnan: Our night is today

Ismat: I’m sorry

Adnan: What are you doing, I love you

Ismat: I will die for you

All this and I do not feel the music is finished. Adham is near: People are staring at you, the music is over

Adnan took Ismat and sat in the kosha, and people started congratulating and the press was filming

After the rejoicing, Adnan took Ismat and went to the airport

Ismat: We’re going. Where can I put on my clothes?

Adnan: No, we will travel like this, because there will be another surprise

Ismat: Adnan likes this a lot

Adnan: No, not much

Flying knee

Ismat: Well, I know where we’re going

Adnan: You did not get to know me

Ismat the length of the journey, the hand of Adnan, while he was in her arms, was a link

Adnan: Do you know where we are?

Ismat: No

Adnan: In London, the land of light, we will live the best honeymoon and month in a state here, alone, in my villa here

Ismat: Do you have a villa here?

Adnan: Yes, you learned here. I bought a unit and said there is no one who will fear this villa except the one I love, and I preferred it to be locked. It was in a company. Every mushroom comes clean and sees any need to fix it. Holiday will be here

Ismat: I love you, Adnan, I love you very much

Adnan: Will you love me even more?

Get off the plane, an Arab knee, and the link to the villa, Ismat Laqa, a long corridor covered with roses, lots of lights, and people at the end of the corridor, a large tortilla with a picture of Ismat and Adnan

Ismat: It’s all about me

Adnan: And more than that, he insulted her and took her to their room


Adnan: Good morning, blessed morning, my dearest bride

Ismat Baksouf: Good morning, may God bless you, my whole life

And for several years, Adnan’s love for Ismat increases, and Ismat feels that he really is the man entrusted to him, and Ismat returns to the second, the delicate and sensitive girl, and the workshop has all the work in it. included for a car assembly company and a car assembly plant, and the workshop closed and Ismat lived with Adnan, the best years of her life, Adham. I am determined that the leader is a girl who sees Ismat wearing his clothes .

And after 5 years

. :::: And may God bless you and your son, O son of Adnan


Adnan: Muhannad is a disgrace, this is my mother

Muhannad Ibn Esmat: My mother runs and my banner is a whisper

Adnan: Which currency?

Whisper: Mami always drew in the salon, and Muhannad and I entered the room and threw Nescafe into her drawing.

Adnan: The project, your puppy

Muhannad: Babe the words, please

Whisper: I’m going to tell Tita

Nahed, you say the words of a monster

Ismat: I swear to God, it’s a holiday for you. Al-Asti, Ismat, son of Adnan

Adnan: Finish, Ismat, do not worry about yourself. Can you do the design again? Forgive me, children, I do not understand. Guide yourself, my love.

Ismat: Adnan, I said I did not sleep for a week because of this design, and you know it’s a big competition, and the name of our company, if we win, will take a maintenance agency, sell it and assemble It

Adnan: You want to convince me that Ismat Al-Khatib did not make a copy of this design

Ismat: No, of course I have, but they need to know. I can not be so scared of my living room. No one in them can fear your office

Adnan embraces her: I understand you are upset

Ismat: Muhannad Hamsa, come on, do not worry

Muhannad and Hamsa: We’m sorry, Mami, we will not do it again

Ismat: I love you very much, but you can not play in my job, my father and I agreed

Muhannad and Hamsa: Present, Mami, do not you care about us?

Ismat: I’m not upset, you’re away from me and my love, my heart

The boy’s exit

Adnan: I love you, I worship you, make sure every day that I did not make a mistake, that I would marry you, and Arafa chose

Ismat: I chose the right one, I chose the band and the back, I chose the man who dictates my religion to him with your love

Oh, I forgot to say I am. Asthma gives birth to twins

Thank God

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