A letter to the friend, the Minister of Finance

Attorney Kamil Kaiser Dagher

I think I’m very late to write to you, not to congratulate you naturally on the position you have reached with the support of both the Shiite duo and the Governor of the Central Bank, but rather to oust you speak. my astonishment at your acceptance of this responsibility, and Lebanon descended into the depths of an abyss described by one of those responsible for bringing it there, “hell”! Because you are not in the position you were placed in, any of the dreams you had when you were in the prime of your youth, and when you were very close to the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”, which was at its peak of its roots. You will only follow the precepts of the three above, which “lifted” you to where you are now! This is evident in everything you have done from the moment you arrived at the building located in one of the outcrops of Riad El Solh Square, near Parliament, where one of these three sat, thirty years ago.

Among the most important of these actions, the most important of them are three:
1- The general budget, perhaps the weakest budget in the history of Lebanon, since the year of independence of the former mandate state, France. I will not elaborate on the reasons behind such a conclusion, just say that you (meaning you and those who place you in this responsibility), at a time when the Lebanese people were led to this tragedy by a gang of vampires, plundered everything and all of the goods of the aforesaid people and the ingredients His livelihood, and you brought him into the abyss of hunger and misery, you continued to equate him, in terms of taxes and fees, with those what he called, one day, one of them, mr. Walid Jumblatt, whale money, who does not exempt himself from this description. You have kept all the paths that allow those in power and decision-making positions to waste the remaining citizens’ money, tap it and steal it.

2- The “Capital Control” project, which favors bank owners, large depositors and the state represented by the Central Bank, and does not even give any serious promise to guarantee the return of deposits of medium and small depositors, but rather includes, even indirectly, with the “haircut” process. It also includes no interest in compensating ordinary people whose standard of living has dropped to the lowest level, and the value of their lifetime earnings, salaries and other sources of subsistence has dropped to miserable levels.

3- Now take part in the attempt to obscure the reality of what happened on 4 August 2020, by refusing to sign the decree appointing judges of the courts of cassation, with what it means to continue the investigation into the great crime committed at that time, and the role of the judiciary in achieving justice, and in preventing actual criminals from being punished.

My friend, Dr Youssef El Khalil,
While reviewing this very bleak picture, I remember the first time I met you, in the winter of 1995. It was years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the camp around which it was grouped, and after China also retreated to capitalism … and it affected. The struggle preparations, the level of morality, the theoretical assimilation of Marxist thinking, and the forms of struggle to put it into practice, called a group of those who remained true to their original beliefs for convergence in what was called the attempt to rebuild the left.

But many of those who attended the first sessions quickly fell back into a state of waiting, and we no longer see them at the meetings. As for you, you persevered in her presence, in fact, you quickly offered to accommodate us in your spacious home, and everyone accepted it. We have been meeting with you for months to discuss political and theoretical texts related to the Lebanese situation, and the future prospects for the struggle at its level, as well as at regional and global levels. After the interruption of the meetings, by a decision of those who came to that attempt of the Lebanese Communist Party, which chose to devote itself entirely to the preparation of its participation in the 1996 parliamentary elections, I for more if twenty remained in contact with you. years, and you continued to attend, albeit at different times, our intellectual and political seminars.Although I did not strive to go beyond the exchange of opinions and ideas between us. On the other hand, I have sometimes heard from you about your experience with the fishermen of Tire, who, as I recall, were interested in finding a link that would bring them together and help improve their living conditions. In this context, she once told me about the public garden they built, where their children can play, their sheiks rest on their benches, and any citizen would like to keep quiet in it, and hear the birds chirping.

My friend Dr. Youssef,
I think many people are in the same position as I am now, with regard to the transformations that have taken place in your beliefs and actions, in recent years. Before you agreed to take over the Ministry of Finance, on the highlight of the financial collapse, you have, from your position as Director of the Central Bank of Financial Operations, participated in The development of financial engineering, which has played a significant role in reaching the level we have reached. I think they also feel the same pain that plagues me, and I see what is happening, especially at a stage that has reached the limits of catastrophe, in our country, if not tragically. The future foretells more than that, and perhaps what the current head of the group that governs our country, Michel Aoun, described when asked where we are headed, he immediately replied: To hell! What would probably happen, if they managed to retain power, and continue to enjoy the support of an impressive proportion of cadres who, on the contrary, could have joined what the Italian communist thinker Antonio Gramsci called “organic intellectuals”, and you are one of them, and perhaps one of the most important!

My friend Dr. Youssef,
The world is changing, and people need to take care of themselves, against the process of descending into Hell. This has been demonstrated by the popular revolutions, in many Arab countries, since 2011, and also in Lebanon on October 17, 2019, and beyond. Despite the misconceptions of many, the October 17 uprising had a profound impact on Lebanese reality, which eventually, albeit only partially, expressed itself through the outcome of the May 15 election. It can be renewed, just like the Arab revolutions, until victory is achieved.

And I believe that the right-wing transformations that have taken place among many of those who have sided with popular affairs have been caused by their despair over the slow pace of developments in the revolutionary direction. But now reality is taking a different turn, and people suffering misery, humiliation and all kinds of oppression will rise up everywhere, and “break into the air”, according to Marx’s description of the fighters of the Paris Commune, in the spring of 1871 How I wish you were among them then, no In the other camp.
For this reason, 220 people who died in the blast of the fourth of August 2020, thousands of wounded and disabled, and hundreds of thousands of displaced persons from their devastated homes, are looking forward to choosing your side to find out the truth. of what happened, and to identify those responsible for this heinous crime.

And they are not the only ones appealing to you to achieve this new alignment, in the position of the decree appointing judges of discrimination, instead of paying attention to sectarian distribution, similar to the insane sects and sects . This decree, which you have so far refused to sign, under pressure from the same party you agreed to nominate you to in your current position in the Ministry of Finance. Not only that, I say, but the whole of Beirut, from the beginning of its history until now, and Beirut the long future, joins them, in his quest for the old Youssef Al-Khalil, a friend of the fishermen of Tire, to see, recover the same spirit that made him participate, one day, in the meetings of the attempt to rebuild the left And he deviates, forever, from his current alignment with murderers and thugs !!!

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