A novel, I broke my arrogance, chapter two, written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

A novel, I have a bit of arrogance

Chapter II

Written by Khatun Abdel Moneim

I swore attentively: Where are you, honey, and where have you been? It’s all about me and Dad. We have a lot to know about you, not you or a star, and the last thing I knew was that you traveled with Salem, your brother, you and a star.

Expensive collapse: I swore that my daughter and I would lose ourselves after Mustafa’s death.

I eagerly swore: She loves a star, and Atman wants to do a verse in a star, not you and a star who lives with your brother

Ghalia Baiat: No, I married Otman, I split Otman, and I took revenge on Mustafa in the star of Otman. I want a star for anyone, even if I was rare, Oh I divided it, let me give up everything I own, Oh, I divided, so that my daughter is not lost

I divided: How did you marry Ataman, and you know the Atman ball for Mustafa and Muhammad, oh darling, what happened that made you marry Atman?

Dear, she started talking about what happened and Atman’s threat to her and everything that happened

I split: It all happened to you, and we do not know, do you want someone of mine to do for you while I am at your command?

Ghalia Baait: At night your son will marry a star, even a Syrian, in front of people, but after reaching the legal age, he will divorce her, but he will save her from Atman.

I split in confusion: A night can help you without being married, a star of the night is engaged, darling, I do not know you are from the first. I did not go to Daddy and told Daddy, he might have been standing next to you

Ghalia Baiat: The night was addressed, O my eyes to you, my daughter. I mean, my daughter is so lost from me, after all this time, and everything I did, I lived, was lost, and with every break, your goodness is great, oh I swear, I’m sorry I called has

I quickly split: Wait, honey, I do not refuse, but night

Duration with a piece: Complete, oh I divide, your goodness is great.

She divided: Spin me, I will talk to you at night and tell me everything, and then I will answer you

Galya: May God protect you, I swear, but put your daughter in the place of a star. I swear to God, I swear, if I did not know I was the only night that Atman could handle, I would not have called or asked this request.

Kassem: Come on, honey, do not worry about me, I’m mad at you, honey.

Ghalia: O Qasmat Atman, he was the one who led me and his brother to the murder of Najma and the cousin of Saad was the kidnapper of the children

I split: Long live, stupid and hateful You know he’s a transformer working with me like that, but Baby and Qaflah

Galya: Oh, I split Atman, I know the family is your family well, and I know I will not be able to do them.

I split: Dad died after standing with Layl and growing up. The company of Muhammad and Mustafa is a star partner in animal ownership with Lail and Shams in the group of companies at night. No one knows who a poem for can not tolerate any need.

Galya: God protect you, I swear, from God, my sister.

She swore: Do not worry, I’m going to have Night perform

Galya: Well, goodbye, but I hear the voice of Atman under God, it will protect you, O Qasmat, no one knows that I told you anything or Atman, because I can not decide whether I should refuse your hand

I swore: I have no fear.

My mom concluded with a mockery I shared

In the Abu Heiba ​​Palace in Egypt

I swore: Praise be to Allah, be safe, love me

Night: May God give you a night, I mean, Mom

She shared: Never, but something like this happened that you should have known

Lil: Ok mom, what is it?

She shared: Yesterday your uncle Mustafa called me

Layl: Oh, after this whole life there was a lack of any verse or verse they thought of us

She shared: Nagteke asked your uncle for your help

Lil: Help me, you mean?

And the story of him, everything happened expensive and a star

Lil: And what is required of me

I divided: Night, my beloved, honey, it’s very good and very difficult, not as if I’m very close to work and the market, and also my illness is great and I know the seriousness of it, therefore Otman can not do not anything with me when I was young and me and my family stood in Otman’s place, but sweetly, not his or her brother, I Ozaki and married a star

Lil: Yeah, I’m marrying a medical star, Mama. This is assured. You were educated and know nothing of anything, and then I’m engaged and I love my engagement.

I split: I married her on paper I married her for a year and a half, but until she reached the legal age and received all her property

Lil: Mom, it’s not you, you said she gave up everything for my uncle Atman

Waste: I gave up on Fatafeat, but the big share does not forget that I’m a co-star, she and her mother are in the group of companies

Lail: I know, Mom, I help with money that I stand with them against someone, but I’m not a passport, and then it’s not a great partnership.

I split: There is no star that has more than you in the Abu Prestige group of companies

Lil: No, of course we’re half a company

I split: No, the percentage of a star is greater than you. You own 49% and a star is 51%. So, you have the contracts for the company. I’ll make sure of that. I’ll tell you what a star is bigger than you in the percentage When did Mustafa and Muhammad sell the land and the foundation? The money company fell short with Mustafa, but she had a lot of gold and money in the bank, which her father and mother inherited, so she put everything she owned with them in the company. Yes, the shares are expensive. Mostafa and Muhammad were not even told, so they were not very fond of playing the same game with me, I do not know.

Night surprised: Yes, who fights my grandfather? This is definitely crazy. Then, Mom, I’m a little tired and miserable. This company stood on its feet and remained one of the largest medical supply companies in the Middle East.

I swore: Night, you want to eat the right of the orphan, my son

Lil: No, of course, but you say Atman is a producer

I divided it with a syllable: What did Atman get into the company and he knew nothing about it, and then he slandered me, who is the same, you are the night of Abu Hiba Atman?

I divided by thinking slyly. You do not want anyone to be a partner to you. So, you can marry a star so that you guarantee all the shares, expensive, and the star will remain in your hands, but tomorrow we have to be there to finish this issue and we know nothing about the issue of star shares with you do not, you are going to marry your cousin and only then will we say. A little lie for Ataman to agree and cause me to act with Ataman. You’re just writing your book, and she’s going to live here like your sister’s son.

Lil: OK, but Jumana, you know nothing, and no one knows. She’s my cousin. She can change the atmosphere, but it is possible. Night and thinking. You will not marry her, only on paper, but, Mom, she was educated.

I split: I do not know you did not marry her, I know about her

Night: I do not know, and I do not know where to go

I swore with a smile about the success of the plan: Possibly tomorrow

Nag: okay

Really, it’s night and I split Jim, we have a decision, and I know my uncle Atman

Lil arrogant: o oom

Atman: I’m fine, son of Mohammed. What is your opinion?

I swore: O pilgrimage to Atman?

Atman: You are welcome, my brother

Lil: It’s me, I’ve never forgotten you, but I’m going to ask for the hand of my cousin, a star, I’m not coming to think of you

Atman: a star, and where do you know a star from?

I divided: O Etman, you have forgotten it from the time when a star was night, and this is what Muhammad and Mustafa agreed upon.

Atman: Yeah, right, even if I wrote it to a lawyer

I divided: I come, me and my son take my son’s times

Atman: without joy, net or dowry

I divided with power: Every star you ask for comes, O Atman, you are my people, who am I?

Atman: Of course not

Layl: I wish you would answer the offenders and conclude that I do not want to travel because I have a lot of work and I do not want to travel.

And after I had transferred from my uncle, I broke the walnut and asked for many and a large dowry and a larger net, according to my uncle, that I should marry at night and write the book, and I stayed several times , night and night, Abu Heiba ​​did not see me or call me before I walked.

I divided: What is it, honey?

Galia: That’s the last thing I own, Qasmat. It was my mother’s deposit she made for me, and no one knew anything about it, and I had a lawyer transfer the deposit in my name to a secret account so I know nothing about it, and I thank you that you have fulfilled your promise, and you and your son have come to save my daughter, I must do this and see that you owe me to Aman, how much and my adversary is of him, and your goodness is great, and I swear by God, you are so beautiful over my head

I divided: What are you doing, honey?

Galya: No, of course you can not. You’re still a beautiful coin, you and your son,

I divided with a syllable: and this is the network, and your words have the meaning of any verse

Galya: Oh I swear, you are very much of your goodness We are happy with your husband, what is it, and you and your son are fined with all this money?

I divided: Through God, my love, I paid for my son’s times and love more. This is the day of our God. Why is there a star? My love, my heart, illuminate my house, and then, six, you are my family member that I am a star born on my hands, I mean exactly like the sun

Galya: Arafa, I swear to God, I leave the check with you, and a star has not reached the legal age, put it in her name in the bank. The last money I inherited from my mother and father

I swore: I’m ready, and what are you going to do now?

Galya: I’m so reassuring about a star. It does not matter anything else. With God, if Seed were a nephew, he would have married a star. I would marry him.

I have divided: What is good is offered by our Lord, darling, or see I do a night that is right, darling, I want to see a star

Galya: Of course, come with me

My room was full and I was divided and opened

I swore: In the name of God, God wants, moon, star, times, my son is moon, people

Star: Thank you, but who is your son?

I Divided: The Night of Abu Heiba

Najma Bahiam: Night, you are times, my uncle Muhammad, Mamat Shams, right

I split: Yes, you know Shams

Star: Yes, I am and knock on the door, it was night

Lil: Mama Mama, please, can we go for a walk, because I’m having an important meeting

I swore: Present, my love, come, star

I actually went down and my mom was safe, and without the night rolling around and seeing what I was riding with the western night, I was obviously wearing the same clothes I was bringing, and my mom stepped on me and something which I wore because of the bruises I had after my uncle was beaten.

A night without looking at me: I see, what’s your name? What am I engaged to and I love my sermon? Of course, your topic is going to make everything wrong. You will live with us like you.

A star with a piece: the maid’s uniform, Arafa

Layl: No, you’re like Shams, my sister. You’re my cousin. We’ll tell everyone you’re my cousin. You changed the atmosphere. Of course, of how you look. You learned nothing. It does not matter to me You will sleep alone in a room, you do not want to have problems with anyone, understand?

And without what I wanted, he said: This is how we agreed

He is true to the word we were at home

At this point I was very angry, and I read that I would break this man’s arrogance and continue in the role of the ignorant.

A star with imitation ducks: this is your home

Disgusting night: oh, this is the palace, let’s climb down

The third chapter is here

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