A Novel, My Little Girl, Taught My Love, Chapter 7

The novel, My Little One, Taught My Love, Part 7, written by Basmala Badawi

He shouted at them with emotion …. This is Elissa, my wife. He closed his eyes in anger. For many reasons he did not want to tell them about his marriage to her, the most important of which was his fear that they would take her as a weak point for him … He looked promisingly at Elissa and pulled her hand violently tight and looked up to their wing ..

She calls him in fear, and she’s about to lock the door with the key …. Aaaaa d Deb. Hear me, if you please … Then you do not lock the door with the key, because she has a human …. What happened under this .. Talk

Elissa Beait ….. R. Believe me, I swear to God, I did not know that this would all happen and that he could dare to get so close to me

He yelled at her with emotion …. and you agreed with him in the first place.

I hit back in fear …. I’m sorry

He whispered in subdued anger …. sorry !!!!!

I burst into tears ….. I, God forbid, did not know that a problem could happen because of me

He closed his eyes nervously …. problem, problem, one.You know how much you lost me with your stupidity

She cried audibly as she whispered in fear …. sorry sorry

He cursed his heart and his feeling, prompting him to come to her and take her in his arms to calm her down … No, do not break up, it’s better .. That’s how she would take care of me become. .. He threw his words against the wall and went to her and took her in his arms ….. He shook Deeb and his heart was saved. Everything but no tears

She whispers innocently and unconsciously as she closes her eyes comfortably due to her sense of security due to the tenderness of his words …… I mean, you are not upset for me

He whispered and pulled her to sit on his feet while tenderly stroking her locks ….. I have never been angry with you

She closes her eyes and surrenders to the knowledgeable, tender hand that caresses her locks and moves gently over her curves.

Deep in himself ….. What the hell did I do? I went crazy over this instead of punishing her and took her in my lap and with her guide he cast a blind eye on her he he face turned and looked at her and kept looking at her like an enchanted person enchanted by her .. He carried her and went to bed and bumped her with a twist that caught his eye. Her uncomfortable clothes to sleep …. I do it for her …. Medicine and I am financially awful slumber for the first time

In the morning I wake up screaming from her

Elsa screams …… Oh, what did you do? Oh, oh, oh, oh

Deb is nervous ….. What’s the day? Where’s this morning from?

I got so close to him that there was no longer a separation between them …

He looked at her in disgust … it was like honey

She was ashamed of his appearance and came to move away. He quickly grabbed her and wrapped his hand around her waist with great possession and love ….. What a lovely morning this

You looked at him in shock …. you are an eye

With a quick motion he climbs up and buries his face in the folds of her neck ….. Becky eyes Every time I decide to stay away from you and punish you for what I do not do, I punish myself.

She opened her eyes in shock … Haha, you’re talking to me, Adeeb

Deeb with love ….. Deeb’s heart and her kissed from her cheek with love …. and his mind and her kissed from her other cheek …. and his humility and pressed a long, tender kiss on her forehead. … and the love of his life

She swallowed her saliva in disbelief and reacted innocently to his words …. You are in a difficult situation

He laughed with his manhood … Haha, from the day I saw you

She pursed her lips as a child …. What do you mean, sir?

He looked at her differently. She swallowed her saliva from her and whispered weakly from his knowledgeable, tender touch ….

He whispered in a hoarse voice how many feelings I need …… I love you

She fluttered her lashes a few times … You said what?

He whispered love as he stared at her lips …..

She smiles with joy that she could not hide … seriously

He shook his head several times, fidgeting his hand with the front of her dress … did you say

She shyly grabs her dress ….. Dr Dib

He laughed happily as he brought her closer to him … his life, his world, his heart, his soul, his mind and everything

Elissa is scared of his daring touch … Oh, I do not want it … I’m scared of you.

I totally shocked him and he turned away from her and looked honestly in the eyes ….. She was scared of me, Elissa.If the whole world is against you, I am with you and I never hurt you .On the contrary, I sacrifice my life for you.

I felt the sincerity of his words and answered nervously ….. You forgot what happened between our family

Interrupt her firmly ….. I have closed this topic, Elissa, and I hope you lock me in too, and believe me everything in your mind and your statement is wrong, and today I will fix it for you … Keep her firm hand tender ….. I love you seriously

I smiled softly … and I too

Say it in disbelief …. and you too?

I whispered love before his face …. I have loved you since the hour you came with us and brought my rights from the children who hurt me and took my bride away from me

He was shocked and grabbed her hand and kissed her lovingly …. You still do not remember !!

Elissa honestly ….. I never forgot and I will never forget … But what happened

Deb is happy … what happened in the past.The most important thing is that you are with me and in my arms … I want you to forget everything and open a new page together again.

She shakes her head quickly and happily, feels the sincerity of his words and the look of his tender eyes …. I feel his hand move too freely, so I whisper nervously ….

He looked into her eyes with love … Your requests are orders

Can you give me a chance to get to know you more and rush into our relationship, I mean

He whispered love …… to what he wanted, but it would not take him to be patient … I looked at him in amazement and she was still talking. He interrupts her as he buries his face into the folds of her neck, taking as much as possible of her childish scent that enslaved her as if it were his oxygen ….

Elsa is ashamed ….. Daddy Dib

He does not lift his face and remains buried in her neck ….. mm

Elissa with an eclipse …… She wants to go down and into herself ….. I want to see what are you going to do next? Or you know we’ve opened a new page, like any couple who each loves each other, very happy and excited about her reaction

He whispered an objection ….. no

I looked at him with suspicion and sadness …… Why do not you want someone to know that we are boycotting her with love …… I agree it all gets easier and I do not see this appearance of sad in your eye

I smiled with childlike joy and kissed him from the cheek with love ….. Thank you my dearest Deep

Deeb spills around ….. his fixers ….. and then it’s, but no, I want another need, send me another need

She covers her cheek with a very red …

I grabbed her and stared at her lips, but I chased him lightly and laughed happily and ran to the bathroom ….. I laughed at you Haha

I came out cheerful and sighed with joy when she saw him cutting his classic black suit, which clearly emphasized his muscles and lifted his thick hair and finished off his lengths with his sexy perfume …… What do you think

I replied innocently …… you look sweet and you are already very beautiful

He laughed out loud ……. I swear to God, you are so beautiful to me …. do not exhaust me

Elsa fast ….. Peace watch I wear it

He raised his eyebrows in disapproval and others were angry …. Yes, my soul, you will come down like that.The pants are tight, oh no, it does not work for me, and the blouse is short

I frowned on my childhood ….. not good and then Tala to wear

Go to her and hold her face tenderly and possess …. would you not invite him to anyone except for you just

I quickly whisper from his closeness and his appearance ….. Present

She changed her clothes and went out to get her.She went under her head but Tala and Ghada got nervous because of this ….. Oh, peace with you.

Tala did not respond to her, and she promised her .. and Ghada replied maliciously .. and peace be with you

Elsa calm down …. Oh, oh, oh, oh, Mom, where are you?

Ghada is malicious … I took the medicine and fell asleep again. Come sit with us

I smiled anxiously …. I’m present … it’s you, you do not know Deep Finn

Tala sarcastic ….. it’s us who met his wife or you but it’s not a problem.He came to me and got high and said he saw an important meeting and that I met him to the company because there is a special issue you want me to think about, which is reasonable … Maybe because of our relationship and

Elissa is nervous ….. there is no relationship between you, and what is your fault then that you say about something like that ….

Tala with his smile ….. it’s better and then you do not die and do not worry about my money, let me get rid of you

Elissa is tired …… Kahh Kahh and she is going to fall but I grabbed Tala’s hand and Tala shook her disgustingly ….. Yay, hold me under the farm, Jerboa, as you hold my hand and


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