Ali Karti, the new mafia boss. . Written by: Al-Tayeb Al-Zein – Sudaniel

After the disappearance of Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi, the first theorist of the mafia of power, money and weapons, who recently called himself the broad Islamic movement, having previously changed his name more than once in the past since it was announced has its presence in Sudan, in the 1940s under the banner of the Brotherhood. Muslims, and then the Islamic Charter Front, then the National Islamic Front, which after the separation split into a national conference and a popular conference has, as a result of his struggle for power and wealth, revealed his true nature, inhabited by the love of money, power and prestige.
A member of the disbanded non-national congress party, who was hidden from view for fear that the committee to eliminate empowerment and fight corruption would affect him, due to his possession of large sums of money and real estate that went to dozens It is estimated that in a country, 80% of its people suffer from extreme poverty.

He obtained it because of his participation in the criminal rescue system that the mafia imposed on the Sudanese in 1989, and as it did again during the 10/25/2021 coup, the fatal one that makes this criminal feel safe and secure has and comes out of his hiding place and his silence to empty his chest of boils, pus and toxins that have proven that mafias Organized crime only lives in the dark.
The new Mafia leader did not believe himself after the coup brought Sudan back to the first place. So he emptied all his hatred and hatred for the revolution in his miserable meetings that Al-Tahir Al-Tom had with him. !
He openly announced the support of the mafia, which represents the spearhead in the corrupt parasitic organization of the coup plotters, the agents of the Zionists, who disrupted the path of democratic transformation that is expected to undermine the Sudanese state’s health, freedom and natural law. will recover. to life, who confiscated the mafia and spread destruction and shed sea blood.!
Inaugurated by her execution on 28 Ramadan 1990 AD, the best officers of the People’s Armed Forces led by Khaled Al-Zein and his faithful companions.
It fueled the war in the south and used the conscription camps to brainwash the young and simple people who brought it into the war under the National Service Act.
But in reality it was a service to the agenda of the mafia that was hostile to national unity, and the evidence is that the war ended with the division of the homeland, which lost its children and resources and great opportunities in a senseless lost war!
This mafia hides behind the slogans of religion and has always aimed its sights at power and wealth.
Therefore, I have belittled the enlightened politicians and intellectuals, including writers, artists, and poets, who use their talents and creativity to broaden the spotlight and consolidate the culture of building a rule of law and institutions.
Here I can not fail to mention the absence of this mafia by the prominent poet Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari .. the author of a poem: (In your eyes is the uproar of longing and obsessions)
A mafia houses every pulse of creativity and a flash of light in this homeland that is resistant to injustice and darkness.
Its hatred and hostility became apparent when it took control of the armed forces in 1989, as millions of honorable sons and daughters of the heroic Sudanese people were unjustly displaced from civilian and military service.
It prevented people from exercising their right to freedom of speech and expression, to demonstrate and to strike.
Whoever dares to express his opinion and exercise his right to strike will be planted a poisoned nail in his head, as happened to Dr. Ali Fadl, who met his Lord under torture!
This happened to other honorable people who followed the same path to reject the rule of the money mafia and corruption in the name of religion.
who committed genocide in Darfur.!

Ali Karti, a fugitive from justice, appeared in the hollow of injustice, darkness and tyranny that robbed the souls of the revolutionaries in the streets of Khartoum, and sang for the desired freedom, at which the doors of the future and life is open.
Speaking in a dead language that looked like his death while alive, he said: With rudeness as he swung in the mud of defeat and refraction, the coup was delayed. !!

He spoke in a language that only the happy people trapped in the trees of emptiness and the darkness of the gloomy past could understand. They cannot live in a present that is led and whose features are untamed youth, youth imbued with light and the spaces of freedom, democracy, pluralism, movement and renewal that are in harmony with the natural instinct with which God created the universe .

Youth rejects injustice, darkness, brutality, barbarism and the violation of human rights, while the mafia of power and haram money lives beyond history, immersed in its intellectual and moral crisis, and its psychological distortions that have made it always aligned is with one-sided and totalitarian regimes that abuse freedoms and rights.!

Finally, we say: Ali Karti and the rest of the mafia, the Sudanese people, have no desire for a dead language, a stagnant language, which has lost its human meaning, with the suffering of the people and their political aspirations to to build, to hear. a civil state based on contemporary foundations of knowledge in line with the norms of the universe and the spirit of the time and its knowledge and the development that takes place in it on All the scientific, political, moral and legal levels that govern human freedom respects to make its decisions without coercion until its energy and creativity that guarantees the development of the state and society explode, in a country that in the history of today’s world has recorded the story of a unique revolution born of darkness and the dust of bitter years and groans …!
A revolution that expressed the longing for a homeland that does not accept defeat
A homeland staring upwards
Draw a map of salvation
spread the light
joy spread
In the dark inside people
And the collisions and the boats
Showers, security and peace.

Long live the revolution!
No bargaining, no negotiation, no partnership with the mafia of power, money and weapons, the enemies of freedom.

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