Entrepreneur «Zenover Fatima»: The laws and ease of procedures prompted me to start my project in the UAE

One of the entrepreneurs in the UAE, she started her film activity in Dubai in early 2018, through the company “Zain Film Production”, for film production, where she started the “Enigma” series, a group of short film stories that revolve around social awareness.

Zinofer Fatima, a film director, producer and actress in Dubai, says she has other film projects such as “The Power”, “I Dark Tool”, which highlights domestic violence, and “Tomorrow Never Chem,” which honors doctors for their In the Light of the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”, noting that as a result of its successes its business has covered major local and international newspapers, websites and specialist magazines, emphasizing that the investment environment includes attractive laws for entrepreneurs and ideal infrastructure, and the ease and simplicity of procedures for individuals and companies in Dubai, which spurred her to start her project in the UAE And she is so happy.

She explained to the “Vision” that Dubai is a city of initiatives and innovations and is one of the best places to start, thanks to its laws and ideal infrastructure, as the emirate has been a home for almost its entire life, and emphasizes that the United Arab Emirates is full of people from all over the world, and it is a country that supports creators a lot, It has helped her make many friends who have always supported her.

Establishment of the company

Zenofer Fatima indicated that at the beginning of her founding of the company, the procedures were simple and quick, which prompted her directly to start the business, and in a short period of time she was able to build a name in the market, and received the attention of the media, especially since most of her works focus on reality and personal experiences, and a reflection of society, she met great appeal with people.

She emphasized that Zain Production Film is an integrated company for the production of all types of video services, from the production and filming of company launch videos, presentations and advertisements, to all types of short films, in addition to creative content productions for various social media platforms, influencing account management, planning and implementation. Events and photography services, which explains that in her films she is eager to present her own experiences as well as solutions on how to overcome them.

And about the problems she faced during the founding of the company, she said that the most prominent problems in the beginning were convincing customers, and it took years, and a large investment in the development of his skills and refining his business until it gained confidence, and is now able to convince customers, and establish a network of partners, supporters and strong relationships, all of this.It was the fruit of hard work.

She stated that she initially used her own money to implement her projects so that she could convince investors after seeing what she was producing and was convinced of her skills and abilities. received a prominent Emirati personality. , successful entrepreneur and wonderful friend.

beautiful remark

Fatima said the Corona pandemic financially affected her business, but the pandemic inspired her to produce awareness films on the subject of the epidemic, so she produced the trilogy of short films “Covid” despite the slow and difficult filmmaking on that stage, and to produce it was not an easy thing, therefore she wants to say it is not always about With money, it is also about giving back to society; Because it can reap many benefits in the future.

She added that all businesses face a stagnation from time to time, and it’s up to them how to be strategic according to changes in the market, and the way they do things differs a lot since before Covid, adding: ” For example, before Covid -19 we produced a short film every day, a month, while it is now every 4 months, I do not see it as a lack of success, but rather a starting point in the process of changing the fluctuations. of the market, to understand production methods and its type in accordance with each stage. ”

Art that mimics life

She said the challenges her company and her business faced were during the production of 3 short films about the Corona epidemic aimed at raising awareness at the height of the epidemic. , a short film about the pandemic exploring deadly ideas during the epidemic period, and it was impressive to address a topic we experienced ourselves, noting that the challenges I faced during filming were unprecedented was from a limited team to developing a strategy for how to make the film with less equipment, those moments and experiences were special.

She added that she learned a lot from making these films about streamlining operations to become more cost-effective without sacrificing quality, and as a result, she improved her skills as a filmmaker and producer for her future projects.

She stressed that she never wanted to stop making films, and even though she has made a name for herself and her company in just 4 years, she still feels she has a lot to do.

Looking forward to the world

The owner of “Zain Film Production” strives to be on the world map of this industry, by producing her next movie “Aya” as well as making feature films, noting that “Aya”, his global message, all target who lose hope when they are suffering or having problems. For this reason, the encounter with the international composer “AR Rahman” was a dream come true, to produce the film in collaboration with his own studio, and the recording has already been done by “Heral Viradia”. ”.

She explained that the latest partnership was with the chairman of Dubai National Theater Yasser Al Gergawi, who will play a key role in all stages of pre-production and in the production of the film and beyond. There is no doubt that he will add great value to this project, adding that “Zain Film Production” will focus on businesses and their visual promotional services, such as advertising and social media content creation, as well as music videos.

investment environment

Regarding her opinion on investing and opening investment projects in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, she emphasized that her company without the investment environment of attractive laws for entrepreneurs, ideal infrastructure, easy start-up and simplification of procedures for individuals and companies were not able to achieve all these achievements and productions and gain a regional reputation in this industry, it was fortunate to start its business in the UAE, especially from Dubai, and now it is reaping the fruits of that decision.

And about the basics of the success of any investment project at its inception, from your point of view, she said it’s all about market analysis, as well as the return on investment, as many people believe that the return on investment is a purely financial matter. , but it should not be, as the return on your investment may be something intangible, such as a good name as a feature in the film industry and its production, or a project that offers good future opportunities for the company.

She explained that the project’s capital depends on whether the investor wants to control everything related to the project creatively and productively, so she prefers to finance it herself, but she is open and prefers partnerships and works with investors around the project ‘ to make a reality.

The owner of the company advised young people who want to enter the field of business and film production, that they should always have surplus money to use to invest in their own projects Films To learn the techniques behind how to work in the film field, to be on the set or to work with the group, because the experience is invaluable even if the role is small because you will learn a lot.

Project success

Entrepreneur Zenofer Fatima said that study is definitely important, but the practical skills associated with building experience add a new dimension to it, such as leadership, negotiation, risks, alternative plans or creative solutions to immediate problems in the workplace, especially in the world of film and filmmaking.Universities and institutes teach it but believe that it should be added to the training curricula to supplement the basic knowledge.

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