Love the ball on the tunes of the old

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Ali Kanoo Al-Loghani, president of the soccer company at Kalba Club, is considered one of the celebrities in the Emirates, Gulf states and the Arab world as he is a creative artist who combines the art of managing the ball. and the talent for composing.He preserves the masterpiece “God, Dar Zayed”, sung by the great artist Mehd Hamad.

Ali Kanoo emphasizes that the field of composition is nothing more than a hobby he pursues in his spare time, and it is not a profession. He points out that he always reconciles his work in the club, sports and composition, and points out that he chooses tunes that are accepted by the public, and that he deals with great artists with a great reputation in the Arab world, and his melodic works have always been praised and appreciated. “God, Dar Zayed” was memorized and echoed by the audience in record time, especially because it carries many meanings.

Start and story

Returning to sports interests, our star Ali Kanoo fell in love with the Kalba team “The Tigers” after his brilliant start as a handball player in the early stages, and reached the first team, where his star emerged through this match came to join the Emirates National. handball team, which won the Majlis Championship The first Golf Cooperation in the eighties, which was the team that included the stars of the golden generation Emirati handball, such as “Ayal Ashour, Muhammad Al-Hamli, Rashid Al-Hamli, Saeed Gharib, and others ”, most of whom are handball stars, who at that time formed the first core of UAE handball, and Ali also won. Kanu holds a master’s degree in sports management from the University of Cambridge, UK, in addition to a PhD researcher in political science.

break the rule

Kanoo indicated that he was prone to football after retiring from the handball game, noting that he was appointed head of the football company at the club four years ago, and since confronting the task, he has been able to of the club’s presidency. led by Sheikh Saeed bin Saqr Al Qasimi and his deputy Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qassimi, and the rest of the company’s board of directors, broke the rule of newcomer and descendant, associated with the team with every promotion of the senior league, points out that the presence of the Kalba team for four consecutive seasons in the professional league is an achievement for the tigers compared to the team’s suffering in recent years in the matter of ups and downs, This is the dilemma that plagued the team’s fans, note that the football company has set its goals from day one, and we decided to work to overcome the idea of ​​the declining newcomer, and write down a new history for the club represented in creating a team with a distinctive personality in the Emirates League, and this is what has already been achieved.

fresh blood

Ali Kanoo has indicated that he believes the time has come to make room for other energies, new blood and a renewed sports mind that is taking the club to areas and centers that are better than those we have provided, and our goal is to in the end to serve the public interest, and our aim is to give the name of the club associated with our city Kalba, a small one.The space, which is large, by its men in various fields, and for the tigers to occupy an advanced. position in the league, and even to win one of the sports championships in the future.

The base is intact

He stressed that there is no fear for the Kalba club in the future, as the rule is sound and the foundation is solid, after we established teams for the age groups that guarantee the future of football in the club, and pointed out that the first team may not need any local player from out of town in the coming seasons after we kept the interest in the rule and schools in mind. The ball, and we attracted European expertise to prepare young players, especially in football schools, and thanks to God, and then with the efforts and succession of Sheikh Saeed bin Saqr Al Qasimi, club president, and Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qasimi, vice president of the club, the results predict many positive things. He continued: The coming period will be a development in many methods of technical and administrative work for the teams according to precisely defined strategies and according to a scientific methodology studied by clubs and departments with experience, which is the goal to work develop and stay. away from randomness.

Strangers pull back

Kano addressed the level offered by Kalba during the current season, which did not meet the aspirations of the public, and said: We intended the team to exceed the 39 points, which ended last season, which is exceptional was, but this number of points we could not achieve, This is due to several factors, represented in contracts with foreign professionals who did not provide what was expected of them, despite their sporting history and level in their countries, did not adapt them to work with the team here, and despite that, we managed to be in a good position with the group of local and resident players. We promise the fans the best in the coming season.

Use of experience

The head of the football company in Kalba Club also referred to the formation of technical committees for football in the club and a committee for the first team, and the use of former club stars who have experience and the desire to work, under led by the former international duo of Kalba and the national team, captain Adel Muhammad and his colleague Hassan Saeed, in addition to The first team, led by Mohamed Al-Zaabi, a member of the company’s board, and Issa Busim, assistant coach of the team, and these committees will develop a vision for the team, technical equipment and players, and submit proposals to the Board of Directors to make the appropriate decision, and their performance will be monitored and their experience evaluated, and pointed out. that the former international Adel Mohamed was appointed as Technical Consultant for the first team, he will be responsible and an official spokesperson for the first team to the media.

Ali Kanoo described the sporting work as exhausting, and the need for full-time and endurance, and pointed out that the next season is going to be more difficult, due to the presence of 5 foreign players, in addition to the other categories, so we have to prepare early, so we will soon announce the location of the external camp, in addition to announcing all assignments that are new.


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