Raneen Matar to Asharq Al-Awsat: I criticize myself and take the comments of those with experience

The Lebanese actress, Raneen Matar, will appear on the “Shahid” electronic platform in the series “Beirut 303”, produced by the Al-Sabah Company, which will be shown soon. Matar embodies the role of a veiled woman whose life is turned upside down in a plane crash. And Raneen, who has previously starred in several dramas, including “Let Al Moat”, “Bride of Beirut”, “Amber 6” and others. It was initially launched by the series “Real Love”, at that time, it left a positive impression on the viewer, which followed her development as an emerging actress.

And about the nature of her role in “Beirut 303,” she told Asharq Al-Awsat: “This role is new to me in several ways, especially because I wear the niqab throughout the course of the story. And Lara, whose character I embody, will be one of those whose lives changed completely after a major accident that happened in Beirut. She is not an evil woman, and many situations she encountered dragged her down a strange path. And in the last episodes, you will discover that she is a smart girl, and she can not be underestimated, although it was not mentioned at the beginning of the series. “

The series “Beirut 303” consists of 15 episodes, written by Seif Reda Hamed and Bashar Mardini, and directed by Elie Samaan. Is her appearance in it limited to a few scenes, or vice versa? She replies: “You will follow Lara through the workshops, which take place in a dramatic setting, in a surprising and mysterious atmosphere, which makes the clash between everyone rage and reveals the secrets between the past and the present.”

Raneen Matar has not hesitated to take part in this work since she was offered the role, as she says. “Working with a leading company like Al-Sabah and standing next to leading representatives made me feel safe. The role is also not easy at all because I wear the niqab in most of the scenes in which I appear. I had to focus in my show on the language of the eyes as it is the only one visible to the other side. Neither body language nor facial expressions were available to me to convey my feeling to the viewer. But on the other hand, it was a new challenge for me as an actress, who has to play all the roles. And I hope I succeeded, and through that I got a positive response from his followers. “

Featuring actors Dhafer Al-Abidin and Khaled Al-Qish in the series “Bride of Beirut”

Matar trained and worked hard to bring her performance to the required level using the language of eyes. Director Elie Samaan also played an important and fundamental role in this context. “In the beginning, they thought I was relying on my appearance to enter this field. I challenged this idea, especially since the veiled woman has no cosmetics of her appearance. Acting as required was my first and last goal, to give up any other accessories that could support the character. ”

Did you pass the stage of the beautiful actress today ?: “I think so, as it has proven that beauty does not cancel talent and the passion for the profession, but rather complements it. I have already mentioned this in other roles I have played in (To Death) and (Amber 6), so I never depended on my outward appearance to attract the viewer.

Raneen confirms that since her participation in the series “The Magician” she has entered the path of performance-based acting away from the blessing of beauty. “This subject makes me laugh, as if an actress does not have to be beautiful to achieve success. But I see that performance and the external appearance are complementary, which is something we see in a large number of actresses from the past to today. ”

Matar believes she has always chosen roles so carefully that “I have not portrayed characters that do not fit my beliefs. I have a long breath that makes me wait for the right turn and time to take part in a job. I do not like to repeat a certain character or limit myself in a certain role in which I have already passed. My journey is still long, and I have a lot to do to miss lessons and experiences, because I walk with firm steps. ”

Matar continues her work and is a fierce critic of herself, as she mentions to Asharq Al-Awsat, a rule she has followed from the beginning to develop her talent and develop as an actress. And what did you change in your performance and were you critical of it? She replied: “The tone of my voice bothers me as well as my body language, so I did extensive lessons on this topic and trained on how to control it. I studied arts at university, but things change on the ground, and experiences are a metaphor for a school in itself. We learn a lot from it, educate ourselves and refine our talent. “In this context, she describes herself as shy and that her voice is a part of her personality that she can not completely replace, but it can be improved.” Ultimately, I do not lose my true identity, and I want to leave my own stamp on my roles. ”

Returning to the series “Beirut 303”, Raneen Matar tells us that some scenes were collected by the actors Abed Fahd, Sulafa Mimar and Mutasim Al-Nahar, the heroes of the work. She was happy with this rich experience, especially since she was surrounded by so many professionals and star actors.

“Each series develops my experience and offers me an addition to my journey. She previously starred with Abed Fahd in the series “The Magician”. As for Sulafa Mimar, she kept a close eye on her high and natural professionalism. At every actor I work with, I learn new things, and I do not hesitate to seek their advice and feedback. These seasoned actors come from different acting schools, and I have to take these opportunities to stand by them. They are like my mirror and they can provide me with everything that benefits my journey, as they have a lot of experience and expertise. ”

The Lebanese actress has been following some works from the recent Ramadan season as she was filming “Beirut 303”. On the other hand, she watched the series “For Death 2” and excerpts from the series “Al-Meshwar” by Dina El-Sherbiny and Mohamed Ramadan. And we ask her who do you want to stand with today and share your acting experience? She replied: “In the Arab world and in Lebanon, we have star actors for whom I have the honor to stand. I would like to perform with Mona Wasef, Carmen Labs, Takla Shamoun and Rafeeq Ali Ahmed. This old generation has been distinguished and has gained experiences from which we can miss a lot. ”

After “Beirut 303”, Raneen Matar prepares to re-enter the photography studio with the second part of the series “Anbar”, in which she experienced acting in the first part. She said: “I am very excited to return to the atmosphere of (Amber 6), produced by (Eagle Films), and meet his heroes again. His mix is ​​out of the ordinary, bringing together different nationalities of Arab actors and actresses, such as Salaf Fawakherji, Saba Mubarak, Fatima Al-Safi and Ayten Amer, under his roof. The experience was wonderful and we got used to each other by being in jail and in one cell and it turned us into real friends. Being together in one place from morning till night has given us this beautiful human bond. I am happy to be back and meet them and the whole team again. ”

Finally, Raneen Matar talks about what “Beirut 303” will wear, which will start showing on “Shahid” on June 12. “The viewer will enjoy watching it, as it contains successive surprises that he will discover successively over the course of his 15 episodes. He will wonder about the path of life that can be affected by an accident and turn upside down in a single moment, thus helping to change the path, projects and goals we have been striving for. There are many examples from each of us on this topic. Most of us have experienced changing events that have contributed to a change in our thinking and our way of life. ”

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