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How can we feel happy? A question that many may be looking for an answer to, although there is a lot of scientific research that has confirmed a close link between happiness and health. But the question of “what is happiness” still worries many researchers.

Some may think that financial fortunes are the “key to happiness”. But the German Manfred Lutz, a researcher in psychology, believes that money does not guarantee us a feeling of happiness. In his interview with the German Bild website, Lotus researcher confirmed that happiness is not just feelings that can be obtained through tangible influences. Lutz defined true happiness with the certainty of not falling into nihilism, even in the most serious crises a person goes through, when “we can feel happy.”

In the same context, American researchers from the University of “Mayo Clinic” in the United States conducted a study on ways to achieve happiness. The researchers came to the important conclusion that happiness can be cultivated by each person in himself. Simple living conditions make us happier than the ways we think and the decisions we make. And just because people who grow up in wealthy families live stress-free, does not mean that they automatically feel happy. According to the German “Gisundheit tip” website.

Simple steps, but they can make us happy

According to US researchers, the feeling of happiness is not difficult to achieve, but it can be achieved with simple steps, the most important of which are:

1. Nice mix: The feeling of happiness is positively reflected on the surrounding environment, which means that mixing with happy people makes us feel happy, and we make those around us feel it too.

Family and friends: Social relationships play an important role in our happiness Social communication is important in life and prevents feelings of loneliness In addition, psychological experts believe that the role of family and friends is very important in times of adversity.

3. Stay away from complaining: For many, everything they have in their lives is normal, even taken for granted. And when they make a tragic accident, only then do they remember the beautiful things in their lives. Here, psychological experts suggest the need to look at the things they have and make them happy. That is, you have to look at the glass half full.

4. To have a specific purpose in life: According to US researchers, people who have specific goals or tasks in their lives are happier than those who live without a purpose. Doing any task makes life meaningful and increases self-confidence, which the German researcher Lotus also believes.

In his interview with Bild, the German researcher confirmed that many Germans have become very happy since the refugees arrived in Germany, and Lotus justifies this by saying: “I do not want to reduce the refugee problem, but here in my town where I live , we see happiness in the faces of many The Germans, who volunteer to help refugees. It is through these tasks that they have a purpose in their lives. “This means that the feeling of courier is guaranteed when you move away from attachment to money and power, according to Lotus.

Lots recommends not getting caught up in the pursuit of happiness, noting that the pursuit of happiness has a negative impact on our lives, and not much different from drug addiction. He justifies his opinion by saying: “Any addiction whose main motive is the pursuit of happiness. And when we try by all available means to achieve happiness, it can lead to the destruction of our lives.”

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