A Novel, “My Cruelty Is Overwhelmed,” Chapter 2, written by Basmala Badawi

A Novel, “My Cruelty Overcome,” Chapter Two, Written by Basmala Badawi

Suddenly they heard a strong, solid voice …. You are majestic, Pasha

majestic with narrowness …. what did he face it and look at Cadi with nervousness .. stay here and you will lay down your promise but I will come to you but be patient with me

I answered with fear … I mean, you do not want to talk to your mother, your liar, I swear to God

He shouted at her … I was completely silent and cut, and she fell hard on the ground and sat and cried


He went down cold .. I had the hand of light, you knew me, I was on the ground and roses, but I was attached to it, you survived, you hope your name survived

She escaped with fear and her face was on the ground … Oh, Iowa, Pasha

Majestic with irony …. Spread roses on the ground

Amer angry ….. no stay, you gave her o..you forgot that I’m your father

Majestic and cold ….. Father, I do not want to shower

Amer is stiff ….. it hurt you ran into your brain, the girl ate

Majestic with coldness ….. and I am of his nation by saying a word and not doing it

Aamer is hard …. and I do not care that an innocent girl is not guilty of a game and it’s such a dirty thing like this.

Majestic with a malicious laugh …. Omal, if I had known that I would enter her new horizon and take the weight, her mind would be tired

Amer angry …. I understand my looks..it’s her fault, what is to take her for someone else’s fault..I will not let him understand and walk.

Written by Basmala Badawi

Majestic, the first thing you did not want to do is go in and out of every thing

He came out to meet her, still sitting on the ground and sobbing, and holding him in her teddy bear in fear, and the first time she saw him, she fainted and longed for him.

Majestic of wrath ….. I said what before I went down

Cadi Baait ….. I want Mom

He held it tightly out of her hand, and she gave you a secret.What is thin and weak …… I do not have a mother who understands, I have no one else in it except I, you are my king, I understand

I cried with tears … Oh, my hands, my hands, I understand him, and God understands him

He cut it cold …. Guri from Wuchi

He went in to take a shower and came out and found her sleeping on the bed near her. He found that she was drowning in her sleep, forced away from him. to walk to. his eyes and her tightly approached.Suddenly, after getting nervous, he grabbed a cup of water next to him and threw it at her. I woke up terrified ….. God I did nothing, I will not do it again, believe me honestly one last time ..

Cool majestic … Here’s your conclusion

The first time I saw him I ran to embrace him with fear and her body trembled .. I was shocked by her movement and froze in place once.

She chose to shake her head tight …. I understood that it was a bad dream and

Cool majestic … Guri Nami

She fell asleep on the bed and he screamed …. where did he rest … on the floor?

She clenched her teeth in fear … It was cold

He screamed loudly ….. on the ground instead of sleeping on the balcony

She shakes her head with tears …. present Can I sleep on the couch?

He approached with anger, so I came back scared, Laura …. Well, I swear to God, I’m sorry

He called her scornfully and went to sleep on the bed. He saw for a moment how she was shaking because of her wet clothes. The air conditioner operator also called her with pity, but he shook the idea off his head and closed his eyes. then to sleep, but I do not know because of the sound of her moaning ….

She put her hand with fear on her nose and closed her eyes, but her body trembled, Fadl and Yazid came closer to her, and she opened her eyes to the sound of his footsteps ….

He came down to her level and gently touched her cheek …. Are you sorry for me? Dedicate my people to change your clothes .. and you do not want to object, offer and yes only

She shakes her head and stands up … present

Take my dress

You call it an eclipse .. it’s very short, and then it’s you. You bring girls here

Majestic of wrath …… and you are your father’s money, you will wear it, and you will not prefer these clothes.

Cady with tears …. I will do my best with my pen with my pen, Basmala Badawi

He yelled at her with * violence ….. Gory slept on the floor and fell asleep .. Late night he woke up from a lot of movement on the bed.He opened his eyes.He found her next to him asleep. He pulled her a lot She gasped in fear …. Mom, I’m the one who brought me here, thank God, I did not see her.

A majestic man ….. Oh, the daughter of the dog *****, you work for me, and once he pulled her by her hair and struck her with a stagnant pain of his power and she case the ground ..

Majestic people ….. Oh, daughter of the dog, you *****, you work for me once

One of them pulled her by the hair and struck her with stagnant pain of his power, and she fell to the ground

I screamed in fear … I did what

I grabbed her by the hair and * f ….. I will know you, how do you cheat on me

Cady with tears ….. I swear by God Almighty, I did nothing for salvation, I do not want to wear anything for salvation and the Prophet

He slandered her hair with suspicion …. You were in my turn on what and what you hid in your hands … and show me … my shirt !!!

She shrugged in fear..it was so cold

He came near her and she came back scared, Laura …. I do not want him to be saved, I swear to God

I take a deep breath and sigh …. come on, I approached in fear …

Hold out his hand with the shirt … Cheek

I laughed innocently …. Seriously, take a lot of thanks, and I run into his bosom and kiss him on the cheek and run to the bathroom.

He stood in his place, suffocated by her spontaneous movement, he raised his hand and touched the place where I kissed her.


He was majestic because she was tight, and the first thing I saw was he was shocked to swallow his saliva with difficulty. His shirt was too wide for her, but her clothes were very sweet and had the color of her bright white skin reflects.

I approached him with joy …. Thank you, I look beautiful

He came near her in disorientation … my obsession

I collapsed and smiled shyly .. Thank you, I’m going to sleep, so it’s you. You will not send me to Mom.

He exceeded her sentence and rigid fanaticism …. You do not understand by saying I do.Mama is majestic, but you are mine, I understand

Her tears fell … She understood and fell asleep on the floor

He calls it cold and Fadl falls asleep. I do not know how to sleep. A picture of her crying in his brain is not satisfied. She comes out … Cady.

no answer

He was scared of her, and he moved her with his feet so cold, there was no reaction.He shivered and took him down … Cady took her out and slept on the bed.He found her shrinking into herself and her body trembled. He went around the quilt and closed it and turned off the air conditioning with my pen by Bismillah Bedouin.

Cady hallucinates …. Papa Papa Sabni Mama I want Mama and the Prophet

Majestic to possess …. No, you stay with me, my king, salvation, no dad or mom, so majestic, but he came near her and hugged her and slept

The next morning I woke up in front of him

Cady is scared …. I’m the one who brought me here again, praise God that he once slept and found herself under him and he was on top of her on top of her …. No sober, what an angel, these are the people, but you wake up and stay so sweet.

Cady is innocent …. I’m tired of you. Know me. You are good and not evil

He got cold …. Evil. We are all angry. No one is good. Go make breakfast. I have walked the servants, and you will stay in their place.

He looked at him with reproach and tears shone in her eyes … You mean I kept serving you and ran downstairs and the sound of her tears continued and she made the food and came out to empty the room met and the tray landed on the tray ….. He went for a few seconds and came out I approached him and she opened her mouth in amazement ….. It is very nice Can you contribute?

It’s cold ….. they are any

She answers innocently ….. pops and touches his stomach muscles.

He smashed it to pieces, but he felt he was unable to endure her touch …. Go take food

I pray for him with tears .. I’m all I tell you, you scare me for you

He pulled her and made her sit on his leg ….. I do not want anything to be buried near her neck and he bit her lightly ….. You do any of this forbidden.

Lift his face and onions and reach out his hand and prefer to bring it down on her back.

I smashed it to pieces and ran to open the door, not happy with it … You’re a convoy

He laughed maliciously and chose to come closer … She held the knife * next to her … When I approach him, the death of myself that you are doing is forbidden.

majestic with narrowness … Siby the mint * is easy to share … He came near her and pulled her towards him, and whispered down to her ….. I am your husband

She screamed loudly …. a liar and bit him in the neck

Smile mischievous …. oh sweet

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