A Novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter 7, written by Hajar Hussein

A Novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter Seven, Written by Hajar Hussein

Omar- my uncle is dead

Yunus- What do you say?

Omar – My uncle Muhammad is dead, you have to answer Dalia and Taji

Yunus- Ok, ok, close …… and close

Dalia- What are you, Younes?

Younes- prepare yourself, we go to Assiut

Dalia is scared – Daddy is fine, right, my heart is not calm

Younes- There’s nothing, my love, but he’s a little tired and we’ll go see him

Dalia with tears – okay, I’m going to fix

He’s ready and his Arab knee is it all while she cries and Yunus leads into it and she’s not quiet

After hours he delivers it, and they meet many people in front of their house

Dalia is shocked – what’s right with Papa Guys

Yunus- Dedicate, let’s go see

Dalia Great and Enrolled – Papa Fein Baaaaaaa

Fatima – Give it to me, Dalia

Dalia – Pappa Finn

Zainab- Try your tricks, my girl

Dalia falls to the ground and shouts from above her voice – Daddy why, Daddy, I have no choice but you. Why did you slander me?

Fatima tries to give her presents

Zainab – There is no god but God, we belong to God and to Him we will return

Yunus, his heart cuts to her, he approaches her and holds her – give, Dalia, give me a present

Dalia called for a crash – I was watching

Yunus – Pray for him, my love

Dalia aggravated her panting and fell and fainted

Fatima – her cheek made her clear and I will see Dr Maryam

Yunus entered the room and laid him on the bed

– Oh, my love, above me, for my sake

Fatima came with the doctor, and she was exposed to her

The doctor – I gave her a sedative, but you have to come to her, because it can lead to depression

Fatima – Go, my girl

The doctor came out and Fatima went in again

Fatima – Rawah, Younis, I stand with Islam and Omar. You must be with them

You- do not worry about Dalia, even if my words exceed my words

Fatima – okay ………

An hour later, Dalia Fatima overtook Dakhlat

Fatima – Take a bite, Dalia

Dalia with tears – Dad was tired

Fatima – I do not know, my daughter

Dalia- Malish Nafs

Fatima – Ok, come sit outside with the harem for a while

Dalia – I’m here, Hadoumi has left, and he’s gone


Islam – come to rest, Yunus

Younes- No, I’ll go to Atman Ali Dalia

Islam – well, if you need anything, call me

Younes walked over and into the house Dalia sat with the women, and she felt no need

When Yunus was inside, her shoulders looked at her while she and Rihah heard someone say

May God have mercy on him He was a good man

The second one answered – Oh, I swear, by God, but our Lord be merciful to him from fatigue, this cancer does not hurt anyone, except he dies

Dalia, when I heard I was shocked, I was shocked

Yunus- My love, you are fine

Dalia shook his head in tears, “Ahhh”

Yunus wiped away his tears – it’s enough to cry, it’s forbidden to you

Dalia- Ho Papa was tired

Yunus is nervous – I do not know, the most important thing is that he is in a better place now, pray for his mercy

Dalia with tears – may God have mercy on him, he had cancer, Younes seriously

Younes – do you know me?

Dalia with tears – I mean seriously and I know it

Yunus – Babaki, who prevented me from telling you this even when Omar slandered you and I agreed and was afraid you would leave alone

Dalia- That’s why he wanted me to get married anyway, why is that, Younes? She told me her aunt was getting treatment

Younes- I tried a lot with her

Dalia- I know how you are doing

Yunus – The day the book was written, when my uncle and I went out

flash back

Yunus – We are going to write the book

Muhammad- Ok, can we speak two words, me and you?

Yunus – Of course, of course, uncle … and after he’s gone

Yunus – okay uncle, what is it?

Muhammad – I will not recommend you to my daughter

Yunus-Of course, uncle, but what is it?

Muhammad- I have late stage cancer

Yunus is shocked – what, are you being treated?

Mohammed – a late stage, there is no benefit, God, no objection

Younes- I will not leave you, uncle You must travel and get treatment

Muhammad – and I’m not telling you to say you’re being treated, I’m all I want to think about Dalia, Dalia has no one after me

Yunus – I’m ready uncle, but I will not leave you

Muhammad – keep it up Yunus, I want to die while I’m reassured

Younes- May God give you a long life, uncle, and Dalia is worried about her

Muhammad – Aware, Younes, you’re saying something to Dalia

Younes – okay

Muhammad – let’s write the book


Younes – I tell you to give me, Dalia, Khalas, because of my mind

Dalia- well … I’ll bring you something to eat

Younes- No, I do not have a clue

Dalia- But you have nothing at all

Yunus- Eat you my love, I want to sleep

Dalia- well, I’m going to sit with the people outside

Yunus wears it on his head – it’s okay, but cried enough

Dalia- I’m present ……… and I went out

Dalia- What are you doing?

Fatima- Oh my girl

Zainab – Yunus Fin

Dalia- He said he was going to sleep

Fatima- Ok, Dalia, eat in the air. You and Younes. You have nothing to do in the morning

dahlia- good

Fatima- I am marginalized because of Islam, and you are my mother. Khalik with Dalia

Zainab – okay ……… Fatima is gone

Zainab- Are you tired, Dalia?

Dalia- No, Tita, but why?

Zainab – original lettuce and about yellow, quite of travel

Dalia- Do not worry, Tate, I’m fine, but I’m bleeding, I do not know why

Zainab- Ok, what are you waiting for, my daughter?

Dalia- If God wills, I will reveal, but I’m more than I am

Zainab- Ok, let’s prepare the food and eat your husband and eat while I go to sleep and I will not leave Younes unless he eats and you have to eat too ……

Dalia- Present ……… I went to prepare the food and went out to Younes and he slept

Dalia – Younes, Younes

Younes lomerig- Ummm

Dalia – People of all

Yunus- I do not have the same spider as I sleep

Dalia- Ok, I’m hungry and I will only eat if you eat with me

Yunus Fatih closed an eye and an eye – I swear by God

Dalia- By God, come, people

Younes – he walks ………… into the bathroom and comes out and starts eating it after a while.Dalia took the word of eating, and Yunus brought a coffee and she was outside

Younes – Rayha Where?

Dalia – I’m going to sleep

Yunus – and you’ll make me sleep alone

Dalia – The bed is small so you can rest

Younes – I’ll be at ease while you are in my lap. What is it, my wife, Jadan?

Dalia – ok

You- come stay like this in my lap

…… and his nursery and they slept


Two weeks later he returned to Cairo, Islam, and she gave birth to him, no.

In the evening everyone has to travel

Zainab – You will not find out, Dalia

Dalia – reveal to me, O Tita, what I am good at

Zainab- Didn’t you say you had bleeding?

Suhair- What are they good at?

Yunus – bleeding and his silence, come, get ready, we go to the doctor

Dalia – This is not the beginning, Younes. I’m not good, is it?

Angel – No, Dalia, you need to reassure yourself

Yunus- Come on, ten minutes and you’ll be ready

Dalia- Present ……… en Talaat

Zainab – sweet and you’re so in control, you do not make a joke

Yunus- No, I like this, I do not want to go back

Suhair – on the basis that you did not mean, I mean

Yunus- You came back to me exactly?

Suhair – Omar, you understand

Yunus- Hmm, but it’s not an interest, and it’s impossible to go back

Suhair – haha, you will come back and see

Zainab- What exactly, because I do not understand him?

Angel – not me either, by God, Tita

Yunus angry – You will see that I will not come back … And he continued with sarcasm – Mom

Dalia goes down and grabs her hands and climbs out and goes on his knees

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