Government facilities for beginners and focus on youth makes me very optimistic

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An entrepreneur and academic with extensive industrial experience in the field of research, development, digital transformation, and the application of scientific development in industry. He held the position of a member of the Geodesy Department in the Canadian Geophysical Union for 6 years. He has also completed many doctoral and master’s theses in academia and industry and received an award from the Alberta Foundation for Science and Technology, Leadership in Applied Technology, from the province of Alberta in Canada, for the year 2015, Dr. Mohamed Al-Habibi, professor of geomatica engineering, and expert in digital transformation and financial analysis in Canada.

Al-Bawaba News met with scientist Muhammad Al-Habibi to discuss his scientific career and the text of the dialogue:

How was the beginning and then the beginning of the world?

The beginning was from Egypt, specifically Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, through a research project in the field of gravity and wave analysis in collaboration with universities of Canada and Germany. research and development in the field of digital transformation using advanced technology.

What are the most important situations in your life and turning points?

All the positions and turning points were by focusing on finding solutions to various problems through technology with the least capabilities, to then turn it into a bankable product and rapid growth, in addition to being present and working with a global elite of industrialists and scientists in my field during my academic and practical career, who helped me build practical experience And scientist in linking research with industry and entrepreneurship in the technological field.

What are your research interests?

Digital transformation in general with a focus on linking artificial intelligence with multidimensional information related to moving places and navigation and its applications in industry, especially energy, infrastructure and self-driving cars.

Have you tried in recent years to build bridges of cooperation with your homeland and benefit from your experience?

Communication is present at academic and practical level. At academic level, many doctoral and master’s theses have been supervised and dozens of research have been published through collaboration with elite colleagues and professors at Ain Shams University, the Military Technical College and the National Transportation Institute.

At the industry level, I co-founded a company in Alberta, Canada for digital transformation applications in the field of energy and infrastructure in smart cities, and there was a great need for engineers skilled in software and geomatics, the decision was made to Participate in the establishment of a company in Egypt to train young graduates in programming and transformation technology To work remotely on these projects in Canada.

Initially, it was only work in foreign projects, which helped to attract foreign exchange and provide jobs, in addition to the localization of these technologies in the Egyptian team, with the beginning of 2015 and the major transformation in the field of energy and infrastructure in Egypt there was a demand for these experiences, and due to the localization of technology These experiences and frameworks were ready to work in Egypt, which saved the cost of projects without the need to bring them from abroad , which has helped create more than 150 direct and indirect jobs.

How does the field of digital transformation contribute to the development of the industrial sector in Egypt?

Digital transformations are changing all aspects of manufacturing, affecting not only processes and productivity but also people. The right applications of technology can lead to more empowering decisions; offers new opportunities for upgrading, skills development and cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration; Ali was better able to attract and retain talent; Improving safety conditions in the workplace.

From a consumer perspective, he sees the impact by reducing lead times, improving customer service and eliminating complexity in all phases of contracting and procurement. Of course, there are win-win benefits associated with reduced environmental impact, made possible by lower emissions, less waste and more efficient consumption of energy, water and raw materials.

Digital transformation helps enable decision makers to develop and improve all aspects of production. Through my experience in the field of energy in Egypt, a digital twin has been created for many petroleum refineries as a basis for information technology infrastructure, and digital transformation for the development of these factories and stations, and it will help reduce the cost of And increase the speed of all future digital transformation steps.

Is the climate outside helping scientists innovate?

The climate is part of the success factors, but the availability of funding, the linking of research with practical applications, and the ease of establishing start-up companies are an important part. Providing the environment for rapid growth and helping a large number start-ups around the infrastructure will greatly contribute to building an environment conducive to creativity.

Are we optimistic that Egypt will see a boom in the industry in the coming period?

The recent facilities in Egypt to set up a startup and focus on training young people and recent graduates in information technology and programming skills, in addition to the great development in infrastructure, make me very optimistic, despite global and economic challenges.

What about the wave of inflation to which the world is exposed and what is its impact on the industrial sector?

I see problems with financing and investing in general at this time, and it will be difficult to set up and develop start-ups as usual, but the positive part is that there will be selection, and those who will continue will be ready for rapid growth towards improving global conditions, attracting large investments and creating jobs.

What is missing to attract industrial investment?

In my specialty, I focus on a group of emerging companies associated with the export of fast-growing technologies, to address the severe shortage of some skills and services provided remotely, which contribute to attracting investment and income in foreign currencies meet, and the localization of a number of these technologies will contribute to the sustainability of this industry and contribute positively to Egypt’s industrial and economic plans.

How do you evaluate the position of the Egyptian economy?

The Egyptian economy is recovering from a difficult period and was able to supply much to the world from 2015 until now. The present time must preserve what has been achieved, which is many and wonderful, through non-traditional solutions with a focus on the technology industry, and through my specialization I believe that emerging companies in the field of technology, digital transformation and expansion In digital training and software services, it will be one of the solutions in the face of the global crisis, by exploiting the serious global shortage of skills and trained and technologically qualified human resources and introducing it to the world by emerging companies in the field of specialize in technology and software, which help attract unconventional and diversified investments.

Mohammed Al Habibi

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