Malafi platform collects 700 million patient record data this year

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The annual report of Malafi – the first system of its kind in the region for the exchange of health information, which works to link public and private health care institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, revealed that the Malafi platform collected from January 2022 . more than 700 million patient record data, including patient visitation data, laboratory results, radiology reports, vital signs, medications, etc. for more than 7 million patients, while more than 45,700 doctors, nurses, pharmacies and other staff at 2,000 healthcare facilities across Abu Dhabi enjoy secure access to the platform. The platform has also enabled 79% of pharmacies who is employed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The platform currently allows the exchange of important healthcare information between healthcare providers in real time, with the aim of providing a unified basis for patient records, improving the quality of healthcare and achieving the best results for patients with complete confidentiality.

Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Head of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, said: “Today we celebrate one of the most prominent achievements in the journey of digital transformation that we have achieved under the support and prescriptions of our wise leadership. Three years ago, Abu Dhabi added another achievement to its record of successes in health care that contributed to the provision of the unremitting efforts aimed at continuing to improve the quality and output of the health sector in the emirate and the To ensure the health and safety of all members of society, this step was represented in the launch of the “Malafi” platform, the first innovative platform for the exchange of health information in the Middle East and North Africa, and one of the strategic initiatives of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

He added in the opening speech of the annual report in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the development of Malaffi, the purpose of the launch of the platform was to provide a central platform specifically designed to address the various elements of the health sector in the emirate to connect with each other. , which provides an important tool for physicians to make patient-related decisions more quickly and efficiently.Since then, my file has become an essential component of the healthcare system enabling physicians, nurses, and specialists to access to obtain the most important medical information. in a safe and efficient way, which saves time and effort, and avoids repeating exams and data handling.

He expressed his pride in completing the linking of all government and private hospitals in the emirate on the platform with 100% and 99% of patient reviews in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in just three years, making the platform one of the fastest make exchange of health information. platforms implemented in the world.

Al Hamed has indicated that the Malfi platform is making significant contributions to improving the emirate’s leading response to the Covid 19 pandemic by linking electronic medical records and providing a database for the results of Covid 19 investigations. to provide, which enables healthcare workers. on the front lines and health facilities Of the management of patient vaccination data within the emirate, in addition to providing various data, which develops a mechanism for clinical decision making in the management of the response to this epidemic.

And he pointed out that the successes achieved by the platform highlighted the exceptional capabilities of the medical frameworks and the advanced infrastructure that supports innovation and modern technology in Abu Dhabi, as well as the efforts made to benefit from artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology to improve healthcare outcomes and consolidate Abu Dhabi’s position as an incubator for innovations in life sciences worldwide.

Atef Al-Buraiki, CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Data Services Company (Malafi), said: “We are proud of what we have achieved in the Malafi project. In just three years since the platform was launched on January 23, 2019 is, we have been working on what is now considered one of the most important information exchange platforms health in the region.

“From the outset, our mission has been to enable secure and immediate access and exchange of critical health information to patients to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare,” he added.

And he indicated that in just three years, we have established and operated the first platform for exchanging health information in the Middle East and North Africa, and we have also developed a regional action plan to develop the use of health data to improve quality. Improving healthcare The Malafi platform in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has changed the way healthcare is provided by improving and coordinating healthcare services and increasing the level of competency and patient safety.

He added, “Our approach has been very ambitious as we have tried to connect more than 2,000 public and private healthcare facilities in less than three years. The Malafi platform is an advanced and challenging project that requires us to work closely with the healthcare community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in some cases we had to overcome challenges related to IT system readiness, interoperability and data quality, but we had a clear plan and an iterative process to meet limited requirements for healthcare providers enables their organizations and gradually increasing their numbers, enabling us to connect facilities very quickly.

In turn, the dr. Farida Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Infectious Diseases Sector at the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, the official spokesperson for the health sector in the country, said: “With the rise of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic in In 2020, the” Malfi ” platform ready to facilitate the sharing of healthcare data throughout Abu Dhabi, and this has proved its importance in the worldwide recognized epidemiological response to the Emirates.

She added, “The Malaffi platform immediately connected all facilities providing direct healthcare to patients with the Corona virus, which led to the creation of a central database of test results in the emirate, and the provision of information from positive cases have helped ensure that front-line teams have taken swift action to protect patients. ” , medical staff and others. Non-platform-linked facilities, which are part of Abu Dhabi’s response to the emerging coronavirus pandemic, have been provided with secure access to the platform to ensure comprehensive data sharing.

Dr. Al Hosani explained that at a later stage, the “Malfi” platform had become an essential part of the vaccination program of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, through a central base for all vaccination data in the emirate, and with the immediate availability of data, the government has become more prepared to allocate resources efficiently and implement the necessary measures. , such as group examinations, isolation and vaccination have put us in a safe position, in addition all other vaccination records have been collected and made available to users by the vaccination data viewer.

It is noteworthy that the “Malfi” platform handled 76 million results of Covid investigations and 10.3 million records of “Covid 19” vaccines.


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