Rawasat The Unique Perfume Chapter 6 Written by Hana Salameh

The unique fragrance novel

Chapter six

Written by Hana Salameh

Farid and he are Bebo *’s next: and he sells herself in one of them to her husband in return ???

Talia’s mother was shocked: Married !!!

Next she was shocked by his reaction and by the * six on her cheek, her heart was a violent pawn of fear, anxiety and..and love !!

And she fell * sadly * into the hands of Farid … She fell in love with her mother and said scared: Oh, what a reckless day !! My daughter !! my liver !!

Farid and he are Bichel next: Which liver, Aunt, but was your daughter the Prince ?? It’s you, Luka’s family, and your neighborhood

He beat his mother, Talia, with slippers, and she said nervously: Do you hurt, oh, and put her on top? Yalla.

Farid went out to the apartment, and her owner opened it. I was shocked at the presence of Farid and Talia’s mother, and Talia was overwhelmed.

Fred: I need a perfume quickly

I ran a roar, roaring around a bottle of perfume from the next step, in which Farid put the perfume on his hand and handed it in in front of the next nostrils.

Talia was stunned when she opened her eyes: Oh, where am I?

Her mother nervously: In the arms of your husband, my sister .. That’s how Talia ?? Are you going to get married without me knowing ??

Next I remembered what had happened, so I moved away from Farid and was still talking. Farid quickly said: I am the reason, Aunt .. The truth, next, came into my heart when I first saw her, and I felt with her many different needs, similar to her .. She is different and sticky and she bounces and bounces. The truth is, she knew things about me that no one knows about me .. except that she was a support person at a time of my fatigue and pain .. So I offered her the passport on the day of the party and she agreed .. At that time she could not accept her and we would do a little party for us and our friends to announce the passport .. But by God, there is no pregnancy or anything!

Then she blew a shock on her trumpet, so her mother said, “Hold on, my love, it’s a cockroach flying into your stomach.”

Farid muffled her trumpet and said with a smile: Ha, mother-in-law, are you happy with me and next, or no ??

Mama Talia sighs as she puts a man on a man: The truth is no..and I have another talk with Talia..but now you think you can rest and sleep because it’s late ..

Fred was shocked: How do we sleep?

Mom next: Adam’s natural brown dress turns and kicks * the lid is normal ..

I went out and roared with her, and then Farid was in shock

Talia nervous: Why did you stop and say we are married ?? for him ??

Fred nervous: You wanted * ?? Your mother * hit * you and * hit me * what’s wrong with the men of your family ??

Talia is angry: Ok, what are you going to do?

Farid Baroud: Normally, we go down in the morning, we will go to the nearest authorized person and answer how many of my friends and witnesses are there and we will get married .. And then a month later you say there were problems and we are divorced

Next in shock and her heart will come out of his place: He .. you .. you will seriously marry me ???

Farid sighs as he leans his back on the bed: Yes .. the words I said in front of your mother are true .. I’m really comfortable with you, Talia.

He got out of bed and called him * m * and grumpy *, it’s not normal, and said: I sleep on the floor..Good night.

He takes his pillow and blanket and sleeps on the floor and throws herself on the bed and puts her hand on her heart and closes her eyes tightly, laughing without a sound of happiness and of .. of love!

They woke up early in the morning about Mama Talia and her friend and they went up and down and Farid really wrote on her .. His friends were very surprised that he chose to marry a simple girl like Talia .. although the daughters of the biggest businessmen want to marry him even if it’s in secret !!!

“In Talia’s House” Written by: #Hana_Salameh.

They entered through the door, and as soon as they entered, they found an entire family in the apartment! And as a child, he cast Alba Mubarraz in a unique way.

Talia was shocked: Oh woe!

Fred puts his hand in his pocket: Finish ..

Or Thalia with a smile: You enlightened my daughter, my daughter, where have you been?

Farid circled beside her in the middle, saying: We were finishing a job in the company and we came back.

Umm Talia: May I introduce you to our family .. The largest family in Egypt performs cologne five fives ..

Farid laughed and slapped him next in the shoulder and said indignantly: What are you doing?

Farid played in her hair and said with a smile: Sorry, God is salvation

Uncle Talia: How are you, my son?

Farid sat next to him and said: How are you? I’m so glad I met you today

Um Talia and she beat Farid: I told them everything .. and they accepted the case .. and from today we are exactly like your parents, and I say all the time, Mom, it helps him..I agree?

His light bulb is unique, B. No one noticed it except the following, and smiled bitterly * and said: Mama..is present, Mama, it helps him

It helps him while she slanders and yells and a cousin next to her name is Suhair: Come on, come to the kitchen, come on guys.

I came in with them, and Fadl Farid sat with Talia’s old uncle and Talia Al Wastani’s uncle.

Until a boy saw a ball in Farid’s path..R. This did not happen once, until Farid stood up and said nervously: I do not think so.

He runs after the boy and comes down and sees him in the street, and he finds the boy with many children .. One of them comes and says innocently: You play football with us, uncle ??

Basileh Farid hesitated and then said as he rolled up the sleeves of Shimezah: Let’s look.

He chose to play with them against another team in which there was one who drove him..but it was clear that he was a bully..and the competition between him and Farid was very high ..

Suddenly, all the children shouted Farid’s name as soon as he reached the separation area. She came out next to the balcony, and she was wearing a long, then shirt with stains of tomato juice on it, and she spit on him with joy.

The young man competing with Farid looks angrily at Talia. His voice followed him with fear, so she roared: What fun ?? Farid Kasab Sarhan ?? Sarhan your old fiancé ?? It’s a black day, a black day, she said in the voice of Captain Shalaby.

Next with fear: I’m still scared of Fred, roar

Hadeer: Not at all .. but if Sarhan knew he was your husband he would never give me peace

She heard her next with fear, and then she looked at Farid Bakkl and the children around him .. Even the children who were aware of Sarhan’s team learned from him ..

“For Lunch” by: #Hana_Salameh.

Farid, who is the son of Suhair, came out, and he was wearing two sweaters, and he was unique, and he was sweating

Suheir laughed: Oh my love .. the boy fled * Chop you, Captain

Bass Farid the boy and says: No, this is Tamim honey, if God wills

Then she went out, wrapped her shirt and said, Fred, come wash your hands, for you will be cold … and wash your hands, you and Tamim.

Farid went into the bathroom and washed Tamim’s hands and then stood with a towel and looked out of the mirror at him while not caring.

Tamim came out of the bathroom, locked the door, and then stood next to Farid and was not focused on anything other than with Farid .. and the bathroom, Dob, and took the place of the sink and toilet itself. .

Farid rolled along his face and his hair was covered with water, so I laughed at his appearance and started drying his face and his hair.

Farid laughed: I’ve played you like this before in my life, Talia

Next, while putting his hair back on: The most important thing is to be happy

Farid: It will be more simplified if I eat .. the smell of food will bring it to the end of the street

I then laughed and went to open the door to find that it was locked.

Talia Bush Dha * Lord of Colors: Fred .. the door is locked! There is no hatred from outside or inside! We were always open ..!

Farid: Ok, do not be afraid to break it ..

I went next and stood in another side and Farid tried to break the door but the door was very old and his wood was thick and sturdy.

And then she started suffocating because she had Fu Pia from the closed places, and she crumpled up on the ground and started crying ..

Farid turned to her voice and said with fear, “Your money?”

Next, with a hoarse voice and her face hijacked: I can not, Farid..open the door..the bathroom is narrow..it’s now and I’m afraid of closed places

Farid gathered all his strength and started breaking in the door, but with each break he wrapped in his arm until his arm bled and then trembled on the ground .. and the first time I saw d * m coming down from his arm and poor I fainted !!

Until Fred opened the door, and the people of Talia, the first thing they saw Beans *, they started looking at him, but he was a shawl next quickly and he took her outside the bathroom and her on the toilet entered.

Roar shocked: Your arm is his money ??

Farid as he dries out his sweat next: It does not matter to me now .. the next thing is important to me ..

Next in a hoarse voice * h: F .. unique

She said this while holding his arm and entering his bosom .. Farid took her in his bosom, then she said with tears: Are you ok ??

Fred and he are Bebo * s her head: I do not know, God is just a little d * m

I preferred to cry in his bosom until I was gifted and benefited by cuddling her

Suhair: Okay, Farid, this is your armor, and it did not bleed. Go to the hospital

Uncle Talia: Oh, my son is a soul

Talia is tired: I’ll go with you, Farid

Farid nervous: Where are you from? You can not stand!

Next we sold * D: No going

It helps him with anger: Take her, Farid. What is the piece of her brain? Just take care of her and yourself.

Talia and Suhair got up and helped her and Hader put on their clothes to go out because she was this * ..

And Farid waited outside and went down.

“On the street” by: #Hana_Salameh.

Sarhan, with a loud voice in the middle of the street: Look, my dear friend, who got married while she was engaged to me.

Talia and Farid came from the building. Talia opened her trumpet in shock, and Farid did not understand what was happening.

Sarhan comes closer and says: Yes, I mean you, Talia, girl, who will benefit him

Farid Bass was then shocked, and she did not know how to speak until Sarhan approached them and said in a loud voice and the whole neighborhood gathered: Is not it a shame for you to take one which does not belong to you ??

Farid Bass takes to * because * and says in a shaky voice: It’s true ??

Then tears welled up in her eyes and she did not know how to speak, then Sarhan said maliciously: And to us, Talia..and the nights testified

Talia in shock: What do you say, crazy man ?? Are you crazy, Sarhan ??

Fred grabbed her by the arm, looked at her mother and said angrily: Speak, oh next, his words are right ??

Sarhan Sanad with his back to the Arabic language and said maliciously * broadcasting a sentence that went down like lightning * to Farid !!! And take him * for the first girl with whom he feels safe..and..and love is possible !!!! And he knows she’s not an angel like he thought !!

Chapter seven is here

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