Roman Light of Captures Chapter Thirteen 13

Noor al-Asr, The Thirteenth Part, by Nouran Jamal

He turned to her voice and looked at her in amazement when he heard her say you are unfaithful, how can you doubt me, and she knows how much I love her, how can you doubt me, she must understand what is happening has.

Fahd: Alaa, you are wrong, do not misunderstand me, please …

Alaa did not answer him, but looked at him with tears flowing from her eyes and going out, so Fahd looked at the one standing next to him

Fahd furious: Why did you do that? Why did he leave her and follow Alaa? As for that girl, she left the office, but rather the whole company and after whoever told her to do so.

“Who is he and what will happen between Fahd and Alaa?”

In Joseph’s office

Youssef calm down: King, can we talk a little …

King with a smile: hey, we’re talking, is it ..

Youssef: No, I do not mean, I mean to speak in any cafe outside the company ….

Malak and she feel that something is important: Go, Yala. Yusuf and Malak went out and sat outside the company in a nearby cafe.

Youssef: What are you drinking?

King: Can I have coffee?

Youssef: Okay, then he showered for the worker in the cafe and asked for two coffees.

Youssef with a little tension: King, you are fine ..

Malak was surprised by that tension: I’m fine, Youssef.

Youssef: That’s good. Then he stopped.

She looked at him like a king, she did not expect him to be silent, so she tried to say something

King: Sweet, strong, this cafe ..

Youssef: Oh, very sweet … the worker came to give them coffee

Joseph drank coffee and did nothing else, he does not know how to confess to her

King: Youssef Youssef, I’m talking to you. What are you thinking about?

Youssef is nervous: I do not think, do not think, no do not think, o ..

Malak was surprised: Youssef dedicates to you, Malik is nervous, why if you want to say something, say it and do not get nervous …

Yusef, after feeling her encouragement for him: King of Busi, then he said very quickly: I love you, King … I looked at him with a smile as she knew he would to her bieg.

Youssef: King, you will not blaspheme me.

King with a little nervousness: I want to say what after what you said, I will say what ..

Youssef looks at her with surprise and sadness: King, if you do not agree, at least we prefer friends …

King Bahda: I do not agree. You think I do not agree. I’m sitting with you in my grocery store for two hours. I’re trying to open up any topic so we can talk and you do not answer me. It’s me I’m been waiting for an hour for you to confess We prefer friends, but I still do not want you, my friend … Then she sat down and said after calming down in a muffled voice, but he hears her: I want you, my love …

Youssef stood up and said with joy: I love you, King, and I love you. They have not left me since I saw you. Thank you, I pray for Asr and Nouran that they are the reason why we met. You’re the one who made my heart beat for her.

To have fun: Okay, uncle of the poet, we know you love me and I love you too, so let’s order a new coffee instead of the one I got cold …

Youssef laughing: Ha-ha-ha, I’m crazy I say what and she says what, …. Then he asked for two coffees and they continued their conversation between exchanging love cans between them.

When Fahad Walaa

Fahd hurried after Alaa, and when he reached her, he found her crying into her car, so he took her and put her in his car.

Fahd unhappy: Alaa, listen to me, please.

Alaa cries: She was on your lap and you were not even far from you.

Fahd and he understood that she was jealous of him because he was hilarious on the inside, but he also did not want her to oppress him

Fahd: I’ll tell you what happened.

flash back

Fahad was sitting in his office chair doing his job and suddenly he got a girl coming into the office

Fahd Bahda: How did you get in like that?

The girl with tears managed to act out: I am … Then she cries and does not say what is wrong with her.

Fahad feels that she is lying to him, but he does not like to oppress anyone, as she collapsed in front of him

Fahad stood and went to her: You tell me why someone upset you, OK, tell me, maybe I can help you …

The girl got up and with a quick movement of her he did not expect her she hugged him and cried more

Fahad remembered Alaa and said calmly: Can’t you do it, miss … He would have pushed her away, but before he did, Alaa went inside


Fahd: That’s what happened.

Alaa looked at him and said: You are not laughing at me ..

Fahd: I swear, I’m not laughing at you …

Alaa mimics this: You are very nostalgic, you say Malik, tell me, I can help you ..

Fahd: Haha, you are crazy, by the way …, but what surprised me was that she did not say her name, or even what annoyed her, and she did not even speak ..

Alaa thinks: You mean when she meant to divorce us …

Fahd: Oh, but I’ve not seen her before, so why are you doing something like that?

Alaa thinks: You may not be referring to us.

Fahd: Maybe, but you still mean who …

Alaa: I can catch and Nouran ..

Fahad: That’s a very good possibility.

Ai, with a question: What are we going to do …

Fahd: I’ll see the surveillance camera, and I’ll tell the young men that you are, but take care of you and the girls. Well…

Unfortunately with a little concern: Good …

In a dark place, in a dark street

The girl happy: I did what you said and made her suspect that he was cheating on her. I did not make her sure either.

The young man was surprised: But it’s amazing that you can do it. This is a very smart family, and Nouran will not be easily suspicious of you or will keep quiet …

The girl was surprised: Nouran, but I heard him say Alaa is not Noran.

The young man alone: ​​How did you say she looked?

Girl: her eyes are blue and long …

Young man angry: What did you do? I told you a family office, not a fahad, you idiot …

The girl alone: ​​What, Ehab, did I do what you told me and went to the office on the penultimate floor …

Ehab: I told you the last role, not the one before it.

The girl: I do not want to leave him. I want my money. Then she said, “No, what, Hoba?”

Ihab slyly: Do not take it … Suddenly he took a pistol from his pocket and fired a bullet into the girl’s head, and she died.

Ehab Bishr: I deserve it … Then he got in his car and drove it away after making sure there were no fingerprints or evidence of him.2

As for Al-Jarhi Palace, everyone was engaged, and the atmosphere was full of love and joy, with the exception of Noran and families, and the atmosphere between them was full of challenges.

Captivatingly sarcastic: Umm, the dress is nice, but it’s not strong. Your taste came out, not so ..

Nouran is angry: If your taste was sweet, you would have liked it, but it’s clear that your taste is a monster.

Caught by bombarding his forehead and cunning: Hi, because my taste is a monster, I chose you, I saw you are gone …

Noran looked at him angrily and cursed at him, then she smiled and looked away, remembering that she was in a challenge with him

Captures his secret: stubborn and likes a challenge … Then he remembered his words to her and laughed, so the dress was wonderful and beautiful for her, but he just wanted to tease her.

As for the rest of our heroes, each looked with great love at his beloved

As for Yassin and Rodina, they were hilarious with what happened and became close friends

Jamal, Mahmoud, Farid, Murad, Najlaa Wahba, Hind, Safaa, Muhammad and Fatima look at their children with joy and love while congratulating everyone and also laughing about the charged atmosphere between Noran and Asr.

Mahmoud silently: Tomorrow he wrote the book ..

Everyone agreed with love and Noran agreed because she does not want to lose the challenge as she knows there is no escaping it

In Al Hilali’s villa

Ehab went in to sit with Haitham under the pretext of being friends

Ihab Bakir: Haitham has decided what to do.

Haitham thought: Still …

Ehab with evil and evil: I will tell you …….. this is the plan, I agree with it ..

Haitham, with objection: How do I do it? I want revenge, but not to this degree …

Ihab Bishr: No, to this extent. You forgot the one who captured his work. You forgot two secrets.

Haitham furious: You do not see her biography on your tongue …

Ehab Bakkar: You have to take revenge.

Haitham Bishr: You have a right, I must answer her right …

Ehab with a smile: Okay, be ready for implementation tomorrow …. Haitham nodded to him which means yes, then Ihab left and he was happy because he could convince Haitham of the plan.

The day is over and no one knows what will happen tomorrow

“I wonder what the plan is and what’s the story of Seren, we’ll know the next party, wait.”

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