The “Democratic Transitional Law” in Sudan: This is America

If anyone from the 1960s, or even beyond, reads the law on democratic transformation in Sudan, which was passed by the US Congress in 2021-2022 with its strong intention to support that transformation, he would like it. We have not associated America in one sense with the support of democracy in the world, except in such sentences that cancel each other out (oxymoron), such as your saying “the Somali government”.

The law has not left an incomplete assumption in support of civil democratic transition, peace and stability in Sudan. He came to terms with the circumstances and facts of the army’s takeover of the country on October 25, 2021, and saw it as a clear violation of US policy to support the democratic aspirations of the people of Sudan and the democratic transition. It is a transformation that America has agreed to achieve only through an accountable civilian government that respects the human rights of citizens and lives in peace and harmony with its neighbors. With this law, America aims to reform the complex of the issue in the country, which is the security sector in Sudan, to prevent military coups, so that citizens can remain under the shadow of democracy and civilian rule.

The law spared no effort to explain the severe U.S. sanctions that will affect those who stand in the way of this democratic transition, or the democratic processes that follow the scheduled elections. It is the authority of the President of the United States under the law to impose sanctions on any person, or group, who, after the adoption of this Act, decides that it is responsible, or a partner, in a direct or indirect action around Sudan’s transition to democracy.

The law has identified nine aspects of such destabilizing actions for the democratic transition, including the blocking of the means of communication, information and the Internet in the country, as well as the failure to investigate crimes of human rights violations and violations of freedom of expression. The US president can impose a fine on the money of a major violator of the law. This offender has the right to dispose of the money in whole or in part. He may also penalize any entity wholly or wholly owned by security and intelligence exercised by persons benefiting from substantial sums of money from these two institutions. And under the law, he has the right to prevent the circulation of the property of any foreign-owned facility in the United States, and to dispose of its profits, whenever U.S. law affects it. The punishment for violating the law of democratic transition in Sudan is heavy, to the extent that the entry visa to America is removed.

The inexhaustible wonders of the United States have traditionally been referred to as “This is America,” but it was so strange that people said, “Is this America?” They searched through the ratification gap for the intruder of the law outlining democracy in Sudan and, as usual, saw a hidden American conspiracy behind it.

America has a purpose behind the law, which is to protect its national security, and it has declared it voluntarily without us having to search. The law of democratic transition in Sudan is to which the former has committed itself in the implementation of another law of Congress, that is the Law on Combating Russian Banditry and Other Kleptocracy on the high seas, coded by (CROOKS), which the “thug” is. in their language.

This law, from which Congress derived its legislation for the Democratic Transition in Sudan, does not conceal that its ultimate goal is to maintain American security. The law was issued by Russian fraudsters and others with a critical awareness of America’s delay in helping those who went out against corruption and for democracy with revolutions in their countries, such as Ukraine in 2014 and Armenia in 2018, to leave their democracy continues.

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It is the opinion of the authors of the law that the war on corruption necessitates loyalty. Tackling corruption for reform is the way to eliminate it. If the rare opportunity for reform opens up, then those who have risen up against it must seize it quickly and boldly, while the political and moral pressure for it among the people is still burning. This surprise is the antidote to the return of the old guard of Khara to the positions of the Sultan. In the rationale of the law, there was an explicit statement that if America is given a gift, it will help with money for those who were determined to govern themselves democratically, to “make America safer.” Investing in these democracies around the world, by law, is a “soft force for their safety.”

Consequently, in this law, the United States has committed itself to the aid of every country transitioning to democracy after a corrupt dictatorship of a dedicated fund for the purpose of the Treasury. The legal fund is funded by the outcome of the implementation of another law, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, coded as “FCPA”, a law passed in 1973 that criminalizes a U.S. businessman if he bribes foreigners in their country to spend their lives. The fines of the law are great. The law allocates five million dollars to the fraud fund, out of every fine of fifty million dollars and more comes from the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The law also obliged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be among its embassies in the world, entrusting it to him to coordinate efforts in the country concerned to fight corruption. He also obliged her to inform Congress about her activities in the war on corruption, and to spread her knowledge about it and her activities on the internet.

In fact, the United States has a real fear for its national security from the corruption of dictatorial regimes in the world. “Global corruption has become a priority in America’s national security,” President John Biden wrote in a December 2021 memo. Not only did he say, “The money that is leaking at him is corrupting the natural money cycle in it,” but he added, “It went beyond this cycle to threaten the tricks of the average American citizen. So they no longer asked is not. if one of them could own a house, but if he could rent one from them? The report gave an example: between 2015 and 2020, a value of $ 2.3 was washed in the US real estate market. The United States has previously forced real estate agencies to disclose who was behind any deal to buy a home that exceeded $ 300,000, and this money that made America angry came out like Africa , whose stolen money makes up 3.7 of its total product.

Along with the announcement of Biden’s memo, the “Pandora Papers”, investigations into money thieves around the world conducted by the International Organization of Investigative Journalists, published an article in the Washington Post newspaper about the problems of Americans among the yoke of the flow of illegal money into their economy. The report focused on the real estate market in the suburb of Tami Sue Lynn, La Vergne, of the Nashville, Tennessee metropolitan business. This illegal money came into it, laundered by an agency in the islands of the Indian Ocean, and it took over almost every property in it by paying it in cash and offering it for sale at a price above the capacity of the average was. American, and even made it heavy on homeowners, increasing its value to 30% between 2016 and 2020.

I have heard those who have denounced the law on democratic transformation in Sudan say that there is something behind it from America. To dig this “past” one needs no more than to be familiar with the contexts of law and its incubator in American politics to know that there is nothing new in Washington’s ambitions behind it: America national security.

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