The novel of the betrayal of a man chapter 5

The Novel of the Betrayal of the Man of the Fifth Part 5 by Nourhan Ashraf

Time has passed, two weeks have passed since Rabab and Noor made a mistake. During these few days, Noor Al-Afail in her aunt, who made her angry and scream after she left, where Nour brought her one of the photos. as she appeared, Hussam laughed and held the hand of the scorpion that had taken him from her, but because it descended about her right to Hossam, when she left Nour for her work

Wafaa put the veil on her head and went up to Hussam’s apartment and started knocking hard on the door, no more than a minute passed, and Hussam opened the door and looked at her in amazement: Anyway?

Wafa locks the door forcefully and looks at him angrily: I want to ask you, who are you the owner, not Hossam, you are another, where is Hossam, who loved me, you followed me, you followed me , you forgot every thing so fast

Hossam shouts: What speed are you talking about? I’m 45 years old. Imagine 19 of them. I do nothing but try to understand that I will not suppress Nour.

Here you look at her, Wafa, a strange look, and then she says: Look, Hussam, you are mine. I’m mine. No one will take you from me. It is also the case that the company goes to you and exposes you, my soul, you will throw out these words and leave

Here is a smile on Hossam’s face: Finally you left me, Sheikha


In the company, Ahmed was sitting behind one of the papers and suddenly he found someone breaking into the office.

Malik Bahzar: Yes, boss, you did not ask, you said ask me

Here Ahmed lays his back on the chair: Never, my son, is working for this company and bought America

Malik with a wink: Busy in the company and not busy in the mezze to Prague

Here Ahmed raises an eyebrow: Mza

Malik assures: Of course it’s great, uh, he wants a job, but a horse

Ahmed Banfi: No, it’s not sweet, it’s normal

Malik Bmarougha: You say it because you do not like it or because you expose yourself to it

Ahmed arrogant: No, Dad, I’m Ahmed. There is no one who will stop him. I am only for myself, not my pockets.

Malik challenged: Medicine, Ahmed, I’m trying to make you pay a million dollars if you knew what the expectation of this decision was

Ahmed: I agree, and if I lose your gift, five million, I will not follow it

Malik Bmarougha: You say it because you do not like it or because you expose yourself to it

Ahmed arrogant: No, Dad, I’m Ahmed. There is no one who will stop him. I am only for myself, not my pockets.

Malik challenged: Medicine, Ahmed, I’m trying to make you pay a million dollars if you knew what the expectation of this decision was

Ahmed: I agree, and if I lose your gift, five million, I will not follow it

Here Malik laughs with his mouth full: Oh a lot, but your feet for one month this decision will have fallen in love with you and let her say it herself

Ahmed Arrogant: I’ll hear it for you too

Malik gets up from the chair: Ok marginal, I stay

Here Ahmed looks at him in surprise: I hope you came, why?

Malik with a smile: I came to look at you, boss, then wink at him and see if you are going to Ibn Al-Shennawi’s party or not

Ahmed will explain: Who do you mean in the El-Shennawy family?

Malik Betadtah: Wael El-Shennawy

Ahmed felt a sense of pain, but he tried to change the subject: OK, so let’s see what’s left so I can show him a job.

Malik goes to the door: Ok, but if you go, call me so we can go together

Ahmed Bemlal: Ok

Malik comes out of the office and reminds Ahmed of the painful past that left him all over Egypt without looking at his family

flash baaaaaack

Ahmed sits in front of this bride and plays it is the least that is said about her of the many cosmetics

The girl is narrow: I mean, Ahmed, I mean our trip to America to wash dishes, because you do not want help from your son

Ahmed Bafa ‘about his dream: Anji, I did not say we would go wash dishes, no, I say I have a pill good money. We will do a small project and I have many things on my mind

Angie: Um, how do I dress, how do I get clothes?

And to America I was in the spirit of travel, I go to work there, then you keep asking, and then you’re your son with a lot of money and he has a big company in it, which means the company does not catch

Ahmed: No, Angie, I want to work on my own, not my dad, he’s the one who makes me happy

Angie cold: I’ll spend a week thinking and answering you

Ahmed with a smile: OK, I’m the first. You did not say OK, I’ll get it all right

Angie: Good

Only two days passed, and Angie’s photos led the news in the news of Wael El-Shennawy’s engagement to Engy Suleiman

And here I was the great shock to Ahmed.How after three years of love and affection I became another king in a day and night. Is this love or a liar? Ahmed could not continue in Egypt for a long time as the first ticket to America barrier

flash baaaack

Here comes her sigh from Ahmed’s chest over all this

But he tickets this bet by asking for light

Nour sat outside looking at the papers Ahmed had asked her to review.

You hear the bell, and you enter the office

Nour will ask: Well, sorry

Ahmed with a beautiful smile that increased his attractiveness: I would never want to ask you, did you get the paper out for your education?

Nour with his operation, that she did not look at his smile: Within a quarter of an hour he is with you

Ahmed: OK, and I’m in your mind. I’m going to work dinner tomorrow at eight o’clock, you and I are going

Operation Nour: OK, sorry. Tomorrow I’m ready for seven and a half

Ahmed: Okay, can you please?

Nour leaves the office and makes Ahmed think about how Nour falls into his net


Nour comes out of the office and hears the sound of her phone. She quickly goes to him and gets Hussam’s name on the screen

Nour Betsal: Hello, what is it?

Hossam with joy: Your aunt told me you would marry me, but you would expose me and say I was married.

Nour is surprised: And you are hilarious, why do you mean what is the reason for happiness in your voice?

Hossam Saadeh: I said your aunt wants to marry me, I mean, I thought the crazy girl was coming because of it, or fast too, and then went on with a sense of humor. I swear to God, if he keeps carrying her

Nour laughing: With God, I would like to tell my aunt and see this topic

Hossam with fear: I can not hold your hand, I can not believe that she managed to get married

Nour: Go on Hajj, and I’m going to drive myself crazy. Come on, be careful so I can finish my work

Hossam: Goodbye, my wife’s daughter, ha-ha-ha, and he laughs out of love

Nour laughs at the end: Hello, my mother’s nut ???

Turn off the phone and go back to work


The end of a hard day’s work for everyone, Nour returns home after telling everything Hossam told her on Rabab’s ear, she gets her aunt sitting in front of the TV

Noor: Peace for you

Wafa: May the peace, grace and blessings of God be upon you. Then you look with tension at Noor: Noor

Nour will inquire: Yes, Auntie

Wafa swallowed his saliva: I will marry

Nour Bisgharib: You will marry, will you marry me?

Serious: Hossam

Here Nour looks at him with artificial shock: Hossam who is

Loyalty in earnest: Hossam our neighbor

Nour is surprised: How would Mr Hossam want to marry Rabab, how would he marry you now?

Wafaa’s defense of the love of her life: No, Hossam, this is mine. I’m Hossam. This is my love. I’m a grocer. 18 years old. I love him. I have wronged him and wronged myself, for I have wronged you. I was afraid Hassan would do you injustice, so I did him injustice. We’re getting married, you keep screaming and saying, oh, I want to marry you, I agree, but I’m afraid, because Hassan will be wronged, even by you, Nour. I love you. I love Hossam. On the contrary, you are more. You’re not my sister’s daughter. No, you’re my daughter.

Nour with tears: I’m upset. I’m upset. Why or why not? It is your right to live and marry your life. I love you very much, Mom.

Wafaa Shocked: What are you saying?

Nour I love: I say I love you, Mom

Wafaa Nour takes her lap and speaks with tears: I love you too, Mommy’s soul

Loyalty, with us, loyalty. You have always been faithful. It’s time for you to be happy, my love. It’s time for joy to enter your heart after a long wait.


In Yunus’ villa, in Ahmed’s room, he stands in front of the hairstyle, adjusts his suit, and Mai comes in to him with her beautiful smile: Yes, my love, where are you going?

Ahmed sprays his perfume: Go to the El-Shennawy family party

Mai is sad because she feels the feeling of her son: No, my love, go away

Here Ahmed smiles coldly: Do not be afraid, Mimo. I’m not a young family. Then on to a topic that happened nine years ago. I mean, it’s very old. Then he sarcastically continues with himself.

May with tears: You do not say it of yourself, she is a fool, and surely God will give you something better, I am very sure of this.

Ahmed seriously: I do not think about marriage at all. Life has much better and sweeter needs

Mai: Ummm, what’s left?

Here Ahmed winks at her from the side of his eye: How are you, honey, so?

Mai seriously: But your son from a defect, then you leave the room and let Ahmed wander in his imagination

flash baaaaaack

Ahmed and Wangi sit in one of the luxury places that belong to the high society and the velvet floor

Ahmed Hob: Oh my heart, why do you have a city?

Engi Bazaal is artificial: the origin of my card is done, and I have a dress that I really like and I do not know how to get it

Ahmed Betsal: How much is this dress?

Angie Bdala: Very cheap, honey, for only five dollars damages

Ahmed holds her hand and kisses it: Do not be upset, my heart, we are now going out to buy it

Angie: No, my heart, it’s your fault

Ahmed is so sweet that he does not see this greedy look that is crystal clear: The guilt of this speech, Angie, you are my love and very close, you will be my wife, which means he is responsible for me

Angie with a lie: May God preserve you for me, my heart, and never deprive me of you

Ahmed Bashaq: Leave you, my life

Ahmed comes out of his mind to the sound of his phone: Yes, you are ashamed

Malik laughed: Yes, Boss, I’m Adam’s villa

Ahmed takes his keys: Oh, five minutes and I’ll be with you

Owner: Ok, boss

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