The Novel of the Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter Eleven 11, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel, The Girl of Upper Egypt, chapter eleven, written by Hajar Hussein

Suhair – Oh, seriously, I can escape from here

Dalia- But what makes you act like that?

Suhair – I told you, my daughter, you’re starting someone better than Yunus

Dalia- Ok, do you agree that Yara should be married?

Suheir- Yara is different

Dalia – what do you mean?

Suheir – dress like Younes

Dalia- All you will escape from me?

Suheir- Sebi, it’s me, but I want you to go to Yunus, apologize to him and show me everything normally.

Dalia- Yes, of course no

Suhair- What should you do like that?

Dalia – ok

Suheir- Okay, I’ll leave you, because no one doubts anything …. I went in, and Dalia came in and treated Younes with a cup of coffee and went to the office. I messed up and went in.

Yunus – What do you want?

Dalia – I made you a cup of coffee

Yunus – where did you put it?

Dalia – By God, Younes, she’s reached this point

Yunus – Aktar …… .. and Sabha and going to make him up, Dalia started telling her

Dalia – Younes

Yunus taking off his clothes – what do you want?

Dalia- What are you dealing with ……… by Hajar Hussein

Yunus- You’re a fool. What should I do if I take off my clothes? I want to sleep

Dalia looked away – Ok, why are you bothering me?

Yunus comes near her – you still suffocate me

Dalia- I’m sorry I made a mistake

Yunus is a nursery from behind – and I accepted your apology

Dalia closed her eyes and held back her tears because she was so raped and treated – Okay, so let me sleep

Yunus maliciously and took her to bed – No, you will sleep in my lap today

Dalia was scared – yes no of course


Dalia – I swear to God, I do not take anything, Younes

Younes – Omal, why did you fear it?

Dalia- I …… .Younis puts his finger on his horn

Yunus- Shhh … and Scheherazade kept quiet about permissible talk


In the morning

Younes Healthy and Beebs by Dalia Bassma

Dalia opens her eyes

Yunus – What do you think, two words from me spoiled you

Dalia – With God, do you believe I’m wrong when I slander you?

Yunus- It’s good to know

Dalia- I really cheated on you

Younes- Haha, it’s not you

Dalia- I had nothing to do with, and the story of the pills, surely you’re the one who handles like that

Yunus – why am I going to do this?

Dalia – God knows best

Yunus- And you were deceived about how I really loved you when I came to you and until we went to the doctor and you left me out of my sight

Dalia- Ok, well, Talm, you do not love me and I fell out of your sight. He divorced me

Yunus – Unfortunately I do not

Dalia- Why are you going to marry Yara? What do you want from me?

Younes- I want you

Dalia- I swear to God we are sorry if I knew you because you are one …

Yunus hit him with a pen – next time, if I make a mistake, I’ll cut you off your tongue, so I understand

Dalia – I do not understand

Younes grabs her hair – Dalia, not with me anymore, I’m nervous and I do not know how to control myself

Dalia- Nervous about yourself, not me … and I tied him up

Yunus was hit by a rigid pen – the back is not your tongue, but the one that is long

Dalia- Oh, he divorced me, for God’s sake, he divorced me

Yunus Bahsteria – keep quiet, go outside, come

Dalia – How are you?

Yunus – well, I’ll leave you pure

……… and went out

Dalia – God bless you for everything you deal with, Younes, I’m not here for another minute … I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom.


Zainab- Why was your voice so loud?

Yunus – There’s nothing, I want anything

Zainab- No, my love, may God guide you

Angel – I’m Younes

Yunus is and has gone out – let Islam bind you … and he went out

Angel – o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o

Islam – come on my angel

Suhair – you are tired, Islam, the driver will deliver it

Islam – and I, who will make me tired, come out before me … and he and an angel went out

Zainab- Are you tired because Islam will not leave an angel?

Suhair- But I do not agree

Zainab- I do not agree. Why is Islam a hundred times better than Yunus?

Suhair – I’m not going to marry my daughter in a far country

Zainab- she will be with her aunt

Suhair- I do not agree

Zainab- It does not matter, you are the important thing, and she agrees

Suheir annoyed and goes out to Dalia

dahlia opened

Soiree – come

Dalia went out and entered Awdat Suhair

Dalia- Why are you talking there?

Suhair – Younis put a camera in the room and we have to be careful

Dalia – OK, I do not want to stay here for a moment

Suhair – give it, why?

Dalia – Every day he is beaten and insulted. I am tired. By God, I want to walk

Suhair- Where will you go if you go to your house, they will bring you

Dalia Bikker – I go to my aunt in Alexandria Younis Maarfahash

Suhair- ok sweet

Dalia- I’m just going today and now

Suhair- Now it will not work if Yunus knows how to get you, but he is empty at night. Take this rivet and put it for Yunus for anything when he comes from the company.

Hagar Hoesein

Dalia while she took her – I would like to buy anything

slumber – hypnosis

Dalia is scared – Ok her uncle when he sleeps

Suhair – No, because if he sleeps, you walk and in the morning you will be my prayer

Dalia- who will be with me

Suhair – Do not worry, I’ll fix everything and let a driver drive you to the door of the house

Dalia- Okay ……… and she’s gone


angel Islam

Islam – yes

Angel – I’m sorry

Islam- Ali what?

Angel – when I yelled at you when I told you to go to the doctor

Islam – No, I’m not upset

Malak – Omal, why are you so upset?

Islam – your mother makes me angry

Angel- Your mother, her name is your mother

Islam – Is your mother abusive, or what?

Angel – No, but it’s better for your mother, the most important thing is her mother’s money

Islam – when you do not agree with me, I mean

Angel – what matters is my opinion or hers

Islam – your opinion

Angel – ok good

Islam – means true consent

Angel- No, I’m Ahem

Islam – in which angel?

Malak – I’m Shefak, like Younes, my brother and

Islam- Yes, Umm Kamali

Angel – and man loves me and e

Islam – Ag, Kamali?

Malak – Heiji ask my hand at Younes also for two days

Islam – Ok, that’s the request of your hand and I’m your request everyone

Malak – Islam is not Behzar

Islam – ok, and you?

Angel – what am I?

Islam – like it

Angel – Oh, Oh, Islam

Islam – and I love you, my soul

Angel – Islam

Islam – my eyes

Angel – Not Behzar

Islam – I swear by God, think just like that and I am aaaah

Angel – and you, right?

Islam – I want you

Angel- Hmmm ????

Islam – come down and take care of yourself

Angel – present bees

Islam goodbye

Islam and its peace and the company’s departure

Islam to its secretary – Yunus Jawa

Secretary- Oh, I’m sorry

Islam inside – owner

Yunus – I am your word

Islam – It was a harassing battle and it came without breakfast

Younes- Do not worry about it, go look at your work

Islam – If I do not care about you, I would think about who is sincere in him, what?

Younes- You do not know, Dalia and I are suffocating

Islam- Umm, good

Yunus – I can not

Islam – I think she took these pills because there’s something she’s tired of or anything

Yunus – I’m not capable, Islam, she needs something in his mind. I’m not able to surrender him to something that is not normal

Islam – the natural friend

Yunus- Of course, what do you mean?

Islam – because I beat him more than once

Yunus – She’s the one who hates me, I can not control myself

Islam – Your age stays as long as you did not love her, and what was in it was more impressive, no more, because if you love her, you will fear her for yourself and your age will not put your hand on her

Younes- I do not love her and I still love her, but she teases me

Islam – If you love her, she will carry it. The state is the commandment of the Messenger, Yunus. When you go to her, she will come back and reconcile with him and start over.

Yunus – the best of prayers and peace with him

Islam – the most important thing is, I want to kidnap an angel from you

Yunus – I finally got relief from her

Islam – Yunus, not Behzar, I want to marry an angel

Yunus- I agree

Islam – but not your mother

Yunus- I can find no one who can protect my sister and can not love her like you, what matters is her decision

Islam – even if the world states and said

Younes – okay

Islam – I went to my office … and left


In the evening

Dalia and Malak as if in El Geneina

Malak – Tell me what you love and hate?

Dalia – I love the indomity deprived of it

Angel – I did not mean to eat, what matters is how much you hate what is left

Dalia – Bakr Younes

Angel – why is it that he loves you?

Dalia- it’s not real

Angel – I asked because I want to give you a gift from the moon

Dalia – my love

Angel – Ok, you really hate Yunus

Dalia – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yunus came from behind them, he had a bouquet of roses in his hand – and I love you very much

Angel – I walk because I do not miss the romantic moment …… and I ran

Dalia goes to interfere with her hands

Yunus- I’m sorry

Dalia- Ok, he’s going to build a survival


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