The novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter 6, written by Hajar Hussein

A Novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter Six, written by Hajar Hussein

Dalia- Umm, I’m saying it’s not love

Yunus – Oh, not love, and we will now take revenge on you

Dalia- She wanted to go with a pencil the day the book was written, because your brain, if you will, erases it

Yunus – haha ​​not sweet

Dalia- You will take my revenge seriously

Yunus-nee, and Khalas Fadel Teke

Dalia – Ali wat

Younes- my love, you will eventually be my wife. Seriously, not just on paper

Dalia- go take a bath, what did you say?

Yunus – say my heart

Dalia – our first prayer

Yunus- Oh we pray, we do not pray, why do we not pray?

He changed their clothes and performed washing, praying and praying.

Yunus- Yalla

Dalia – I’m hungry

Younes – why do not we eat?

He started eating it and Dalia ate it badly

Yunus- I say enough is enough … and he pulled the food from her and approached her

Dalia- Ok, can we talk a little?

Yunus cuts Ali Sinaneh – uh, we talk and we do not have to talk. Wait like that … and start unbuttoning his shirt.

And take him into their own world so that Dalia becomes his wife, legally and legally


Yunus opened his eyes and Dalia slept in his lap, folding her head around his chest, her hair falling on her face.

Younes onions and smiles with love and pulls her hair off her face and Fadl ponders her beautiful facial features Dalia opened and closed her eyes

Younes- Blessed tomorrow, my bride

Dalia – God bless you

Yunus- Kharashi in the eyes of my wife

Yunus carried it on his head and inside the bathroom he showered and went out

Yunus – Come, take a shower and go down

Dalia – step

She arranged the world and took a shower, and Yunus came out to meet him.

Yunus – why are you late?

Dalia – You betrayed me, Younes

Yunus- Oh what?

Dalia- Younes

Yunus Kindergarten – My name is so dear to my nation

Dalia – Let’s go, let’s go

Yunus- I say no

Dalia- Uncle, you and I are still

Younes Messak Adiha- Knowledge, I’m afraid you will release joy, I swear by God

Dalia- Haha

Yunus- Ok, I love you

Dalia- My nation and how I know myself

Younes – I love you from the first time I saw you When I saw you I loved you From the first day I saw you in the street You charmed me I thought of you Every time when I was near you I had a feeling for the first time I felt it

Dalia- You will make me love you so much

Younes- and I want it, oh right, you loved me before that

Dalia – First, the association was banned again, oh, but she was young, which means the love of a teenage girl

Yunus- Yes, by God’s will

Dalia- Quiet as this is my cousin and traveled

Younes – now

Dalia- No, of course, it was a time when she was in my prep, now I have my Josie

Yunus- Umm, he walks …… He comes near her and the door slams on him

Yunus – who’s this raccoon? They forgot I’m a groom or what?

Zainab Hanim, I’m waiting for you below


Dalia lag

Younes- Ida, you laugh and your laugh is sweet too

Dalia- Ok, let’s go, okay

Younes- Yalla …… catches her hands and fights

And all were traveling in the morning, and he blessed them and sat down to break them fast.

Yunus- What, Zainbo, is that I’m not a groom

Zainab – a groom, but it’s your system and I did not forget

Yunus- I do not forget, I do not like you, Auntie

Fatima- Haha, may God bless you, my son

Islam – I think I’m getting married

Yunus- Umm, who is she?

Islam – no matter who, the most important thing is to change your outfit like that

Yunus- What’s the change? I followed it. I’m still married yesterday

Suhair – from my nation and you talk a lot about eating like that

Yunus- By God, I’m free and speak as I please

Suhair – Younes, until now I did not speak to you about what you did

Yunus – Umm and what are you doing?

Suhair- You are going to marry a woman, a farmer, and from Upper Egypt

Dalia is stunned – Fellaha … and his money is Upper Egypt, Aunt

So heir

Dalia sat them down and went out

Fatima – What is it, Suhair?

Zainab- He will cry from her, Fatima. There is nothing that will change. I do not know what he thinks of him.

Suhair – he will marry all these girls and marry someone who is not of our level

Yunus angry – I respect you until now because you are my mother, but you will talk to Dalia like that again, I will forget that you are my mother …….

Suhair for himself – I’m not the one who allows the moment of a farmer to deceive all his plans for years Younes Lee Yara


Younes – okay, do not worry

Dalia- What did you do to say that?

Yunus- I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Dalia – Good

Yunus- What do you think walks us from here

Dalia – where are we going?

Yunus- Anywhere, we sue him for our honeymoon

dahlia- nee

Yunus- why?

Dalia – without why?

Younes – what makes you comfortable?

Dalia- You’re not saying that, Mom, why?

Yunus- I tell you, what do you want from her and give you a kiss ………


Yunus- nee


Younes- get ready and go down because your dad’s coming

Dalia – present ……… wear it and walk


An angel was a base in the garden, Islam came from her side

Islam aloud – angel

The angel of a crunch

Islam – I miss you

Angel – Ninninnininni

Islam – honey, my cousin

Angel – without you saying

Islam – the words of the doctor

Angel – I want to sit alone as much as possible

Islam – tomorrow we go

Angel – Loop O Islam

Islam – for my mind

Angel – sure I’m not going away

Islam – you have no idea

Angel – Khalas Hacker

Islam – my love, I swear

Angel – Islam respects yourself

Yunus came to them – they sat together, I mean

Islam – normal

Angel – normal right?

Yunus – what?

Angel – I confirmed a bit

Islam – prove me

Angel – Desperate Desperate, workers say sweet words, I do not respect your presence, Yunus

Islam – I am my nation


Yunus caught Islam out of his shirt – it’s serious, Islam

Islam- ahhh

Yunus- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you do not talk to me a little, uncle

Angel – Eta Eta, you will not change for your sister, Yunus

Yunus – No, I’m just without my wife

Islam – I talked to the doctor and we will go tomorrow

Yunus- Okay, fine

Angel – I do not want it, Islam

Islam – you will go out and force me to tell you

Angel – by the way, you’re cold and have no blood. How many times have I told you that you are interfering in my life?

Islam – I swear by God, I mean a bug like this …. insulting and walking

Angel – do not look like that, Yunus, do not you think it’s cold and many entrances in my life

Yunus – Islam loves you

Angel – you know and you can say too

Yunus- Oh, you will not find anyone who loves you like him

Angel – but I do not like it … I took the chair and left it

After a while, Muhammad’s uncle sat with them for a while.

Muhammad – Let wel, Dalia, Younes

Yunus- In my eyes I swear by God, uncle

Muhammad – Peace be with you, my son, I will not advise you

Yunus – present

Muhammad – I see you are doing well

Dalia with tears – Ok, your uncle is here, Dad, you do not have to walk

Muhammad – He will come to you again, my daughter, and Younes will let you come, or what, Younes?

Younes- sure we’ll hear from you uncle

Mohammed – goodbye

Dalia hugged her – Don ‘t worry about yourself, Daddy

Mohammed – go, my daughter, do not you worry?

Zainab and Fatima go down from above

Younes – what are you going to see?

Fatima- I will go home and take my mother with me to stay for how many days and I can not help

Yunus- It’s not supposed to work, by God, because you’ll despise me, oh

Zainab – and you, my love, are empty of your thoughts about your wife

Yunus – present

Islam – What do you mean, Yunus, you?

Zainab- Come to me, Islam

Islam – present

Muhammad – Be clear about yourself, Dalia

Dalia is his nursery and she is present – present

Abscess them all

Yunus- You will give me very well

Dalia- I want to go with Dad

Yunus- Ok, me

Dalia-Baba is home alone

Younis is a nursery- I tried with her to stay sick here, okay, so I promise you he’s going soon

dahlia- good

Younes – Finn Malak

Dalia – in her midst

Yunus- We’re not going to sleep


I went back to the days of Younes, his love for Dalia, and she was happy with her, the owners of the coins of the operation, and I walked


Dalia – Your phone is Piran, Younes

Younes – Da Omar

Dalia- Omar is my cousin, you talk to him

Yunus Fateh – Woo

Omar- Ag Younes

Yunus – What is it, Omar?

Omar- my uncle is dead

Yunus is shocked – what

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