Younan Saad writes: The decline of Western civilization … the illusion of technology

Several reasons eventually led to this leadership being stripped from the hands of the West. Instead of a single global center for the production of technology, there have been many centers competing violently with the West in the only thing in which it has excelled since it gave up its spiritual and intellectual energy, this thing is technology, and so the West has nothing left to prove its right to lead the world; He voluntarily subjected himself to that soft, lazy age stage that we call the retirement age.

West retreating? You must be crazy

Is it a path of wishful thinking? There is a kind of logical error that students know of logic called (wishful thinking) You wish for the decline of Western civilization, so you gather evidence and proof and fabricate it to prove to yourself that what you wish for is really happening, and I asked myself this question, and the answer was quite clear in my mind, No, I do not wish The decay of a civilization as great as Western civilization has ever been, but it is the case, even with all this terrible technological achievements made by the white-skinned Western wizard.

It’s a great risk to venture into the decay of a civilization that fills the horizons with its technological glory and blinds the masses from moment to moment with a new technological magic, but there are at least a myriad of reasons, and besides it a multitude of intellectuals and sciences who took part – in spite of all that a conviction about the decline of the West and its civilization.

An honorable working life, but unfortunately it will not last forever:

Two major scientific revolutions and three industrial revolutions have established the glory of the West, but it is no longer enough to free the West from entering retirement age for work.

Western Europe in the seventeenth century brought about a huge scientific revolution in the hands of the English mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton. The apple and gravity, a vast stream of inventions and technological goods, start with the steam engine, then railroads and cars, and end with wired phones, airplanes and the cinema, so that people’s eyes have been amazed and their mouths all over the world remained open to this new technological magic.

By the first half of the twentieth century, the achievements of the first scientific revolution had begun to fade somewhat, and the West was then on the verge of falling completely with World War II, but the lifeboat came with the second scientific revolution. Quantum physics built by Einstein and his colleagues who preceded him and those who came to him suddenly, along with the West, became a deadly weapon that everyone feared.

The second scientific revolution came in conjunction with World War II, these years of the forties of the twentieth century were the moment of death and the moment of the second birth of the West at the same time, Europe completely lost its economic and infrastructure structure with the war, but it came out of this battle victorious anyway, and in Her hands is a deadly nuclear weapon, with which she could protect against the evil of the sons of other civilizations, by simply swinging it, and so she could rebuilding herself again and quietly eliminating her enemies, until the moment of the third birth arrived.

The new technological revolution was the communications revolution, the third birth moment that once again guaranteed the West efficiency and leadership, the internet for everyone, cell phones, advanced search tools on the virtual network and social networking sites, and so the West was completely drunk with his successive technological achievements, and it does not know that this third coronation moment This is precisely the moment that he signed the retirement form of the world leader in the field of technology.

Time to retire at work

Six reasons technology has made a powerful weapon in the hands of the West, the economic power of technology, the moral power of technology, the ability of technology to meet the real needs of people, the ability of technology to free desire to stimulate consumption in humans, the ability to monopolize the information needed to build new technology, and ultimately this is the foundation on which all other forces of technology build: the great scientific revolutions.

All of these ingredients leaked out of the hands of the West one by one, leaving it only one among the many who manufacture technology and trade its benefits.

Technology economic strength:

From that moment on, when technical information became available to everyone on the Internet, and there was an opportunity to endlessly copy Western technology, China excelled as an example to many countries in this, and built up profits at the expense of the West, and all its efforts to force China to comply with intellectual property laws, and so the West gave its enemies the knife with which they slaughtered it (this is the same expression in an earlier article with the same title on the page of the seventh day ).

The political power of technology:

When the Westerners surprised the Ottoman armies with long rifles from which shells came out of fire, there was for nothing but great surprise, the same surprise with which the boys of Africa and Asia captured Western inventions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, all among the power of the new Western ruler capable of performing miracles This astonishment and admiration for the technological miracles of the West has established a moral authority which has been translated into an overwhelming political and literary authority all over the world Technology in the whole world is nothing but a superficial repetition of old miracles or the production of new technological miracles that no one needs. Only minor exceptions to technologies that people need, such as the development of medical and prosthetic devices for the disabled and injured, escape from this issue.

The ability of technology to meet real human needs:

The engine, the car, the railway, antibiotics, airplanes, telephones and the internet all met real human needs, but most of the new technologies that followed the communication revolution have so far not met real needs, simply because technology has so far fulfilled all our real needs that they could. Any technology, whatever their realization. As for the dreams of robots that will serve humans, invade and occupy space, and produce the artificial human brain and avatar that will appear to you from the phone screen, these are dreams that do not impress the masses because it does not appeal to them. do not meet real needs and do not even stimulate their desire to buy, someone may mock and say: Technology has fulfilled all our dreams, and all that is left is to invent a new technology that helps people get good smells out of their butt to get.

The ability of technology to stimulate the free desire to consume:

This is an old saying that is repeated by many Western philosophers and thinkers and is still worth remembering, that we consume many new technologies to show class, to prove that I belong to a particular social class, which belong to a class that is capable of meeting the new technology, or even of psychological needs such as low self-esteem and emotional void. And depression, all are reasons that stimulate the free desire to buy what a person does not need, and regardless of the morality of the matter or not, or for the producer or the consumer, this particular point has helped the West to its profits out of technology for a long time to double. As for the bad news for the West, many centers of Civilization around the world have started competing and surpassing the West in this same (immoral) matter. The good news for us is that this consumption pattern may not last long, especially with the successive economic crises caused by the massive population explosion of people.

The ability to monopolize information:

As it has now become clear to everyone that no one can withhold the technical and scientific information needed to build or reproduce technology, especially with the presence of the internet, and so a large number of civilized centers have flourished that are capable of is to produce technology that is often superior to Western technology.

The Great Scientific Revolutions:

Technology around the world is built on the shoulders of the two scientific revolutions of Newton and Einstein, and the world has been plodding since the end of the second scientific revolution to produce a new scientific revolution that gives hope in endless technology, once by striving to produce the theory of everything, and again by striving to reveal the deep secret of the human mind, and the bad news For the West, the Western philosophy of science on which the two previous revolutions were based is no longer valid for the production of a new scientific revolution, but it may come from another civilization that is not bound by the traditions of Western formal logic on which the whole of Western civilization is built. In short, a third scientific revolution will require a new logic and a new philosophy.

technology illusion

Technology is only one pillar of civilization, there is religion, philosophy, morals, arts and sciences that care about the soul and mind of man, and in addition there is the political system that is able to turn all these buildings in one direction push. , and since the West left the development of its spiritual and moral structure, since the beginning of the greatest His interest in technical sciences at the expense of other humanities while plowing.Lislow, Henry, Brooks Adams, Spillinger, Heidegger and other Westerners the prediction. this decline of an early age and written about it, perhaps three hundred years ago, the first prophecy of the decline of Western civilization appeared, but they did not live to see the show The great decline of this decline in the mothers of their eyes, but three hundred years was enough time for the raging wave of Western technology to subside and “reveal behind it the true decline that silenced and disguised it.” This is the prophecy of Henry Adams, the European historian of the nineteenth century, and there is no better expression than this about And they are the technology in which Westerners have stepped, and we, the children of colored peoples, have for a very long time time trapped in the same trap.

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