39 years since the departure of the cinema villain “The Good” Mahmoud El-Meligy

He is a giant in acting and plays his roles with unparalleled skill. He was known as a screen villain for the many evil roles he presented in his films, and the title of Anthony Quinn of the East for his excellent portrayal in the movie “Al Qadisiyah”, and the great artist Mahmoud El Meligy was able to combining roles of evil and good in His works until He has reached a wide audience through His career.

The artist Mahmoud El-Meligy was born in the Maghribin district of Cairo, and he died on this day, June 6, 1983, that is, 39 years ago, at the age of seventy-six.

At the beginning of his life, he joined the theater group at Khediveiya Secondary School, where the school director encouraged him to perform because he admired his performance.

In one of the school’s performances, the artist attended Fatma Rushdy with Aziz Saeed, and was fascinated by his performance and offered to work in her group. He has small roles in the two plays, Majnoon Laila, 667 Olives, for four pounds a month, and then moved to the Ramses Troops to work for ten pounds a month.

Fatima Rushdy produced a film for him in 1932 (Marriage in the Modern Way), when Badr Lama chose him to play the role of Ward, Qais’s rival, in Qais and Laila.

The most important stage in his life was his position before Umm Kulthum in her first film “Wedad.” Then director Youssef Chahine chose him in his most famous role, Ahmed Abu Swailem in the movie “The Land” about the story of Abdel Rahman Al-Sharqawi, the number of his films reached almost 400 films. He was a common denominator in most of the films of Ismail Yassin and Farid Shawqi.

Director Youssef Chahine described him as the artist who presents his role with a spontaneity that no other actor has, and from here he was a partner in most of Mahmoud El-Meligy’s films.

Most film critics described him as a great star who was not only an actor but a great artist who lived to give us life lessons through his great art, and a refined person who was the godfather of a great number of stars was.

Most of his roles, even the roles of evil, were aimed at more love, goodness and loyalty to people and the country .. He was an art school in itself .. He was truly a professor in the art of spontaneous, natural acting, far from any emotion, convulsions or nervousness .. He was convincing.The spectator did not act, and then gained the love and trust of the masses.

It is “Muhammad Abu Swailem” that we saw while tied up with ropes pulled by horses on the ground and trying to cling to their roots. He is the great artist Mahmoud El-Meligy, who today marks the 39th anniversary of his death four. as he died on this day in 1983.

Mahmoud El-Meligy’s greatness in the movie The Land was not only in the performance, but in the fact that he played a role in expressing his truth, especially when he refused to implement this scene through the alternative “Doppler “and insisted on implementing it themselves.

“Al-Meligy” has presented more than 750 works of art, including cinema, theater, television and radio, and Arab artists have called him “Anthony Quinn of the East”, after seeing him play the same role as Anthony Quinn abroad. version of the movie “Al-Qadisiyah” with the same perfection, and even better. His role in the movie “Qais and Laila” was the beginning of his evil roles, which continued for almost thirty years in movie theaters. Where he co-hosted with Farid Shawqi a successful artistic duo, which resulted in four hundred films.

The turning point in El-Meligy’s life came in 1970, when director Youssef Chahine chose him to play the role of “Mohamed Abu Swailem” in the movie “The Land”. He later worked in all of Youssef Chahine’s films, which are: “The Choice, The Bird, The Return of the Prodigal Son, Alexandria Les, and An Egyptian Story.”

Mahmoud El-Meligy was no ordinary artist. He rather entered the field of film production, as a contribution to increase the level of artistic production and fight the wave of naive films. He has presented a number of films, for example: “The White Angel, The Murderous Mother, The Arms Market, The Gambler,” and has presented many of The New Faces of Cinema, as he was the first to portray Farid Shawqi, Tahia Karioka, Mohsen Sarhan, Hassan Youssef, and others presented.

Mahmoud El-Meligy has managed to embody several roles, taking on more than one character: “the thief, the criminal, the strongman, the lover, the detective, the police, the pasha, the old man, the farmer, the doctor, the lawyer. ” He also played comic roles.

Just as El-Meligy was an artist who was honest with himself, he was with his lifelong companion, artist Alawia Jamil, whom he married in 1939 and remained faithful to her for forty-four years until his death. .Cheap Art Currents, although he had to work in businesses in the 1970s like Hello I’m the Cat, he is a symbol of a self-respecting artist who respects his audience.

El-Meligy died on June 6, 1983 after a severe heart attack after a journey of giving with art that lasted for more than half a century, during which he presented more than 750 works of art, including cinema, theater, television and radio. , and while a fighter was dying on the battlefield, Mahmoud El-Meligy died in The Location of the Filming, while preparing to shoot the last tracks of his role in the TV movie “Ayoub”, suddenly, while drank with coffee. his friend Omar Sharif, “Al-Meligy” fell to everyone’s surprise.

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