8 engines of economic growth to implement the vision of economic modernization

The vision of economic modernization is implemented by 8 engines of economic growth, covering 35 main and sub-sectors covering more than 366 initiatives.

The vision is national and aims to modernize the economy by developing a solid plan and roadmap, the most important of which is to increase the income of the citizen, to ensure a better quality of life, by developing all sectors and to develop the abilities of individuals. , by national engines.

First: row high value industrieswhich includes 9 sectors including 104 initiatives, and directs the process of implementing future strategies to advance the Jordanian industrial economy and transform the Kingdom into a major industrial center in the region and a center for exporting products, by rapidly provide growing exports with leading and high value products.

Particular attention is paid to building integrated value chains, stimulating productivity and innovation, and achieving synergies across the UK’s industrial portfolio by seamlessly linking sectors in terms of supply, knowledge and market flow.

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