Cooperation, exchange of experiences and bridges of development in “Egypt can work with industry”

The sixth session of the “Egypt Can” conferences has certainly proved its success since the first moments of the opening of the conference. I was eager to attend the opening of the sixth issue, entitled “Egypt Can Through Industry,” which was held in the Administrative Capital with others who would like to attend and follow up this important conference on industry, which is a pillar of support is. in the Egyptian economy We are all looking forward to its progress and development, and increasing its competitiveness in the world, thereby increasing the national income of our country.

It is certain that every lover of Egypt wishes that we cross the industry to new horizons, and that Egypt becomes one of the great industrial powers in the world, and there is no doubt that we have many ingredients that can turn the dream into reality. . We must benefit from the experiences of others who have preceded us in some fields and in the use of modern technology.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that this large presence of international expertise, Egyptians abroad, and businessmen from African countries who filled the great hall at Al-Massa Hotel in the Administrative Capital – the conference has made success and distinction since the first moments of its opening, and there is no doubt that behind this great presence great efforts It began a few months ago for the Ministry of Immigration and Egypt Foreign Affairs, which held the conference in collaboration with other ministries and involved parties.

A large number of Egyptian statesmen attended, which also gave him interest, as dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, who in an intervention during the opening session emphasized the importance of the state’s orientation as a priority for the construction and establishment of infrastructure, because of its importance in Egypt’s success in promoting development and progress in the fields of industry, investment and tourism. Thus, the sixth edition of the Egypt Conferences was the strongest, in terms of its effectiveness, the distinction of its discussions and its ability to build new bridges for development, cooperation, exchange of experiences and alliances in the field of industry, especially building new bridges with the African continent. It is certain that behind the success of the conference is a leading minister who understands her responsibility, has successful initiatives and is highly efficient, who has enabled her to attract successful models of Egyptians abroad, who have come to their homeland has to contribute to its progress. , establish new modern projects and give their expertise in all honesty, and offer suggestions to solve many of the obstacles they see as an obstacle to Egypt’s progress.

As I touched, Egyptians abroad needed someone to encourage them and invite them to present their international experiences, or to participate in projects that serve the country, and in Egypt’s 2030 sustainable development plan .

The conference was held over two days and was organized by the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, in collaboration with the Ministries of Trade, Industry, Military Production, the public business sector, and a number of institutions and stakeholders.

Among the many fruits of the conference, important recommendations were reached during the 12 sessions, the first of which are: the encouragement of effective partnership between industrial and educational institutions by establishing strategic alliances aimed at bridging the gap between education and industry , support and benefit research centers. of international scientific expertise in research serving the digital technology and renewable energy components industry.

The second: interest in expanding the manufacture of electric vehicle components, such as batteries and charging systems, as it is considered a promising market for Egypt, with the expansion of the equipment of charging stations in preparation for the future global trend to switch after the use of electric vehicles.

The third: the definition of a strategy for sustainable development and green transformation, enabling environmentally friendly and green industries, and the promotion of the use of green hydrogen, as well as the use of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things to monitor emissions, and distribute it over a geographical area. scale to determine emission rates and their relationship to the human mass.

Fourth: Strengthening executive mechanisms to support exports with a highly competitive advantage, facilitating all modes of access to international markets, developing Egyptian exports abroad, and improving its competitive position in global markets.

Fifth: Localization of the information technology industry and electronic solutions, as well as expanding collaboration with leading companies in the Arab and international region to redesign technology and translate practical and operational requirements to provide technological solutions offered to public and private sector institutions word.

Sixth: Expanding the use of digital technology to create a smart healthcare system for every citizen; To facilitate the process of tracing the health status of patients, and then to plan more effectively for health initiatives adopted by the state in the future, as well as to locate and develop capabilities and the industry of electronic medical supplies and devices in To develop Egypt. Seventh: To work to adapt food products to the standards of the regional and global markets, to work to remove the obstacles facing the Egyptian food industries in the African market, and to conduct research and studies on the support area of ​​food industries. Eighth: The need to open effective communication channels between Egyptians abroad and the relevant government institutions in Egypt, to ensure access to all information and to find out about developments in business. Ninth: Facilitating administrative procedures to start industrial activities, overcoming relevant obstacles with expanding the provision of industrial areas and complexes for small and medium enterprises with payment facilities through real estate financing systems or usufruct. This should be one of the fruits of the conference, which observed many sessions in which many discussions On the importance of moving to industry in a recent way, a collaboration protocol was signed between the Ministry of Immigration and the Academy of Scientific Research to maximize the benefit from the experiences of Egyptians abroad. Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, and Ing. Signing of the protocol. Under this protocol, it is possible to maximize the benefit from the experiences of Egyptians abroad, including scholars and experts, to support national development plans. In this context, the Minister also emphasized that the series of “Egypt Can” conferences could consolidate the participation of Egyptian scientists, experts, businessmen and investors abroad in the various development sectors in the Egyptian state. To work for the promotion of constructive cooperation and joint efforts between them and the various state institutions; To work on the exploitation of their scientific and practical capabilities, in a way that contributes to increasing the benefit of Egypt’s scientific and intellectual wealth of Egyptians abroad in development projects, benefit from international experiences and the application of modern technological systems in various sectors, in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the sustainable development strategy in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision. Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, also honored a number of partners in the conference, who she named Success Partners, and who participated in the “Egypt Can With Industry” conference, including, for example, Dr. Hani Damian, an economist and former finance minister, ambassador Albert Muchinga, African Union commissioner for trade and industry, dr. Amani Asfour, president of the African Business Council, dr. Akram Soliman, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Alexandria Branch, Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail, President of the Academy and the scientific sponsor of the conference, and Dr. Sherine Helmy, Chairman of the Board of Pharco. A number of industry pioneers were also honored, such as the name of the late Eng. Mohamed Farid Khamis, the name of the late Hajj Mahmoud El Araby, Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and Mr. Tamer Magdy, managing director of Sinai Cement Company. One of the highlights was that African entrepreneurs honored the Minister of Immigration at the end of the Egypt You Can Industry Conference in this session, which is the largest in the series of Egypt You Can conferences in its sixth edition. Ambassador Albert Muchinga, Economic Commissioner of the African Union, emphasized his appreciation for the efforts of Ambassador Nabila Makram and invited her to visit the African Union and learn more about its activities. I must also mention that many ministers were eager to take part in the sessions and dialogue with those present, which had a positive impact on the foreign and African participants, including for example the Minister of Planning, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Dr. Nevin Gamea, Minister of Industry and Trade, Minister of the Environment Yasmine Fouad, and Ambassador Ahmed El Molla, Minister of Petroleum. Many Egyptian businessmen and investors, including senior Egyptian industrialists, also attended.

It is certain – after the sessions and side talks observed – that these conferences, which took the name “Egypt Can”, especially with the end of “Egypt Can with Industry”, built effective bridges of communication to achieve the sustainable development goals. for Egypt 2030, which are important bridges of cooperation and development contributing to the renaissance of Egypt.Through cooperation, encouragement and invitation of successful Egyptians abroad, to present their broad international experiences in various fields; Which will inevitably contribute to promoting and accelerating the movement of development and progress in modern Egypt.

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