Drama “The Resting One” .. Work to increase the slogan “So that the smoke does not fly”!

Written by: Rizan Al-Arbawi

counter Drama and film Taking on the task of putting certain issues under the microscope of observation, in an effort to address some of the shortcomings that threaten community buildingand undergo economic crimes And the various crimes that fall under this name, such as e.g. to invest money Scam and fraud to sell the illusion of getting rich quick, and to expose the scenes of corruption of attempts to legitimize suspicious funds illegally collected or known as money laundering, and the term has spread in the recent periodleftoversWith the recurrence of fraudulent crimes under the name of investment money, the most recent of which was the case of Mustafa Al-Bank, known as “Aswan’s resting place”, covering the case of Al-Rayyan, Al-Saad and others .To draw attention to these economic crimes and open the windows of consciousness so that the rotten smoke can fly.

The Egyptian drama sheds light on the issues of money investing or money laundering, to arouse the viewer’s curiosity to detect the various details and scenes of corruption cases, and comes in the content of the work or within its context, and the last of these works. was starring in the series “Secret File” starring Hani Salama, whose events revolved around corruption issues, including laundry The money, and the series, written by Mahmoud Hajjaj and directed by Hassan Al-Balassi, and starring Majed Al-Masry, the Tunisian Aisha. bin Ahmed and Nidal Al-Shafei.

The case was handled in a comical manner within the events of the series “Al Kabeer 6” in its sixth season, where the character Hamdi Al-Marghani – who appeared as a guest of honor in one of the episodes – as “Dr. Madkour ”, and he tries to deceive the people of the village of Mazarita and seize their property in exchange for the illusion of quick riches, The series is with Ahmed Mekky, Rahma Ahmed and Mohamed Salam, directed by Ahmed El Gendy, and written by Ezz El Din and Mustafa Saqr.

The “Al-Rayyan” series discussed the most well-known issues of money-raising companies, which sparked widespread controversy during the 1980s, and it was the “Al-Rayyan” company that engaged in fraudulent activities. Huge, and his owner, businessman Ahmed Al-Rayyan were eventually sentenced to prison, working with the late Khaled Saleh, Salah Abdullah and Bassem Samra, a dramatic treatment, a screenplay by Hazem Al-Hadidi and directed by Sherine Adel. series “Exit from the Predicament” tells the story of a man named “Mr. Youssef” one Owners of fundraising companies that spread in Egypt during the eighties, and caused many problems for the national economy, in addition to fraud and theft of citizens’ money The series starring Yahya Al-Fakharani, Ahmed Tawfiq, Rania Farid Shawqi, written by Nabil Allam and directed by Safwat Al-Qushayri.

In the events of the “Ankabut” series, the character “Al-Nouri” who steals from the villagers for the account of a journalist named “Abdo El-Desouki” appeared through a money-making company. And in the cinema, Ahmed Mazhar offered through the movie “The Green Threshold” the role of a deceiver who deceives a man from Upper Egypt that he can sell Ataba Square to him so that he believes him and all his put money to buy the square.Directed by Fateen Abdel Wahab.

Adel Imam also presented a treatment of the issue through the movie “Kracon on the Street”, which was about the story of a family who were forced to live in shelters after the collapse of their house, to be deceived by a contractor who sells the illusion to them of the provision of a new home, with Yousra, written by Ahmed Al-Khatib, directed by Ahmed Yahya, and the events of the movie “Abu Khatwa” revolve around the scam below the guise of money-making companies, by the character of “Abu Khatwa”, a physical education teacher, who puts his money in an investment company but discovers that the company is nothing but an illusion, and the film plays Shahat Mabrouk and Hussein Sherbini and Talaat Zakaria.

economic gap

Regarding the importance of the dramatic treatment of fraud and deception crimes, screenwriter Muhammad Al-Hanawi says: “One of the tasks of the drama is to draw attention to various cases and crimes, and to serve as a warning bell for seriousness. of it and the social, psychological and economic consequences, and money-investing crimes are among the most dangerous kinds of fraud that target the dreams and ambitions of simple people to raise their level. In addition to creating an economic and social gap between members of society, and increasing poverty rates, drama is considered as one of the outlets for the broadcasting of public consciousness, and there are some works that have succeeded in a drama and to create a world full of details with the characters of deceivers, who show the viewer the secrets of those worlds and their games, and it is The magic of art that shapes the conscience and simulates reality, and can even change it if the dramatic necessity and the creative spirit it requires, and always victory for imagination and skills in the presentation of the parallel world that delights the spectator. , whether this world is full of deceivers or others. When the issue of revenge, for example, was dealt with dramatically, it was presented by a true mass series that managed to achieve the desired echo, such as the series (Wolves of the Mountain). What is bubble drama that is concerned with providing entertainment only on the pretext that it is the first and essential function of film and television, as it is a wrong logic whose purpose is to create a comic art to a basic function of art and its the ability to raise awareness on various issues. ”

Regarding the reasons for the recurrence and spread of the phenomenon, despite the diversity of the dramatic approach, he says: “Because the economic problems that people experience are more complex than drama, in addition to the lack of awareness and ingenuity and the decline in jobs that helped change the value system, we need a revolution to fix concepts first, away from business. Promoting the concepts of getting rich quick and nurturing the culture of illusion, and the tendency of most playwrights to focus on certain styles. ”

He adds: “If there is a balanced comparison for the writer and director’s cunning to mix dramatic fun with thorny topics away from convenience and stereotypical presentation, whether in dealing with economic crimes or the world of businessmen and the related sub-money laundering crimes, but unfortunately we miss the mastery and artistic vision that is able to create the required movement, except in rare cases.In addition, we suffer from the problem of cadres working in drama, as they need support and opportunities .

boundaries and dimensions

Critic Hanan Shoman stressed the need to deal with art as a means of entertainment in the first place, without burdening it with any educational functions. The first is entertainment and it has levels and degrees. Entertainment does not mean that we offer vulgar art, but what is needed is to strike a real balance between entertainment and content. Works can be presented with messages and content, but it lacks enjoyment, and the problem of drama in raising such issues is that most of them tend to be serious stereotypes, especially when economic crimes are related to businessmen, and the repetition of the stereotype has entrenched a negative image of businessmen among the public.The role of film and drama is to introduce these models to the public, but this does not eliminate them, because art is a reflection of what is happening in society and not its role in crime prevention, it may succeed in raising awareness and drawing attention to corruption in its various colors, but it does not necessarily provide solutions or reform the universe, and in using drama to society within the boundaries and dimensions of social responsibility of art, is not done with a strong focus on the elements that do not carry negative values ​​and behaviors.

Schumann indicated that the drama is still inspired by real events, professional scammers who use the latest methods, including religious, emotional and psychological, and all play on weaknesses, especially greed and the desire to rebel against reality, and in international films. also things go in a more literal way according to this framework.And skill due to the advancement of technologies and technology, the difference in place, the characters, the frameworks of thinking and implementation, and as long as the elements of mastery and logic are available in the idea, plot and implementation with the factors of narrative excitement and their simulation of real issues, the work succeeds and unites the viewer with the quorum.

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