Execution for a photo .. A young man kills a citizen he does not know for a woman he did not see in Alexandria

Satan stood and learned much from the cunning and cunning of this woman, who drew and planned a heinous crime, no one was familiar with the details of it, in this way, as she leaves a young man a person killed what he did not know, for a woman he did not know.

The verdict was issued yesterday, in the crime that started a year ago, when a girl married her cousin in Alexandria, who is a few years older than her, but the marriage was full of problems and crises, which the plagued marriages, mediators tried unsuccessfully to intervene to resolve them.

The woman decided that it was inevitable to get rid of the man, and she thought a lot about killing him, but she failed, and she did not give up, so her evil demon led her to the seeking help from a friend, and for what she thought and managed until she got on social media what she wanted.

The woman designed a page on social media, and put a picture of a beautiful lady on it, and she misled her friends that she was the woman with the picture, so the young men competed to talk to her via chat in the absence of the man, until the heart of a twenty-year-old young man residing in the Alexandria governor became attached to him, and she promised him the nights of love in the Mediterranean bride, so that he understood Het. The young man fell in love with this playful woman, and became self-righteous with her in one night.

The moment the young man wished came when the lady asked him to come to her apartment in Alexandria to spend a night together, but she revealed a dangerous secret to him, when she told him assured that she is a beautiful girl, who was raped. and that her family forced her rapist to marry her, and that she wanted to get rid of this person by killing him, and on the way thereafter would hand over everything to him after she killed her husband.

The young man did not hesitate to agree to the request of the beautiful lady, as he saw her on social media, although her story is faint, so the two set a date for the meeting, and asked him to to travel from Giza to Alexandria, and to sit in a cafe under the property, and that she would send one of her relatives to him with the key to the apartment and a knife to get rid of her husband. And indeed, the young man came to sit at the cafe until dawn, then snuck into the property where he met the “woman” whom he had not yet seen and who had deceived him that she was a relative of the woman who spoke to him via social media, and she gave him the knife and key, so he went to the scene and committed his crime and fled.

The woman claimed in front of the detectives that thieves had raided the apartment, killed her husband and tied her up with ropes. They did not believe her story, especially after she confirmed that a dispute over antiquities and a piece of land was behind the crisis. . and by examining the surveillance cameras in front of the property, they noticed a young man coming in minutes before the crime, and by checking her phone it was found that she was in contact with a young man, his identity was identified and arrested, where he fully confessed to the crime, and his shock was in the unattractive lady, when he saw her for the first time and knew he was running after a mirage on social media.

The Alexandria criminal court, Dekheila complex, decided to refer the papers of a worker and a housewife to the Mufti of Egypt, to express a legal opinion in their execution, and accused them of being the woman killed her husband, as the events of the incident in the case. No. Omara, Assistant Minister, Director of Alexandria Security, issued a notice from the second head of the Amreya police department, stating that the victim’s body was found in the apartment where he lived in his residence, the department of the department. has..

The investigations of the second detectives of the Amriya Police Department revealed that the second accused, 26 years old, a housewife, with the first accused, 20 years old, a worker, agreed to kill her husband, and to penetrate their satanic thinking, after the first accused got to know the second accused through social media, the first accused came from Giza Governor to the governor.Alexandria in her residence, and the accused hid him inside the apartment until the victim returned to her husband, and when he fell asleep, the second accused gave the first accused a knife and tied her with a rope to remove the suspicion from her according to their previous circumvention It claimed his life , and the intensification of investigations indicated that the accused and the first accused the incident, and a report was issued regarding the incident, and by the suspects to the Public Prosecution before decided to refer them to the Alexandria Criminal Court, which decided the next sitting on 4 July to pronounce the sentence of their execution. .

The case was led by counselor Karim Abdel Aziz, head of the Dekheila Public Prosecution Office, in which the prosecution quoted several Koranic verses warning against the loss of an innocent soul foundations of society’s existence.

Counselor Karim Abdel Aziz indicated in his plea that the accused had all respect, even though God blessed her with marriage, and endowed her with four children, and instead of caring for our Lord in her husband and children , she got rid of him, and since life is a gift from God, no one should waste it except for her right: “What mother are you to kill an innocent person and deprive him of his children? deprive, and what wife are you to kill your husband and make a deal with the first accused and provide him with the weapon used to kill your husband and give him a bottle of perfume What country do you carry and what air?.

And the Public Prosecutor’s Representative, Advocate Ayman Halawa, a second prosecutor, Al-Amriya, went on to say that the report of the victim’s anatomical character proved that he had a deep cut in his left forearm and cuts on his left hand. has. , the left shoulder and the right neck, and there is a stitch to the left of the neck that penetrates in the direction of the lung, the confession of the accused, the weapon used, and the report of the Laboratory Investigations Emirate The genetic fingerprint of the victim corresponds to the traces of blood on the rope with which the second accused was tied, and their confession to commit the incident..

In his plea, the Public Prosecution described this crime as a crime of aggression against the right to life, demanding that the accused be punished with the maximum punishment, namely the death penalty..

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