How do we close the doors of backwardness?

(It is necessary for the owners of money to think well and move to spending)

Imam Shirazi

The reasons for underdevelopment are many, and they are mostly known to policymakers, but the problem relates to non-political aspects, including the culture of society, and the customs and traditions that regulate social activities and transactions. based on the mutual cooperation of society, it will create the conditions necessary for stability community progress.

Is there a link between underdevelopment and money? Many people ask about an effective answer, so the people involved answer, yes, there is a close link between underdevelopment and the lack of money or the scarcity of it. Money through donations, or the payment of legal fees, or any other method that helps increase the abundance of money, the elimination of underdevelopment is possible through planning.

There is thus a very large role for the abundance of money in the expulsion of backwardness and its manifestations, and the transformation of the individual and the society of crises, violation of rights and chaos in an organized and cooperative society, in which the rich people help the poor, and a culture of cooperation, donation and useful charity prevails.

The late Imam, the Great Ayatollah, Sayyid Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi (may God have mercy on him), offers wonderful practical suggestions to eradicate backwardness, and practical steps can be taken to overcome the obstacles of delay to look at what was mentioned in the book (Spend to Advance) by Imam al-Shirazi, in which he said:

(There is a great responsibility over money, with it everything can be done, and money is with the people of wealth, they are responsible, and God has decided in their money a known right, for the beggar and the deprived).

If the rich carry a great responsibility, and they can spread the culture of charitable donations and establish development projects to change society, and a culture of cooperation, synergy and cohesion prevails among all, because money overcomes the great problems addressed with abundance can be of money and planning, so that the rich can save society, And to contribute to the development of the country.

Absence of the role of the rich

It is true that the issue of people’s progress and stability, and the organization of their lives and their relationships, is the responsibility of the government and the state, but the role of the rich in developing people socially, strengthening their mutual relations, and the provision of opportunities for progress for them by the large funds owned by the rich should not be neglected.Development productivity of charitable nature, through these projects many people and families are saved from poverty and need.

The rich who spend their money on charity projects will contribute to the salvation of society, especially the needy and the poor, by learning their skills and providing them with appropriate employment opportunities. There are successful global experiences in this field, including the experience of soft loans in Bangladesh, which revived the economy and saved millions from poverty, At the same time a great financial abundance was achieved for the owner of the project, and he is credited with the development of society and the state and has the youth helped to progress.

For this reason, Imam Shirazi believes that (in the absence of money, delay occurs, so it is necessary for the owners of money to think carefully, and then continue spending, that by liberation they liberate their land and their youth from fall ed., preserve their entity from danger, and absorb the people’s curse on them, in addition to them They serve their religion and principles, fulfill their trust and free their necks from the Fire, so is there anyone who thinks or remembers?) .

Whoever spends his money on projects that help people and facilitate a decent existence for them will be recorded in the balance of human good deeds. In addition to the great social status he gained due to his prestige with the poor, he will wait for his reward for him in the hereafter, and his work in this world and the hereafter will be in favor, and there are successful examples of the attitudes of the rich with their families and communities.

Some rich people wonder why this western country is more advanced and developed than ours, and this is a question we hear a lot and is repeated on people’s mouths, but they are not looking for the reasons for that country’s progress, and they do not care that its rich actively participate in the opening and support of large and diverse development projects, in which they serve their people, The rich in our countries are reluctant to take such effective, beneficial and life-saving charitable steps.

This is confirmed by Imam Al-Shirazi in his statement:

(They ask: Why is the country so-and-so advanced in the West? So, let them know: that one rich man in the West has – alone – established four hundred bookshops, in a group of many projects, and that ‘ a branch of one company in the West donated two hundred and fifty cars to preach in an Islamic capital, and that One of them donated sixty million dollars to the church .. Is there a relationship between what we do and what are they doing?).

Charity Support Initiatives

Wealthy people in the West donate and support Western projects without their religion forcing them to take such actions. It is rather their social culture that encourages them to take such good initiatives, which means that the culture of donation is inculcated in the child from an early age. age, and he grows and grows with this culture, and he does not hesitate to donate Part of his money to launch this or that development project.

As for us, most of the rich do not take such constructive steps, and the reason is a lack of culture, hesitation and a lack of altruism. There is rather selfishness and a monopoly on money, and a complete unwillingness to contribute to the development of society, as the rich do not have the duty to promote society, its life and culture, but it is rather the responsibility of the government.And that is a completely wrong justification because money can solve many people’s problems.

Imam Shirazi says at this point:

(It is strange that their religion does not have financial obligations that they have to pay, as far as our religion is concerned, it contains the five, the zakat, alms, gifts, the known right of the beggar and the deprived, and therein is the obligation of jihad with money. We think of tomorrow (the world), not the day after tomorrow (the afterlife) !!

For these reasons and also others, we note that the progress between us and the West is wide, they are competing today to reveal the secrets of space and storm other planets, while we are still moving in our places, in terms of industry and even agriculture, and there are examples we live of today of the lack of production and the spread of underdevelopment as is happening today in Iraq, where agriculture has reached its lowest levels in the (land of blackness) and industry has come to a complete standstill and we have become a consuming nation selling oil to buy food, drink and clothing, a completely consuming nation.

But if the rich are awake and take the initiative to develop possible solutions, we can begin the step of a thousand miles, to join the global race scrambling to discover space in its most accurate detail. Therefore, a culture of donation must spread among us, and launch charity development projects to promote, develop and promote our societies.

Imam Shirazi says:

(Some peoples have reached the moon, and some Islamic peoples do not even make needles, so what is the difference between us and them? The rich among us if they give generously, and the people of power continue to give up and serve generously, so perhaps we avoid some of the delays we experience).

Finally, as we note that backwardness has many doors in our societies, and that the solution is known, there is a responsibility for money and its owners, and it is necessary to spend from the great wealth available in the hands of the rich. , and it is better for the culture of donation to rule and spread among all, to allow our society and our state to rise and develop, it is a religious, human, moral and social duty that must be addressed today before tomorrow word.

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