PANET | ‘Do not make it a deadly weapon in your children’s hands’

Many parents complain about the phenomenon of their children of all ages spending long hours in front of smart devices or phone and computer screens.

the risks that may result from exposing their children to screens, especially those who are still developing; As well as some of the unlimited content on the internet and smart devices, where the child can download any application he wants to obtain, such as games, various programs, communication websites and others without parental supervision or knowledge.
Many parents try hard to draw boundaries for their children with regard to the use of these devices in vain, as the degree of attachment of young and old has touched them beyond all imagination, and therefore many find themselves confused about how to control and rules set. to prevent addiction to these screens ..
Parents bear the responsibility not to make these devices and screens like a silent deadly weapon that harms the bodies of their children, their minds and their childhood.

“Electronic screens are a qualitative leap for the child from the real world to the virtual world”
Say a psychologist who specializes in education d. Reham Diab in an interview with Hala Channel on this issue: “Without a doubt, technology in general and all electronic screens in particular have become a huge space in the world of children and our world as adults. These electronic screens use some programs that attract children’s attention greatly so that you see that the child He likes to spend a long time in front of these screens without feeling the passage of time.We are talking here about children who do not have someone they like from their parents down look, so the danger is formed for these children, especially since we are dealing with great harm because exposure to these electronic screens is a qualitative leap for the child from the real world to the virtual world, leading to the reflection of this damage to the child’s psychological and emotional behavior, in addition to a marked decrease in his educational performance. ”

“The child’s long-term dependence on these programs will limit the development of his social skills.”
And about the impact of screens on the social abilities of the child, said d. Reham Diab told Hala TV: “Social skills are what the child acquires by mixing with people in his surrounding environment and building relationships with peers, so the child’s dependence for a long time on these programs will increase the development of these limited social skills and abilities. Also, as the child moves from home environment to environment, there will be a very large gap in the child, for his presence in front of something he cannot talk to, and his transition to an educational framework in which he must talk and build. relationships will cause him difficulty due to the fact that he does not acquire sufficient skills that will enable him to mingle with the people around him in a safe and healthy way.In addition, his stay for long hours in front of screens leads to social isolation and to be more susceptible to autism.Although technology contributes to the child’s auditory and visual perception, his cognitive perception will be weak, and this will cause him to be exposed to intellectual lethargy.

“Parents need to be firm and put restrictions on the use of electronic devices.”
And about the limits of using devices in terms of times, said d. Reham Diab: “When parents set limits on the use of these devices, it will help the child to distinguish between right and wrong. They must be firm and follow this system on an ongoing basis to change the child’s behavior. damage that these devices cause to children, especially before bedtime, is many, sometimes It causes the child to sleep insomnia and reflect on the dreams he sees.This issue of control must be accepted and accepted by the child, as we as parents we need to support and contain our children so that safe results will ultimately be reflected on our children.I also believe that rules, regulations and boundaries are a safe line for the child if they cross Completely and completely over everything related to love and our concern for our children.
She added: “In addition to all the directions and advice to set regulations and limits on the use of devices, parents should also implement these limits. When the child sees that his or her father is constantly using the phone, he or she will not limits set for him, so parents should be a role model for children. ” .

“It is important that we monitor the content that children see.”
Regarding the content to which the child is exposed while using electronic devices: “It is necessary that we monitor the content that children see, as there is a lot of content that poses a great danger to children and negatively affects their behavior. Often the child exposed to the content of bullying, violence and suicide, Here we need to point out the need to monitor the games our children play, especially as many games have appeared in recent years that have led to many children committing suicide.

“Parents need to spend more time with their children.”
About the activities that parents should do with children to keep them away from screens, dr. Reham Diab told Hala TV: “There are many parents who live in confusion and confusion in their lives because they work long hours to provide a source of livelihood and support their children, but that is not an excuse. “not sitting with them. children, talk to them and play with them, because the time parents spend with the children is very important. It affects them positively.”

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