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(MENAFN- Samana Group) Samana Hills project, launched in 2019 with a value of 110 million dirhams, was the first residential project in the Emirate of Dubai that led the trend of private swimming pools in the emirate, where Samana started by building and delivering 12 swimming pools with title deeds to unit owners. Investors with this design concept, which motivated and encouraged Samana to add an additional 211 pools, bringing the total number of pools to 223 in three residential projects under construction in the Emirate of Dubai.

Samana Real Estate Development has announced plans to develop more than 650 private pools in its residential projects by the end of this year, bringing the total number of private pools to 873 by the end of this year.

Delivery of Samana Hills units

On the other hand, officials of Samana Real Estate Development Company said today that the units of Samana Hills are scheduled to be delivered within two weeks. With Samana Hills completing its housing units on time despite the challenges of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Samana Real Estate Development has set another standard to complete the project works ahead of time, as the completion of the project on time work with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the real estate development sector in Dubai, as the completion of work in time coincided with delays in the work of other projects and real estate developers suffered huge losses.

Mr. Imran Farouk, CEO of Samana Real Estate Development, said: “Our business philosophy is to create happy, healthy and sustainable communities, inspired by Dubai, the lifestyle it offers to everyone, and the business model, which places this groundbreaking urban city under. most preferred destinations for all people. For global holidaymakers, Samana projects not only offer a resort-style community, but we also believe in creating a luxurious and sustainable lifestyle. ”

Concepts that surpass stereotypes, designs and distinctive water bodies in Samana Real Estate Development Projects have won several awards, including awards for innovation in design and excellence in luxury at affordable prices, which testify to the innovative concepts of Samana Real Estate Development Company. For example, providing on the roofs of buildings a large number of beautiful water bodies that create a healthy environment for all residents of the units living in Samana projects.

Samana Real Estate Development has a long tradition of thinking outside the box and devising innovative plans to attract another segment of the market, this is how Samana came up with a unique idea for private pools. Samana Hills covers an area of ​​100,000 square feet and includes 202 residential units, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The special amenities at Samana Hills include distinctive private pools with 12 apartments, an extra large pool, a children’s pool, a Jacuzzi and gyms Indoor and outdoor running.

Following completion of Samana Hills, three projects are under construction: Samana Golf Avenue, which includes 24 private pools, Samana Park Views, which includes 71 pools, and Samana Waves, which includes 116 pools. The latest Samana Waves project, launched in March 2022, includes the largest number of swimming pools. Therefore, the total number of private pools added by Samana Real Estate Development is 223 private pools in four projects.

Mr. Farouk added, “We have gradually understood and managed to overcome the complexity of creating pools in and around our projects, and have placed special emphasis on the technical aspects and design of the pools to ensure the water charge. “The building structure was well calculated, as our engineers could work closely with the authorities. We built strong structural structures in the projects so that the building retains water in the swimming pools.”

Mr. Farouk concluded his speech by saying: “This is how we introduced a new trend in the real estate market in Dubai, and we are pleased to see that other developers in Dubai are following the trend we have taken, which is a provides quality lifestyle for everyone. ”

100% unit sale and delivery of the Greens project

In February 2021, Samana Real Estate Development handed over the AED 75 million Greens project in Arjan. Despite the slow market movement at the beginning of 2021, Samana was able to build the units of the Samana Hills project worth 110 million dirhams, the Samana Greens project worth 75 million dirhams, and the Samana Golf Avenue project for sale. a value of 100 million dirhams.

Samana Real Estate Development Payment Plan

Samana Real Estate Development Company provides 50% financing to the buyers of its property units, as its assets guarantee competitive returns of 24% over 3 years, or 8% annually, making Samana projects realistic and attractive opportunities. With the option to pay 10% when booking the property unit and pay the remaining amount over 80 months at only 1%, this option is considered an excellent option for all individuals who want to move out of rental houses and a house in the Emirate of Dubai.

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