Satisfaction with biology, history and technology exams

Abdullah Siam: The students completed the exam before the end of time
Ali Al-Marri: Easy and direct questions
Bader Al-Salem: The tests go well for the technological track
Ahmed Adel: The issue of interpretation needs time and focus
Ahmed Suleiman: I expect to get the full mark
Ali Awad: The exam helped me prepare well

Students of the three-track high school certificate expressed great satisfaction with the biology, history and information technology examinations that were conducted in public schools yesterday, Sunday, on the fifth day of the end of the second semester examination for the academic year 2021/2022. . In statements to Al-Arab, the students confirmed that the tests were balanced and their questions were clear, but the biology test included a question for the leading students, emphasizing that there was enough time to answer and review all the tests.
Her Excellency Mrs Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, on Saturday morning examined the progress of the secondary certificate examination at Omar Bin Al Khattab School for Boys, where the “Arabic” camera congratulated her on the students their experience with problems during the exam and the extent of their understanding of her questions.
In turn, Mr. Ismail Shams, director of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Secondary Boys’ School, confirmed that yesterday’s test was easy for students of the three grades in grade twelve, and the school administration did not have the presence of any complaints about the lack of clarity regarding some of the questions. required, adding that the questions come from the curriculum.
Shams added in a statement to “Al-Arab”, during an inspection tour of conducting examinations at Omar Ibn Al-Khattab School, that the distribution of papers to students is carried out smoothly and on schedule by the Ministry of Education. , noting that there are no cases of absence among Al-Nahari students, while absences are limited In parallel track students due to a break from the beginning of the academic year.
He pointed out that the school includes 13 committees for the tests of the three lanes, in addition to a special committee, and emphasized that no cases of cheating were detected thanks to the awareness that the school administration created before the start of the test, which made the school’s students follow the instructions.
During the visit of the Minister of Education to the school, Shams said that the Minister had gone through the examination committees and expressed her satisfaction with the arrangements made by the school, the regularity of students, and the solutions they had in yesterday’s examinations. offered.
biology test
Ahmed Adel, the student in the scientific track, said that the biology test came within the reach of the average student, with two questions for the leading student, emphasizing that the questions only need focus to understand which of them required, but he confirmed his answer to all questions. Adel added that the test included 10 optional questions in addition to 3 branched essay questions, explaining that the issue of interpretation was the most difficult, and this is the same question his other colleagues complained about, he said.
He pointed out that the experimental test helped to clarify the nature of the test, which gave rise to much fear of biology, which is one of the most scientific subjects to be understood and focused on. Ahmed Suleiman, the student in the scientific track, agreed with his colleague that there were some questions that required great effort and time to solve, which forced more than half of the students to leave before the time ‘ a few minutes have elapsed.
Suleiman explained that the essay questions were the most difficult, but with the grace of God he was able to provide the correct answer to them, expressing his satisfaction with the test and his answers in the hope of achieving the full mark.
Ali Hassan Awad, a student in the scientific field, said that the biology test is balanced between difficulty and ease, emphasizing that the final grade will be for outstanding students who prepared well for the test and not what came between the lines. left.
Awad added that the test questions needed a long answer and dense information, explaining that the test included a difficult question in the essay questions on interpretation, noting that the experimental test and alternative tests greatly helped the questions that in the test can come to expect.
history test
Abdullah Mahmoud Siam, a student in the literary field, in turn confirmed that the history test had come at the intermediate student’s level, explaining that most of the students left the committees shortly after mid-term after the committees could answer and review. test questions.
Siam said the test questions included 10 questions in addition to 4 essays, all of which were at students’ level, adding that most of the questions were direct and clear. He stated that the enrichment lessons as well as the experimental tests set up by the Ministry of Education before the tests had a major impact as it prepared the students to easily answer today’s test due to the agreement of standards and the degree of difficulty of the questions. Ali Rashid Al-Marri, a student in the literary track, also said that the history test was very easy and his questions were simple without any ambiguity, to which students are accustomed from subjects such as history and geography, as these subjects are a lot in correcting students’ results.
Al-Marri added that the student who prepared well for the exam will receive the final grade, with the expectation that most students will have the full mark in this semester’s exam. He pointed out that the pilot test and the final reviews helped to clarify the expected form of the questions, with the wish that future tests would easily go the same way.
technology test
While Badr Saleh Al-Salem, a student in the technology field, said that the information technology test questions were clear and easy, emphasizing that they come from the textbook, in addition to the fact that the pilot test helped him a lot to prepare well . for the test.
Al-Salem added that the information technology test was available to students, to whom students of the technology track are accustomed, with the hope of achieving high rates during the first semester.
He stressed that the level of tests for the technology track so far is excellent and he had no problem with it, all of which were at the average student level.

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