The novel of captivity, chapter seventeen 17

Noor Al-Asr Novel 17th Part 17, written by Nouran Jamal

the next day

Yassin woke up early for everyone and decided to stand in front of the sea, and when he went to sea, he found Rodina sitting on the sand with a pencil and a sketch in her hands.

Yassin asks: Why did you close the sketch so quickly?

Rodina nervous: Nothing normal, I mean ..

Yassin with curiosity: Can I see your drawings?

Rodina quickly: It does not work ..

Yassin doubted, but decided to go with her: Ok, for your comfort, what is left of you that will help you right early?

Rodina: The same one that woke you up early, except that I like to see the sunrise.

Yassin was surprised: You were awake before sunrise.

Rodina: Oh, because I’m not going to sleep.

Yassin, wants to talk to her more: Ok, you know how to run fast.

Rodina was surprised by that question: Of course I know, but why ..

Yassin cheerful: What do you think we see who of us is faster ..

Rodina, for her love of the challenge, “she’s the sister of Nouran Ha”: All right.

And actually they chased and Yassin was the fastest, but at the last moment he pretended to be slow to level up with her and not get angry, and when they got tired

Rodina catches her breath: I’m really tired, I’m going to enter the palace … She turns around and before she enters the palace door, she says to him: By the way, I know you’re faster than me, and I’m athletic and not upset … Then I entered the palace ..

Yassin was surprised: I knew how .. but the sketch of Rodina’s drawing caught his attention, she forgot it, then he opened it and was shocked because he got a lot of drawings of it

Yassin with joy: It is clear that my love is not one-sided … Then he decided to give it to her later.

Nouran woke up and found families in front of her

Nouran panicked: I think a lot.

Handcuffed as he tried to suppress his laughter for her, her hair was sloppy and her face was puffed up because she was still awake from sleep.

Captured laughter: I think you are very nice and you are awake from sleep ..

Nouran was very red and looked at the ground

Captivity laughed more, so Noran laughed

Caught only: I know your laughter is sweet.

Nouran was more shy

Nouran nervous: I wake up every day to meet you in something like this ..

Naughtily Caught: Not every day, but if you will, there is no problem.

Nouran in a loud voice: I’m glad to get up. Aser came out laughing as he entered her room a while before she woke up to see her, how beautiful she is while she sleeps, because he loves it to look after her hair and he did not have the opportunity except while she slept.

Prison laughter: A girl, what special thing does she have that makes me want to look at her better and hear her voice … Then he remembers what she looked like when I woke up, not even when her cheeks turned red from the eclipse, and when I screamed about getting out, he laughed a lot ..

Everyone was downstairs and they found families going down the stairs and he could not stop laughing.

Heba with joy: Finally, Osir, I saw you laugh so hard ..

Mahmoud: Of course, the reason is that Nuran keeps my nation confessing to one another and destroying their stubbornness.

Seif, Youssef, Fahd, Omar, Malika, Alaa, Hanin, Malak, Reem and Islam laughed a lot. They know this madness from Nouran, but they are sure of a family’s love for her.

Noran came down and they all ate breakfast and then went down to sea

Nuran drove brilliantly in the eyes of families who were afraid she would drown like yesterday

From a distant place, Ehab watched them through the telescope, intending to carry out his plan in the evening.

evening came

Rodina was looking for her sketch, then she heard the sound of the door. Rodina opened the door and found Yassin holding the sketch.

Rodina nervous: You opened it ..

Yassin: Look, I do not really like lying, I opened it.

Rodina collapsed and looked at the ground.

Yassin noticed her tension and decided to relieve her: I’ll bring him to distract you and I’m sorry I opened it.

Rodina: OK … I took the sketch and locked the door, and all this in a second ..

Yassin in shock: It’s crazy, haha, but I love her and all of them are for how many years, but she will not be left to anyone else ..

In Noran’s room

Nouran got her phone, Bern, and got a weird number. She did not answer, but that number called back, and she answered

Nouran was surprised: Hello Maine ..

Stranger: I’ll kill you.

Nouran was terrified, she turned off the call, but she got messages, so she opened the first message written in it

Your death is on my hands, Noran, the second message is the death that awaits me, the third message, no matter how hard you try to escape, I will know how to get you.

Noran hung up the phone and cried in horror because despite her power she is a girl and she has the right to be scared in these situations

Nouran hears the door slam shut

I went and opened it with fear, and found families and without thinking, she hugged him and held him in fear while she found safety in him.

Asher was shocked by what had happened, but noticed that her hands were shaking.

Worried families: Nour, what happened?

Nouran is scared: he wants to kill me, I’m so scared ..

Family quiet: wy, wy, no one will be able to bring you close to what happened ….

Noran told him what had happened.

He walked furiously, but now he had to reassure her, then he looked into her eyes: Bring your phone and try to calm down, I’m with you, do not worry ..

Nouran looked into his eyes and the two of them got lost in each other’s eyes, and after two minutes passed, Nouran realized she was in his lap, so she moved away from him and gave him the phone, he had the number what threatens her and the phone returned to her

Trapped with a charming smile: I give and everything will work out … With an involuntary movement he kissed her head and left.

Nouran was stunned: What is it, how does he do it … Then she remembered that she hugged him and said: You are stupid, Nouran is stupid … Then she smiled when she remembered his concern about her and to the fall asleep ..

As for captivity

Asser: How did I do that? I feel a different feeling with her. I was very annoyed when she came out of my lap. I wished she would prefer it all the time … So he was surprised by his way of thinking , then he remembered that number that threatened her, and his face turned as his face became very frightening and the color of his eyes turned towards me. The navy color that looks like black and went to Islam

A family told Islam what happened

Islam seriously: Give me the number and I will answer information about its owner.

Asser: It will not work. The one who did it certainly threw the line, and I certainly did not treat it in his name.

Islam: Ok, why did you take the number from her, when it’s not necessary?

Asser: I had to reassure her, in general we had to take care of her more.

Islam: You’re right, because it’s not possible that she’s just the one who’s in danger, maybe the rest of the girls too.

in another place

Ehab was preparing his pistol to kill Nouran, and he found someone breaking into the place

Ihab worried: Who are you?

Person: I’m the one who will help you get revenge.

Ehab: Do you know who I am?

Person: This is not important. You want revenge on Nouran, and I want revenge on families, so our interest is general.

Ihab thinks: But I have no relationship with families.I take revenge on Nouran.

The person is cunning: I will take revenge on the families by Nouran.

Ehab: I still do not know who you are.

The person is human: You will know at the right time. The most important thing is now. I will tell you the plan so we can implement the plan. This is …… perfect

Ihab Bishr: Good …

“You see who this person is and what the plan is, wait.”

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