The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter fifteen, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter fifteen, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter fifteen, written by Hajar Hussein

♡ Eid girl

Part 15

Yunus deliberately stood with his foot on it

Yunus- You are a snake that you do not open

Dalia was shocked by Hazem, who ran at her

Hazem Bezeik – Why are you raising your voice for a while?

Yunus – who are you to talk to me like that, animal?

Hazem wears the shirt – Respect yourself

Dahlia is shocked

Younis and Hazem caught it in some

Dalia – Hazem, let’s go, let’s go

Khadija- What is it, Dalia, and who is it?

Dalia stopped crying

Khadija – Hazem Kfayeh

Yunus broke the noise that was on his channel, and he’s going to hit Hazem with it

Dalia was very scared – No, Younes, because my mind … and I was standing in front of him

Khadija pulled for Hazem – that’s enough, Hazem, what is it?

Hazem – Let’s go … Good night, Dalia – Yalla

Yunus is far from her and holds her hand – you walk

Hazem – You’re crazy about Sebha

Younes- again, you want me to inform you today

Dalia – Go Hazem

Hazem – do you say what you love?

Dalia – I tell you to walk

Khadija- Komaan, Hazem …… Hazem and Khadija went out with the Arab knee, and Islam saw them and knew that Dalia and Younis were together.

Younes – I miss you, Dalia

Dalia is shocked and does not know how to react

Younes – why did you run away, Dalia?

Dalia- sure you know why?

Yunus – I know I was wrong, and you should have known, but you would not agree with me

Dalia – Okay, can you divorce me?

Younes- I’m not here because of this

Dalia- Ok, very sweet, I hope now

Younes – Where’s the gold, the money and the flash, Dalia?

Dalia- eh, Dahab, what, and money?

Younes – Haha, the work of innocence does not ride on me, Dalia

Dalia- What do you say?

Younes-You stole us and ran away

Dalia- Do you know what to say?

Yunus – Oh, my mother’s money and gold, they disappeared the day I walked

Dalia- Your mother told me, oh, but I stole something, Younes

Yunus-Omal Rahu Fin

Dalia- I ask your mother, with God, you ask me, for your permission … and she stood and went for a walk and held her hands.

Younes – Rayha Where?

Dalia – You are the owner, Seb Eide

Yunus- Do not forget that I’m still your husband

Dalia- Unfortunately I forgot

Yunus is a cloud and he came out – Okay, let’s walk from here so we can talk

Dalia- I do not want to talk to you

Yunus angry – what do you say when you go with me, I swear to God, Hazem da

Dalia is scared – that’s right, Haji’s rescue, but I’ll tell Hazem he’s walking

Yunus – No, come on, speak the Arabic language

Dalia- What do I have to say to come back with you for my thoughts

Younes – go ……… Dalia walked and went to Hazem’s car

Yunus – download, Islam, Arkab, any taxi will take you to your apartment

Islam – Watt and God

Yunus – I’m sincere

Islam – okay, but do not stretch your hand on it and do not get upset about it, hahahaha

Yunus- I’m not going to be sincere anymore …… the fight against Islam

Hazem – You will easily go with her like this

Dalia – This is Josie, Hazem, and I would have come back if he had not been ……… and looked at Khadija.

Khadija – I am. I did not mean anything, Dalia, but you know what’s in it

Dalia- You do not care, yalla, peace … I walked and drove a Younes car

Younes – reassure her about you

Dalia- Younis, for God’s sake, do not speak what hurts my heart while it hurts alone

Younes-ah, your beloved band is a monster

Dalia- I tell you to keep quiet, where are you going?

Younes – we’ll go to the beach

Dalia- Are you sure you stole?

Yunus – why not

Dalia- She has arrived so far

Younes – where’s the flash?

Dalia – flash eh

Yunus- I know you saw her, so I do not get upset

Dalia- I did not have her.I did not let her go.I could not imagine that you are like Omar, wasting societies and making families homeless, depriving mothers and fathers of their children, spoiling generations and killing young people. I imagine young people drink drugs because of you and die

Yunus is upset – it was, but now no

Dalia – When she was in Upper Egypt

Younes – Alashank

Dalia – why do you

Yunus – because Omar is far from you, and it was a condition for him to leave you, and it was a long time, I swear to God, we regret it, and I will never come back

Dalia- She was my girlfriend

Younes – how did you run away?

Dalia- I walked myself

Younes- You do not know how to go to your own university

Dahlia is nervous – not alone

Younes – lift the veil

Dalia- why

Yunus as he exclaims – I miss you and I want to see you

Dalia. I looked away from her

Younes – what is the tanaka?

Dalia – I destroyed the eclipse that was calculated as high

Yunus – I do not know until now why do you want to hang out with me?

Dalia took off the niqab – by saying, why are we suffocating you?

Yunus- You’re not afraid to say it and I do not want to suffocate with you ……… and hold my hand

Dalia for herself – and you missed me, I swear, I’m weak, I do not have to fix it (Honestly, you deserve to be broken if you come back to something, I’ll break you again, Dalia ??? ?)

Younes – Dalia

Dalia pulled her hand – You lied to me, Younes

Yunus – I swear by God, I love you

Dalia – Lies are capable of making anyone smaller in my eyes no matter how expensive they are

Yunus – I love you

Dalia – Not everyone who says I love you will love you. Not every Muslim prays

Younes- I’m not Behazar, Dalia, I swear to God I love you, and in spite of everything that has happened, I still love you

Dalia- What happened?

Younes- I do not want you to leave me, steal and run away

Dalia- You are haha ​​ah, I’m impossible to do this

Younes – but you’re my worker

Dalia with a loud voice – Divorce me, Younes, seriously. I can not live with someone I do not trust in me

Yunus – I mean, you do not love me?

Dalia- Oh, I do not love you, and I hope you stay away

Younes- I know the distance is hard but I do not want to love

Dalia – and whoever said I love you could not have been a liar

Yunus- Oh right, why not, take me down

Remove it and go in

Dalia- Why are you bringing me here?

Yunus – We did not have a honeymoon, so consider it a honeymoon

Dalia – Let’s go back to my nation

Yunus – after a month

Dalia – Not Behzar

Younes- let’s go for a walk now

Dalia – I wish

Yunus – Will you wear the niqab, me and you, or what … and paralyze her at all?

Dalia – Younes

Yunus approached her and dressed her with great love and longing

Dalia- You do not hear

Younes- I look tired now and I want to sleep when I wake up, so we are full of suffocation and you try to escape here because I will bring you too ……. I carry her in her cheek and inside the room (Nobody will not appreciate you, how much I suffered, however it does not make a difference)

She also entered the room next to her room, she opened a closet, and there were underwear and short clothes in

Dalia – Oh, Khain, I’m sick, I’m sitting here, I’m my uncle in my best dress, and I’m in bed.


You’re healthy and inside Dalia’s room, and he found her sleeping on the couch with a scarf on and inside the house.

Dalia Bakhda – what is it?

Younes- I miss you

Dalia – Younes

Younes- Shhh ……


I woke up to the sound of the TV. I found Younes sitting next to him.

Dalia – what time is it?

Yunus- 11

Dalia- I slept it all here, how can I stay?

Yunus – Klee and Nami

Dalia- I’m still awake, we’ll walk in the morning

Yunus- nee

Dalia- why

Younes- Want a banana?

Dalia- I do not want

Yunus – no apple

Dalia- No, who’s up here?

Yunus- You do not have to know where the pear is

Dalia- Younes, this is not the time for Hazar

Yunus- I’m not saying you do not need to know

Dalia- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Younes – she wants strawberries

Dalia prayed fervently without speaking

Yunus – not an orange either

Dalia- Hadom Main

Younes – they are all mandolins and you are alone Nutella, my heart, where are the pears?

Dalia- Ninini your blood is light

Yunus – Aref Aref, and then I’m tired of Arabic and we stayed up all night because me and the road slept, why did you sleep?

Dalia – There’s someone who hates sleeping anyway, and why are you taking me to sleep then?

Younes- I was so lonely, I thought you would make me eat less and say, ‘Come say, my love’

Dalia- Ok, I want to eat

Younes- get ready and eat together

Dalia- Get ready

Younes- Malo, I’m getting ready for my wife, my love … and Dalia came into the kitchen

Dalia – you are requesting a delivery

Younes- oh and I’m waiting for you to eat together

Dalia- I do not have the same

Yunus- What did you say I want to eat? Come, do not eat … and put food on the table

Dalia sat down and started eating it

Younes- Do you seriously want to divorce, Dalia?

Dalia sat and ate – ah

Yunus – why haha, and I’m supposed to be further away, not you

Dalia- You’re very wrong, but I do not

Yunus- It’s not my fault you do not want to leave me

Dalia Bezeik – I swear, I swear to God, what’s wrong with your mother, who did this, and she ran away from me?

Yunus- You say what you say … and he grabbed it by your hair

Dalia-ag, get away from me, further away

Yunus- I want to say this in my mother, why does she see me far away from her? Ha, you, what are you? All I say is I can not let you go, and I love you more.

Dalia-ahh my hair, stay away from me, get away from me, separate from me, separate from me

Youis after her – you are divorced, divorced, divorced, Dalia ………

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