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Apple announced during its Global Developer Conference (WWDC 2022), which runs from today, June 6, to June 10, 2022.

Apple will be announcing its new features during the conference, either of its various devices or the upcoming features on its systems in the coming period, as the company announced new versions of its operating systems for its devices, including iOS for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad, Mac system, and WatchOS system (watchOS) for Apple smartwatches and more.

Here are the highlights of what was announced during the conference:

The new operating system iOS 16 (iOS 16) for iPhone

As part of its annual developer conference, Apple introduced the new operating system iOS 16 for iPhone phones, and Apple said the system has new smart systems and features.

The new iOS 16 system also ensures the largest number of phone screen updates an iPhone has ever seen.

Apple said that the iOS 16 operating system includes three major changes to the messaging system, including editing messages when you type something incorrectly, you can also “undo”, and you can also mark a message as “unread” so you can return to it later.

Through the new operating system, Apple has expanded the capabilities of the Live Text feature, after being able to read text from still images, it will now also be able to do so via video clips.

As a result, Apple now allows the feature to transfer notifications from the Apple TV (TV) to the iPhone while watching important events or contests.

Apple has also improved its map application with a live imaging service that helps facilitate access to the desired destination as a location guide.

With iOS 16, Apple has announced the expansion of its new map feature to include places to drive, better representation of places in places like Las Vegas or Chicago.

There are lock screen features that come with the new iOS 16 system that make it possible to change the lock screen by pressing and holding, and also to change the lock screen elements by tapping on it.

Apple as part of its annual developer conference, the new operating system iOS 16 for iPhone phones (Reuters)

The new generation M2 disk drives for Mac computers.

Apple said at its annual developer conference that the new Apple M2 chip, which measures 5 nanometers, supports 20 million transistors, and has a capacity of 100 gigabytes of unified memory, which is about 50% more than the capacity of the older M1 slide.

The M2 chip contains an eight-core CPU.

M2 Source: Apple's Website
An M2 chip containing an eight-core CPU (Apple website)

MacBook Air Computer

The company unveiled the newly designed MacBook Air computer, supports the new M2 chip and features four different colors, navy blue, silver, gray and stars.

The new Apple computer comes with a thickness of 11.3 millimeters, and a weight of 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms).

And the new computer supports the “Mega Safe” magnetic charger, and supports an audio device port, with two USB-C ports, USP-C, for the ability to charge two devices simultaneously.

The computer comes with a larger screen, measuring 13.6 inches, with thinner edges, and a 25% higher degree of addition.

The computer supports a front camera with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

MacBook Air with a new design, supports the new M2 chip, and contains four different colors (Reuters)

The new operating system, WatchOS 9, for its smartwatch

Through the new operating system, WatchOS 9, the US company will allow the ability to install applications on the home screen of the watch for easy access.

It also added new features to the fitness application, and a heart rate monitor, which helps determine how difficult physical exercises are.

And the new operating system introduced for the first time by Apple includes a fitness system that supports motion sensors to detect physical exercises.

Through the new operating system, HOS 9, it introduced the Sleep Stages health tracking application, which tracks the rate of awakening, deep sleep and interrupted sleep. official medical.

Through the new operating system for the Apple Watch and WatchOS 9, Apple has also introduced a new health application called Medication, whose job is to warn the user about the times to take medication, especially for those who take multiple medications.

The application is able to detect the amounts of drugs that exceed the need when taking medication using the iPhone’s camera and connect it to the application. The application can also alert the user in case of a conflict of medication with the consumption of alcoholic or harmful drinks as opposed to the substance of the drug.

WatchOS 9 Source: Apple's Website
In the new operating system, HOS 9, Apple has introduced a sleep tracking application (Apple website).

iPad OS 16 .. a new operating system for the iPad with unique features

As part of its annual developer conference, Apple unveiled the new iPad OS 16 operating system for its iPad tablets.

Apple has said that the new iPad OS 16 operating system offers a new feature for collaboration between applications on iPads that allows users to use different applications simultaneously, for example text messages.

She added, through the new operating system iPad OS 16 it is possible to respond to and make phone calls or video calls while using different applications and browsers, follow communication application updates and make group calls, all while other applications at the same time.

Through the new operating system, Apple announced that it had upgraded many applications, and received several requests to update them from developers and users, including files and calendar.

The new operating system also contributes to the provision of the Stage Manager feature to facilitate multitasking while working on iPads, and to connect tablets to external monitors.

iPadOS 16 Source: Apple's Website
The new operating system iPad OS 16 enables a new feature to collaborate between applications on iPads (Apple website).

Mac OS Ventura .. a new operating system for Mac computers

And at its annual developer conference, Apple announced the launch of the new operating system for “Mac” devices, called Mac OS Ventura.

And through the new operating system, the US technology company announced the addition of a new feature called Stage Manager, which rearranges all windows at the side of the screen, brings one application to the foreground and center, and the desktop to the computer.

Apple has also added a new feature under the name “Spot Lite”, which supports quick viewing and allows the user to search in the details of photos, and the feature has also been added to iPhone phones.

Through the new operating system, Apple announced the improvement of the capabilities of the Safari browser, which gave the browser a feature called Shared Tab Groups. The new feature facilitates FaceTime communication and text chat.

Another new feature added by Safari upgrades is a password feature to protect passwords on Apple devices.

Also, through the new Mac OS operating system for the Mac computer, Apple has announced updates to the FaceTime application, which includes a feature called Hand Off, which gives the user the ability to start a video chat via the iPhone and then transfer it to the iPad or Mac computer.

During the conference, Apple announced a new feature called Continuity Camera, which allows you to use the iPhone’s camera as a computer camera to record video chats via Mac devices.

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