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An unprecedented case of the use of political money that was seen in the Somali presidential elections and played a major role in determining its results, as there were many parties that pumped that money, and their goals and objectives were conflicting, which increased the ambiguity of the results. it could be expected, until the last minute, to announce the victory of the new president, Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud. .
The distribution of reports that talked about promises to pay money to the representatives entrusted with the election of the new president, made by several candidates, and the representatives undertook to vote for who pays the most, and the flow of money from abroad, and the involvement of local intelligence agencies in facilitating the access of these funds to the targets, in addition to the fears most representatives experienced before the election, and others were threatened after it ended, which the recent election has made one of the most corrupt and bizarre election processes. in the political history of Somalia.

From 20 to 100 thousand dollars:

Asad Matan, political analyst, said that “corrupt political money has recently been the main player in the political arena. This has provoked the resentment of many MPs who prefer to receive their payments the night before the ballot box.

With details of the amounts promised to delegates to vote for a presidential candidate and not others, Matan added: “The amounts promised ranged between $ 20 and $ 100,000, linked to the different stages of the election. In a stock market, this election cycle saw an unprecedented rise in the purchase value of one parliamentary vote, as never before had a hundred thousand dollars been offered for a vote. ”

Audio pricing:

The extent of the distribution of many delegates selling their votes, whether in voting on legislation or elections, is confirmed by author and researcher Abdel Nasser Bashir, who said: “One of the undisguised secrets is that parliamentary votes are obtained in presidential elections. with large sums of money, sometimes reaching 200 thousand dollars for the vote, which is likely to win the candidate with the greatest financial capacity to win the presidency, since the representative himself spent a lot of money to win his parliamentary seat , and the money some receive during the presidential election may be their first chance to make up for the money they have spent to reach their current position.

Bashir added, regarding the determining factors of the amounts a specific representative receives and not others, “MPs enjoy different opportunities and a clear difference in terms of obtaining money, and the amount of what they earn from it. The money they take is determined by the amount of influence and political influence they have, among their peers with whom they share an organizational, regional or tribal affiliation, and their ability to mobilize politically, as well as their ability to identify hide the candidate they support and will officially vote for. “

Money and fears from outside forces:

Radio reporter Munasir Muhammad al-Khimar reveals the presence of blatant foreign interference in the recent elections, and the discomfort caused by the inflow of funds from various sources to the Somali political center. He said, “Repeated reports have been circulated across four Asian countries interfering in the presidential election, with funds estimated at $ 50 million, 48 hours before the election. It was handed over to them through intelligence channels under the supervision of leaders who are known for their foreign connections. ”
Mansour pointed to the impressions monitored by the representatives who received these funds, “The feeling of fear and anxiety that prevailed among the representatives was not hidden, which made them fear the danger of the case for their lives. , whether they have accepted these funds. or they rejected, with the state of confusion in which they fell, due to the absence of a Clear purpose lies behind the money distributed to them, especially because some feared that this money came from one of the great countries, which consider the four Asian countries to be its allies!

Good deputies and threats:

The elections were not without funny positions due to the exposure of the greed of some members of parliament, and Mogadishu-based journalist Ali Mohieldin sheds light on this: “Never before has the election calmed down with the victory of Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud as president , until one of the traditional leaders belonging to the tribes of Northern Somalia came out to the media, He declared great disappointment and embarrassment, because the representatives attached to his tribe received money from several candidates without fulfilling their promises come to vote for them. He appealed to those deputies, especially a specific representative among them, who promised to vote separately for seven candidates, and received money in return, without voting for one of them. called colleagues to return the money as soon as possible. . He said that he was not responsible for their safety, if they did not listen to his advice, and pointed out that he was informed by the candidates who did not accept to be so deceived, that they were in every possible revenge on those representatives will take. way, and the physical liquidation of them is not improbable.


Source: Somalia Today

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