“With mood” … Cook with mood, love and dishes as a painting

When food mixes are mixed with art, the result is items prepared with “mood”, and this is what two Egyptian girls who graduated from the College of Fine Arts try to achieve after their professional culinary career, where they mix different food mixes with a mixture of what they describe as “love and attention” to restore consideration to the famous Egyptian saying. “Eat is Nafs” and the meanings it carries give each dish the love it needs to reveal its aesthetics and flavor that is not similar to any other dish, even if it bears the same name.

The “Bamazaj” project for food services, founded by Yasmine Hamed, a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Decoration, class of 2010. And her friend Marwa Ahmed, a graduate of the same college in 2012, is dependent on to prepare everything “in a mood” and deliberation, and to give each class the attention it requires, so They accept limited daily requests and apologize for receiving more requests and work advance discussions. Here Yasmine Hamed tells “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” that “to prepare any kind of food is something that anyone with known ingredients can do, but to make the dish reveal its secrets and flavor … This It is art. ”

Mahshi is one of the special requests in “Bazaj”

She explains: “Any item should be given all the love and attention that it reveals the depth of its flavor. I even imagine the shape of the dish before I prepare it, and draw it many times in my mind as if I were it. visualize form and detail by talking about its ingredients. “

Both Yasmine and Marwa believe that no dish of the same quality can be reproduced twice, each dish has its own special casing and distinct flavor that needs love, attention and art to reveal its secrets.

Marwa Ahmed believes that “what distinguishes our project is handling food in terms of an art, as if we are drawing the dish before we start preparing it.” an experiment.

From an ordinary family kitchen in Marwa’s house in Nasr City (east of Cairo) it all starts where the two friends stand and share tasks, preparing the required items with all care and care, while the work team prepares the orders through private deliver rented cars to customers.

Although there is a main menu, it depends on the customers’ requests, as the different items are prepared to order, and “Al Mahashi” of different kinds, grape leaves, zucchini and eggplant, are the items most requested as well pigeons stuffed with freek or rice, and grills in general.

Grills from “Bamzaj”

The list of stuffed grape leaves contains a variety of items in addition to the traditional ones, including grape leaves with deboned brush, grape leaves with kebab flesh, and another with steak and mince.

Some items emphasize the idea of ​​being slower than others, and need more attention, including stuffed ducks, where you start to imagine what the dish will look like when you buy a “duck”. It is preferable to choose one of medium weight, between 3 to 3.5 kilograms, to avoid the presence of large amounts. The fat is then washed and soaked for a period without taking into account the time it takes, and it is flavored with ginger and various other spices, and is also left for “seasonings” and additives to drink, and with the entry of the establishment stage begins a different kind of mixing of interest and love with cuisine by developing an artistic conception of the dish and what it will be after adulthood.

Experimentation and new additions are part of the way the kitchen works “with mood”, as the two friends come up with different recipes and mixes for the same dish each time, and they write it down, until they have different perceptions and different shapes for each. dish, which is called their “secret mixture.”

The idea of ​​interest begins with the purchase of raw materials, ingredients and vegetables, where the two friends buy everything fresh daily according to the required varieties, and Yasmine Hamed points out that: “Buying raw materials, ingredients and vegetables also requires a kind of attention, while I examine each tomato with my hand to choose the one that suits the type that suits me.I will prepare it, sometimes one variety needs hard tomatoes, and another may need a lot of ripe tomatoes, and so on with all kinds of vegetables. ”

… and a stuffed pigeon “in a mood”

Some of the most sought after items are potatoes stuffed with minced meat, kofta or sausage, artichokes with bechamel, artichokes with minced meat, and various kinds of meat, including roasted fillet, roasted entrecote with vegetables, piccata mushroom, roasted fillet with vegetables, escalop pane, kobeba, and roast beef. .

The different types of tagines are another stage for creativity, with their enticing details, the ability to experiment with different additions, and the combination of several traditional tagines in one casserole, such as the akkawi casserole with vegetables, the freekeh casserole with chicken, and another with liver and stomach, and various fatteh casserole, including Syrian fattah and fattah Mix shawerma, kofta fatteh and shish tawook.

Also “trays” are among the items popular with customers, including gulash bowls with meat, sausage, chicken or mixed meat, and glach mixture with cheese, and cannelloni with meat, chicken or spinach.

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